Israel, The Pope + The Middle East: 9 Surprising Facts the Media Never Told About Trump’s Historic Trip

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Trump’s historic and first trip abroad received harsh criticism from the liberal press and important events were not reported.

Here are 9 things you should know that may surprise you:

1. Israel’s major shift in policy: Hope and trust restored.

Israel is a very small country.  When you go to the Holy Land, you discover it’s about the size of New Jersey. It’s about 300 miles long and about75 miles wide.

There are about 6.5 million Jews and 1.5 million Arabs within its borders.

It’s been under siege from those who want to destroy it. In fact, 350 million Arabs surround Israel…many wanting to wipe out all Jews.

And most every nation in the world wants to divide the city of Jerusalem and give Judea and Samaria as a future Palestinian State.

For the  last 8 years under President Obama, Israel has been marginalized, betrayed and undermined.

But President Trump made it clear, that’s changed.

A major shift in policy President Trump said, “ I make this promise to you: My administration will always stand with Israel.”

President Trump became the first sitting President to visit the Western Wall. This was a huge statement, as it’s seen throughout the world as Judaism’s holiest site.

Further, the Press Conference was publicly held in “Jerusalem, Israel” – a huge shift in US policy.

Trump also visited the Holy Sepulcher believed by many to be the site of the crucifixion of Christ.

Also, one outing in Israel that the media “conveniently” missed:

Although the president’s 27-hours in Israel was packed and planned out, he still made time to fulfill a wish of a 14-year-old who heard he was coming to her country. Emilee Imbar has been battling cancer for the last seven years, and has dreamed of meeting with the U.S. President. As eager as she was to see him, Trump was reportedly eager to meet this special little girl. They chatted and Emilee presented him with a letter she wrote expressing her desire to meet him again – this time in the White House, where she hoped to do business with him, and maybe even to bring peace to the world.

The entire media, besides the local news outlet, ignored this incredible story and act of love from our president since it’s counter to their narrative.

2. Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas set straight.

President Trump made it crystal clear, “Peace can never take root in an environment where violence is tolerated, funded and even rewarded.”

3. Israel Promises not yet fulfilled.

The President promised to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. For practical reasons, this has not yet been done.

4. The Trip to Saudi Arabia was stunning.

President Trump spoke to 50 Sunni Islamic nation leaders – a speech with no apologies, just truth.

  • The President referred to Islamic terror multiple times.
  • He called out Hezbollah and Hamas as terrorist groups
  • An ‘Islamist’ is one who will use all means necessary to impose Islamic law said Trump. “A better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists and extremists. Drive Them Out. DRIVE THEM OUT of your places of worship. DRIVE THEM OUT of your communities. DRIVE THEM OUT of your holy land, and DRIVE THEM OUT OF THIS EARTH.”

5. To the leaders and the Muslim world, Trump even mentioned the persecuted Christians now facing genocide.

“Stand together against the murder of innocent Muslims, the oppression of women, the persecution of Jews, and the slaughter of Christians.”

6.  Trump called out Iran’s threat to the U.S., Israel and the World.

Iran is the #1 terrorist state funding and helping terrorists. They are on a path to nuclear weapons, thanks to the Obama Iran deal.

Here is what Trump said,

“…a government that speaks openly of mass murder, vowing the destruction of Israel, death to America, and ruin for many leaders and nations in this room.” And then he reached out to the Iranian people when he said we must “pray for the day when the Iranian people have the just and righteous government they deserve.”

7. The Pope and the liberal media.

As President Trump shared a private audience in the Vatican with Pope Francis, a picture taken during their time together shows a smiling president next to a somber-faced Pope.

Millions of results pop up if you Google search “trump frowning pope photo.”

Late night talk show hosts mocked the President as an avalanche of memes and caustic reports on the picture flooded the Internet.

However, the photographer who took the picture told Time Magazine a different story.

Evan Vucci recalled: “The mood in the room, it didn’t seem somber. The Pope was smiling. They were sort of talking. Nothing seemed unusual to me or out of the ordinary.”

The media portrayed the meeting with the Pope as one of tension and confrontation, but all other pictures from their meeting show the Pope and the President smiling as they talked and exchanged gifts.

8. The European leaders confronted.

And the President blasted the European nations on their neglect of financially supporting NATO. In front of them all – and the world – the President with force and truth said,

“These grave security concerns are the same reason that I have been very, very direct with Secretary Stoltenberg and members of the Alliance in saying that NATO members must finally contribute their fair share and meet their financial obligations, for 23 of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying and what they’re supposed to be paying for their defense.

This is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the United States.  And many of these nations owe massive amounts of money from past years and not paying in those past years.  Over the last eight years, the United States spent more on defense than all other NATO countries combined.  If all NATO members had spent just 2 percent of their GDP on defense last year, we would have had another $119 billion for our collective defense and for the financing of additional NATO reserves.”

The liberal media did three things with all 8 of the above:

  • They ignored it and concentrated on the “Russia controversy”
  • They ran a short bit, but emphasized Trump may say the wrong thing, may do the wrong thing…not that he did the right things.
  • That he did the trip to get the spotlight off Russia…and so it was a distraction.

Bottom line: it was a successful start that reasserted America’s leadership in a world turned upside down.

9. Prophecy: One step closer.

And as we see events unfold, let us not forget God is in control.

In the book of Zechariah, we read the entire world will come against Israel in the end times. The center of the conflict: Jerusalem. Maranatha!

What are your thoughts? Comment below!
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9 Comments on “Israel, The Pope + The Middle East: 9 Surprising Facts the Media Never Told About Trump’s Historic Trip”

  1. I am so glad and thankful for the all wise, all powerful, all knowing God we serve…that in his grace he grants us limited wisdom.

  2. Craig, forget NOT that we “wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers in high places…” Satan, Lucifer, the devil is who we are fighting. He has put most of the world under his sway. THAT is why President Trump is being savagely attacked in every way possible. God Himself had President Trump elected and the devil is totally against Trump, who is doing everything GOOD. The people against Pres. Trump are deluded by the devil and doing his will, not God’s. “I was blind, but now I see”.

  3. Thank you for this information. I’m afraid that even Fox News is not reporting everything anymore! I am very proud of my president and pray for him everyday!

  4. I pray for our president daily and know that our Lord is in control. He allowed Trump to be elected when everybody was against him , God has a plan! Praise our Lord! I agree with John.

  5. President Trump is doing a great job for what he has to work with and deal with, that is working with people that are against him in the Democratic Party and unfortunately with the Republican Party. Some Republicans are as bad as the Democrats.
    Where did Obama get his airplane? How come we are paying his mother-in-law $165,000 a yr? How come Obama has 15 Secret Service which is separate from Michele, their kids and of course his mother-in-law? Why isn’t people talking about this?
    Obama went to see Chancellor Merkel of Germany the day of the NATO meeting, he followed Trump to Italy. Obama is sniffing around like the dog he is. What is this called? Someone needs to tell him he isn’t President anymore.

  6. How sad for these Christians for 45. He is nothing but a liar and a coward. He’s Satan himself. As a Christian I see the truth about this liar. Please Lord show them his heart and who he really is.

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