Heads Spin: How the Pope’s Declaration on Same Sex Marriage Helps All Churches Defend Religious Liberty and Tax Exemption

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The media and politicians have been quick to condemn the Catholic Church’s new statement on same-sex marriage.

Pope Francis and the Vatican have declared that the Catholic Church cannot bless same-sex unions because God “cannot bless sin.”

The latest statement reaffirms the Catholic Church’s teaching that bars priests from blessing such unions.

The Vatican’s pronouncement states that same-sex unions are “not ordered to the Creator’s plan” and specifies that acknowledging such unions is “illicit.”

This position aligns with Biblical truth…and has caused intense attack on the Catholic Church.

But it has had a little-known benefit for all evangelical churches that hold to Biblical truth on marriage.

The Equality Act (see “Criminalizing Christianity: 11 Disturbing Facts You Need to Know About the So-Called ‘Equality Act’), the Biden administration, and members of Congress are setting up a way to nullify the IRS tax-exempt status of churches that oppose same-sex marriage and refuse to marry same-sex couples on Biblical grounds.

They also want to require that churches have no standards in hiring church employees – or lose tax exemption.

But if they go after small evangelical churches for opposing same-sex marriage, they would also be attacking the powerful Catholic Church.

If they try to force evangelical pastors to marry same-sex couples by threatening them with the loss of their tax-exempt status, they would have to include a battle with the Catholic Church along with their attack on the evangelical church.

Bottom line: the Pope’s declaration helps us fight for all churches not to lose their tax exemption status if they refuse to compromise on Biblical truth.

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4 Comments on “Heads Spin: How the Pope’s Declaration on Same Sex Marriage Helps All Churches Defend Religious Liberty and Tax Exemption”

  1. Thank God the Pope took a righteous stand on this!

    If I remember correctly, and I could be mistaken, about 9 years ago the Pope made statements that made him sound more accommodating to homosexuals.
    Not sure if it was the same Pope or not.

    So, I’m glad there is no mistaking his words this time. His words are unambiguous.

  2. For all the pastors, even Evangelical ones, who opposed President Trump and told their congregations to vote for Biden, the “Chickens are coming home to roost”. You will rue the day that you took that stand, as well as obeying the evil governors and mayors who closed your churches. Biden and his minions are coming for you and the rest of us. We are in for a lot of religious persecution in the coming years, and you helped cause it. You all should be ashamed!

  3. Having said that the pope is off the reservation I’m pretty much everything else, global warming, global religion, all denominations come together for the big win kind of talk he is really really off the reservation

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