Muslims and Radical Islam

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Most people divide Muslims into Sunni, Shia… or Westernized.

But really, Muslims most important divide is:

  1. Those who support ISIS
  2. Those who sympathize with ISIS
  3. Those opposed to ISIS

ISIS is a movement of Sunni Muslims, and the Shiite hate them. So let’s look at a couple of countries with a Shia – not Sunni – majority.

According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, 14% of Nigerians are favorable to ISIS, 66% unfavorable.

In Malaysia, 11% are favorable and 64% are unfavorable.

In Pakistan, 9% are favorable and 28% are unfavorable.

The good news is, the majority of Muslims in these countries oppose ISIS.

But here is the point. Combine the favorable…. And the sympathetic or undecided…. And you’re talking about millions actively or tacitly supporting terrorism.

ISIS and the rise of radical Islam is not like a terrorist group or terrorist cell. It’s impossible to tell who of the millions of sympathizers will become radicalized. It’s a movement driven by their interpretation of their faith. President Obama said the day before the Paris attacks that he believes ISIS is contained… and he continues to deny the role of radical Islam in terrorism. Sorry, Mr. President, but ISIS is not contained… and Islam does have something to do with terrorism.

We cannot afford to keep pretending that all religions are created equal.

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6 Comments on “Muslims and Radical Islam”

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  2. Courtney,

    Sadly you are exactly right. There are millions of Muslims worldwide involved or giving this evil sanction with their silence. There are hundreds of American Muslims and thousands of Westernized Muslims going to fight for ISIS and none that I’ve heard of that are going overseas to fight ISIS. We hear next to nothing of organized Muslims in the West protesting the terror and violence done in the name of Islam. We see no solidarity movements to save Christians being persecuted and massacred by the Jihadists. The majority of Muslims simply fail to act (a handful give lip service) on behalf of the persecuted across the globe. Even the PR and civil rights arm of the Muslim worldview CAIR has had dozens of it’s own leadership and officers go to prison and/or been deported because of their activities in terrorism or support of terror. Unless we are will to face this evil — we will never be able to fully destroy it. Heaven help us!

    Merry Christmas!

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  5. Sad to say, but being a Muslim means you believe and follow the Koran. If you are really a Muslim by belief and not just by being born in a Muslim family or Muslim Country, then you are a follower of Muhammad, ehich makes you a terrorist. Every TRUE Muslim IS a terrorist because his do called “holy” book orders him to be a terrorist and kill all who refuse to bow to the Satanic beliefs of Islam.

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