Islamic Terrorist Targets Gun-Free Zone Churches

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Khalil Abu-Rayyan (Credit: Detroit News)

Right here in the United States, Khalil Abu-Rayyan was targeted by the FBI for nearly ten months.

Why? Because he was targeting Christians and their churches.

Why again?

Abu-Rayyan confessed to a number of reasons: lots of people would be there. His attack would make the national news.

And also:

“It’s easy! People are not allowed to carry guns in Church!”

His murderous thoughts bring new light to the debate on guns in churches.

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5 Comments on “Islamic Terrorist Targets Gun-Free Zone Churches”

  1. There is no law that prohibits the taking of guns into a church. There are several off duty and retired police officers in our church, including one of the pastors. It is up to an individuals own moral compass as to if they will carry in church. I think this young man may have have a nasty surprise if he walks into the wrong church.

  2. Until our government can find a way to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, I don’t think they should take them from law abiding citizens who want to protect themselves. But, in looking at this attempted gun grab by the Government from the point of view of the Book of Revelation, you realize that it does play into the future world domination of the Antichrist… Because a well armed citizenry cannot be effectively and completely controlled.

  3. Let me give you a scenario: if a terrorist wants to kill church members, and he has two churches to pick from; one church tells its parishioners to NOT carry weapons into church, and the other church allows and encourages its parishioners to carry weapons concealed at church, which church do you think the terrorist would pick, hmm? That’s right… Isn’t it amazing how “common sense” works? Unfortunately, common sense is more and more “UNcommon sense” these days.

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