LGBT Brainwashing of Children Escalates: 4 Disturbing Examples Showing the Urgent Need for Christians to Teach Truth to Your Kids and Grandkids [Video]

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The LGBT brainwashing and exploitation of children continues to escalate.

Here are 4 disturbing examples showing how kids are being brainwashed that the LGBT lifestyle is a moral good that should be applauded, promoted and experimented with…and 4 ways churches, pastors, and grandparents are responding.

The media has long been an advocate for LGBT acceptances among adults, but now it’s being promoted as a superior lifestyle choice…even for children. It’s making children unsure of who they are, their sexuality and beliefs.

Netflix, TV, movies and other entertainment have been platforms used to demonize Christians who support Biblical morality, and to promote instead the alternative lifestyle as a positive lifestyle choice to be embraced and not questioned.

But now the attention has shifted to an aggressive, extreme promotion to children.

Here are a few new examples:

1. Biden flies “gay” flag at U.S. embassies worldwide – schools across America are following his example.

The Vatican is outraged.

It’s a “moral” good to help teach kids in elementary school and up.

Other countries and Christians are outraged.

But the “gay” flag flies next to or under the U.S. flag at foreign embassies worldwide based on Biden’s orders for the month of June or beyond.

Other government agencies in the U.S. are doing this also. This includes schools – public, government-run schools – in the classrooms and on the schools’ flagpoles.

Classrooms are displaying the gay flag. Schools are flying the gay flag.

2. Kellogg is marketing LGBT- themed cereal for kids.

For example, Tony the Tiger has a gay theme.

They are just one of many corporations. Chipotle has drag tacos.

3. Children’s TV shows and cartoons are using homosexual, lesbian and transgender characters.

  • Rugrats is being relaunched with Betty, the mother of two, as a lesbian, single mom.
  • Nickelodeon has “Blues Clues and You!” at a gay pride parade with an animated drag queen. The video includes families with two moms, two dads, trans-identified members and “ace, bi and pan” parents. One character has scars from transgender sex change surgery from female to male.

Disney channel, the Cartoon channel – no cartoon venue except Christian TV or apps is safe for kids.

4. Sports is promoting pro-gay political/cultural messages – kids’ “heroes.”

The San Francisco Giants team is playing in gay pride uniforms and their caps featuring “SF’ logo with colors of the gay flag, and also a patch on their jerseys.

This and more is a sad reflection of our society not only embracing secular humanism…but advocating a lifestyle at odds with a Biblical worldview – and many parents.

What’s your reaction? What’s the reaction of Christians?

There are four groups…four different responses.

1. Group #1: Ignore it.

Some may ignore and pretend it isn’t happening.

Churches and pastors will be silent and pretend nothing is happening.

Parents will be silent and pretend nothing is happening.

Grandparents will pretend nothing is happening.

The result?

The kids believe that the LGBT lifestyle is normal, that it is moral and to be encouraged.  

They will believe that they should experiment with the LGBT lifestyle to see if it’s right for them or not.

2. Group #2: Compromise with it.

Some churches, pastors, parents and grandkids are compromising their Biblical principles and are open to cultural change. They simply want to get along.

They prefer not to spark controversy.

For churches and pastors – cultural acceptance and not offending anyone about Biblical morality is a safer way to grow a church, generate donations and minister to their fellowship.

But that’s not what the Bible teaches.

The Bible is very clear about marriage.

It’s clear about marriage between a man and woman.

It’s clear about monogamous relationships.

It’s clear about male and female.

It’s clear that a Biblical worldview is at odds with gender dysphoria.

3. Group #3: Celebrate it.

Some churches, pastors, parents and grandkids celebrate these moves and claim that they are positive and loving.

But that is not what the Bible says.

The Bible says we are to declare God’s word and the Gospel without compromise.

I’m leading a Bible study now in the book of Philippians.

In the first chapter, in a culture in many ways not unlike what we’re facing today, the Apostle Paul talks about the mercy and grace of God.

He talks about the power of prayer. He talks about being bold and proclaiming the gospel and how the gospel was impacting the culture – even in Caesar’s household.

Paul did not compromise.

He did not contradict the Word of God for “acceptance.”

He stood firm. 

It’s critical that we stand firm as we teach the children and grandchildren to stand for Biblical morality.

It’s not going to happen at school. Not even Sunday school.

They need to understand the difference between what is right or wrong, based on Scripture.

They need to discern why the brainwashing is an attack against Biblical principles, and that the kids should know how to defend a Biblical worldview.

It’s important for kids to be able to stand firm, knowing that they will be called a bigot, a hater or worse.

Some Christians want to get along and have no conflict.

But that’s not what we see in the Bible.

And that’s not how we advance the gospel.

4. Group #4: Stand Firm against it.

Some pastors, churches, parents, and grandparents are standing firm.

We are not to be silent in the face of that which is wrong in the sight of God, that which would interfere with people and the best choices for their lives.

They are standing against this injustice to children. They are speaking out.

  • Pastors and churches must teach their body the truth and equip their fellowship to stand firm…and mobilize to be a voice of truth.
  • Parents and grandparents must now teach their kids counter-cultural truth.
  • Help stop the Equality Act.
  • Know about some of the great materials addressing these issues with love and truth.
  • Joe Dallas is my favorite author, but there are many more.
  • Also groups – for example, look at for powerful videos of ex-gays, their testimonials and more.

Now is the time for Christians to stand firm and use every opportunity to defend and advance the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here is one other thing you can do now: Protect the kids and religious liberty by defeating the Equality Act.

Yes, elections have consequences:

  • Elected officials determine what is taught in schools.
  • Elected officials pass laws and issue executive orders about how “equality” is defined and who can be fired, fined or prosecuted if they dissent from the new sexual standards.
  • Elected officials nominate and confirm federal judges who rule on disputes over the application of laws such as the Equality Act.

Your help is needed to defeat the Equality Act.


Churches and youth ministry.

Christian schools (and public).

Christian businesses.

Christian ministries.

The Equality Act will force all of the above to compromise on Biblical beliefs.

You can help stop it.

Sign our petition HERE.

This bill passed the House and is now in the Senate.

Click HERE to sign now.

Then forward it to everyone you can to sign it – friends, church members on your email list and on social media.

What do you think? Let me know at

3 Comments on “LGBT Brainwashing of Children Escalates: 4 Disturbing Examples Showing the Urgent Need for Christians to Teach Truth to Your Kids and Grandkids [Video]”

  1. Thank you for standing on God’s word. I thank God that from my earliest years He provided that for me (my church had us memorize scripture weekly and there is no substitute for it). As a teenager when I dealt with male/female social identity and same-sex attraction, I made a decision that this would be just between God and me to work out. I didn’t tell anyone (not parents) and never sought therapy. God was faithful and patient. I know that His word is the only source of true wisdom and grace. But it has to be both Truth and Grace in balance; favoring one over the other is dangerous. How I grieve for all those today who are being mislead by false shepherds and how many children/youth receive no spiritual nourishment.

  2. A group of LGBTQ kids brainwashed my son …started in middle school…i didn’t know…he is now 19 and convinced he is a girl, and a into witchcraft and just had his first relationship with a man. My heart is broken. He has now been let go by the man who I’m betting just wanted a virgin. My son is now refusing to even speak. I’m at a loss. He doesn’t want to even see me. I keep day praying for him. I gave it God.

    1. I’m sorry you experiencing that. On a funny note imagine a pedophile only wanting doodoo holes that haven’t been touched by another PP. As if it makes any difference lolol. Cuz that’s exactly what happened to your sod- i mean son. You failed him as a mother but you should ask for his forgiveness whether he understands what you mean or not. That’s the only way to cure him!

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