Shocking and Disturbing: Unbelievably Brutal Human Organ Harvesting in China

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Human organ harvesting and transplanting is big business in China – a $10 billion to $20 billion annual windfall. And the way China is conducting its trade in human organs is gruesome beyond imagination. Many prisoners of conscience – Falun Gong members, Uighur Muslims, Tibetan Buddhists and underground Christians – have been subjected to medical testing …  and have had their organs forcibly removed without anesthesia. The charges are difficult to prove because the bodies of the victims are disposed of in secret. The only witnesses to the atrocities are the doctors, police and prison guards involved. But evidence is leaking out of China… Zheng Qiaozhi – let’s call him George – still has nightmares… He was an intern at Shenyang Army General Hospital when he was drafted to be part of an organ harvesting team. He tells of a young prisoner who was brought in – very much alive – and tied hand and foot. The army doctor in charge sliced him open from his chest to his belly button and exposed his two kidneys. “Cut the veins and arteries,” he told the shocked intern. George did as he was told. When he was asked to take out the prisoner’s eyeballs, George couldn’t do it. With blood spurting everywhere, the dying teenager gave George a terrifying look he says he’ll never forget… He was so haunted by his experience that he soon quit his job at the hospital, fled to Canada and assumed a new identity. Now, thanks to his bravery … and the bravery of others who are speaking out … China’s monstrous practice of harvesting organs from living prisoners is being exposed. In a report that’s bringing some of the torture to light, it is estimated that between 60,000 and 100,000 organs are transplanted every year in China. Multiply this number times the cost of a liver transplant ($170,000) or a kidney transplant ($130,000) and you can see why organ harvesting is a $10 billion to $20 billion annual business. Ten hospitals have admitted to using the Falun Gong as a source for human organs – which means living “donors” who are prisoners of conscience. There are as many as 2 million such dissidents currently being held in Chinese prison camps because of their religious or political beliefs. As gruesome and as unbelievable as the practice of cutting open living humans and removing their organs sounds, it is not much different than killing babies in the womb or during birth – or even after birth – and then selling their organs and limbs to the highest bidder. When a society takes away fundamental freedoms from its citizens – freedom of unhindered speech, freedom of religion and religious expression, protection of the unborn – it’s only a small step to devaluing the lives of those who disagree with what the government considers to be politically correct and religiously acceptable. Sacrificing political and religious dissidents as living organ donors must stop. And the U.S. can and must play a pivotal role in making sure it does stop. With both President Trump and Vice President Pence negotiating with China to hammer out a new trade deal, they must insist that religious tolerance – including the ending of organ harvesting from religious prisoners – be a condition of any deal. Please pray:
  • That the government of China will stop the torture and murder of prisoners and the removal of their organs while they are still alive and without administering anesthesia
  • For boldness for President Trump, Vice President Pence and the U.S. negotiating team to demand that ending human organ harvesting be a requirement for any new trade agreement between the U.S. and China
You can learn more about the disturbing practice of organ harvesting here. What do you think? Email me at Here are the rest of this week’s articles:

3 Comments on “Shocking and Disturbing: Unbelievably Brutal Human Organ Harvesting in China”

  1. This is absolutely sickening! What else can we do besides pray? I can’t believe this is happening while the world looks the other way.

  2. Shine a light on it. Blog, post, tweet, hashtag. Tell as many as you can about what China is doing. This and the Uyghur enslavement should be publicized as much as possible. Call for a boycott of all made in China items. We cannot keep paying and treating the Chinese government like business as usual. I suspected something was up when China toured skinless, dead bodies posed in various life-like positions all over the world. They said the bodies were “donated” but it was suspicious.

    Be prepared to pay more for things Made in the USA. While we ignore China’s atrocities and keep buying their cheap stuff, we continue to play ball with the devil.

  3. This happens to aborted babies, taken alive and harvested alive to preserve the organs. Yet whenever people are confronted with this evidence they just say, Oh well they were going to die anyway.

    Now those harvested organs have gone towards making the drugs and even some artificial flavors in foods, and more. And all us how have partake of these things have blood on our hands.

    We are guilty. And excusing it makes it worse.

    Covid vaccines were designed with fetal cells grown from the kidneys of a baby girl in 1973. In fact hundreds of abortions were performed to finally achieve their evil desires.

    Congrats, you are vaxxed.

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