Turning Back the Tsunami of Worldwide Religious Persecution: What Every Christian Should Know

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Persecution against religious minorities – especially Christians – is growing.

Christians have been crucified … Mothers have seen their children beheaded … Children have seen their mothers raped…

Every 30 minutes, a Christian is being killed.

In the past, the silence was deafening…

No one – including the U.S. – stood up.

But that’s now changing.

The U.S. now has official leadership and a voice to help the persecuted in countries such as:

  • Cuba – the communist regime regularly steals church property and destroys church buildings, imprisons pastors, arrests Christian activists and confiscates Bibles.
  • Nigeria – physical injury, death, loss of property and loss of livelihood are commonplace in the Muslim-dominated northern part of the country.
  • Pakistan – Christians are treated as second-class citizens in education and in job opportunities … Converts from Islam are persecuted or killed for blasphemy.
  • Russia – Evangelism in homes, online or anywhere but recognized church buildings is prohibited … Jehovah’s Witnesses are banned – accused of violating anti-extremism laws.
  • Burma – now known as Myanmar, military attacks on Christians include landmine explosions, rape of women, indiscriminate killing of believers and forced displacement.
  • China – all Christians are slandered, but converts from Muslim or Buddhist backgrounds are especially targeted with threats … many are physically harmed or killed … children are taken from their parents … public expressions of faith are prohibited.

These and other countries need to know that human rights and freedom of religion violations must be reported.

I met with Sam Brownback – the new Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom.

He has a heart, passion and determination to make changes in the way the U.S. responds to religious persecution – and to be a strong advocate of international religious freedom.

He knows what to do … He knows how to do it … He knows the time is short.

His position is one of the most important positions in the Trump administration for several reasons:

  • Religious freedom is the foundation of all other freedoms
  • There is more religious persecution in the world today than ever before
  • International religious freedom is one of the few truly non-partisan issues in Washington
  • Religious freedom is fundamental to our identity as Americans … and is essential to our national security

During his swearing in ceremony, Brownback stated:

“If you want more security and less terrorism in your country, have more religious freedom. It’s a byproduct, a fruit of more security and peace. It’s in all the data and now we need to spread it to all the world.”

As a former Senator, Brownback understands the intricacies of Capitol Hill … introducing numerous pieces of key human rights legislation.

He is empowered to help those of all faiths world-wide who are being persecuted because of their religion.

He will also lead the efforts of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) – an independent, bipartisan federal government commission.

Let’s all pray for Sam Brownback.

Let’s have our churches pray for him…

Let’s pray God protects and encourages him in this battle.


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