My Controversial Interview: The Evil of a “Vaccine Passport” [Roger Marsh Radio/Podcast Interview]

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I just got off a radio/podcast interview with Roger Marsh on his Bottom Line Show about the “Vaccine Passport.”

During the interview I discussed the following:

  • Why is there talk of a ‘vaccine passport’ now? The ‘vaccine passport’ will force everyone to get a vaccine – whether they want to or not. A “passport vaccine” will take away our freedom of choice and our individual liberty.

Some people are living in a constant state of fear – but as Christians, we know what the word of God says about fear…not being anxious and to have the peace of God that passes all understanding.

  • We can find ourselves losing our freedom just to go along with what everyone else is doing.

In the future, it could be that you will not be able to go to a restaurant, sports event, concert, church or museum without a ‘vaccine passport.’

The government may make it so that people who are not being obedient to the government passport requirement will be put into a marginalized part of society – basically locked into their homes and treated like second class citizens.

  • The vaccine passports are the rise of statism – our society is built upon Biblical principles – we have inalienable rights that are the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We have freedom, not statism.

All governments throughout time have been statist and oppressive – if you look at North Korea, China, etc., they are government-controlled societies where the government tells people what to do.

Statism is when the elite bureaucrats are making primary decisions for you and telling you how to live your life.

The World Economic Forum has been a large proponent of a ‘vaccine passport’ – and socialism.

The World Economic Forum includes government and business leaders or the “world’s elite” – this group wants to see giant corporations grow.

They have recommended a software program be used worldwide, and if you use the software, then you would get “certain privileges.”

This is a giant step towards socialism.

The ‘vaccine passport’ is a major step in doing away with freedom and promoting a socialist society  – and we must stand against it.

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15 Comments on “My Controversial Interview: The Evil of a “Vaccine Passport” [Roger Marsh Radio/Podcast Interview]”

  1. even some Christian friends are really pushing the vaccines. I’m not that convinced and the vaccine passport is scary. thanks for your imput, it really helps

  2. More and more of our freedoms are being stripped from us. If we don’t stand up for our Constitutional rights, they will be gone. No one has the right to tell me what I have to inject into my body. This vaccine hasn’t been proven safe at all, no matter what we’re told. My husband and I don’t get any vaccines, but we take care of ourselves and don’t get sick.

  3. I agree with the step towards socialism and control, using the green passport etc, but we’ve already done that by a digital chip on your Visa credit card, buying a weapon and having to register it before you take it, your passport being digitally foot printed it all over, Facebook may have your face everywhere if you have an account, and I do, your drivers license, your credit card transactions, your credit history, your digital bank account, your mortgage or your rent payment and history, you ph apps, you probably had a flu vaccine, a tetanus shot and other vaccines, and video history of you walking into your favorite 7-Eleven or mall or downtown somewhere near your home. I would also say, would you rather have the vaccine or catch the corona virus itself, don’t get me wrong I am an anti-masker and I don’t buy our “i must get a vaccine right away” mentality, but even I read the writing on the wall. I don’t view the vaccine or anything else as “the mark” or anything like that, but obviously all the aforementioned things are Stage setting precursors that will enable control later in Revelation six. Technology alone, along with Bible prophecy written by the Holy Spirit ensures that the Revelation 13:17 will come to pass.

  4. I agree. Everything is about control and $$. Why the intense push to get people the vaccine if they don’t want it? Why punish or ostracize those that refuse to get it? Why the recent push to children? Many of the things happening today are leading up to the end times. It’s a good time to prepare.

  5. I disagree with your approach. Yes, it is important to have freedom. However, we should abuse our freedom by infecting others with our possible COVID 19 by our lack of social distancing and lack of using masks. Many individuals are infected with COVID 19 and are super spreaders and they don’t even know that they are infecting and killing others. Is that a proper use of freedom. What about the freedom of the individual you are harming? Sincerely, Samuel

  6. Hello Samuel,
    You said, “infecting others with our possible COVID 19”. People don’t become infected with possible COVID 19 and that’s the problem. I remember on February 17th, 2020, sharing with other family members about this highly contagious virus that’s was over taking the USA. I had one of the very few N95 masks, properly seated, covering mouth, nose, sealed. I would spray our take out drinks with hand sanitizer. I stripped off my clothes in the garage and left them there to ensure the virus was dead before I touched them again. All my mail was frozen before i would read it. I was the one everyone stared at, as I rode for three days in a car traveling across country with family members that hadn’t been tested. I’m high risk and was terrified. It was when my friend told me her husband tested positive that I started opening my eyes. Two days earlier he had picked her up from the airport, driving in a car, with the windows rolled up. She never got it. That made no sense to me. To keep this short, I know, too late – That’s when i started second guessing what they were telling us. Everything the scientist’s say, they eventually change it. Possible COVID 19 is not COVID 19. We need to be responsible for ourselves. it’s my responsibility to wear my mask properly, and to take the proper precautions, if I don’t want to get sick. It’s not yours responsibility “in case” you have it. So many lives have been destroyed because of “maybe” and guesses. That’s irresponsible leadership. I encourage to do this. Stop listening to what they are saying and start watching what they are doing, then you will see what I am seeing. Blessings to you, Melanie

  7. I am glad you wear your mask and I wear my mask too when I am within 6-8 feet of people outside my home. I want to be protected and I want to protect others–just in case. I have been careful and I have gotten the vaccine. Therefore, I haven’t gotten the COVID 19 and nobody in my family has been infected by the COVID 19. Yes, let’s continue being safe. Sincerely, Sam

  8. It seems to me as an evangelical Christian that we should be asking, “what is God trying to tell us?” Many times in the Old Testament, God was trying to speak to Israel through droughts, plights, and pandemics about their sins during the times of the Kings of Judah and Israel. Perhaps God is speaking to the Church today about our sins through this COVID 19 pandemic. Yes, Satan is often the one who brings disease, but God often moving behind the scene as illustrated in the life of Job. What is God saying to us in the Church? Are we listening? Are we seeking the voice of God? Instead, many are focusing on denying the pandemic. Rather, shouldn’t we focus on what God is trying to tell us about our sin, our prejudice, and our ignoring the needs of the poor? Sincerely, Samuel

  9. Yes, I think God is using this to speak to us in so many ways. It’s a great opportunity to speak to other’s about God and the end times. We, the church, have been complacent in our interactions with others. We either sugar coat the Gospel and manipulate it to conform to our sin, or we become self righteous in our own, sitting in our pews and heading home when our duty is done. In the mean time, the world becomes more and more wicked and we keep doing the same thing and claim no responsibility. After all, that’s “them”, so it doesn’t really affect me. The Bible speaks of having a reprobate mind and I’m beginning to have a better understanding as I witness a demonic movement sweep across our country. I believe God sent the pandemic and I believe evil people are using it for their own gain. We have to use this to glorify Him.

  10. You seriously do not think this “vaccine passport” is scary? Have you not ever researched history? The Nazis forced people to have the correct paper work or they would be arrested beaten and or killed. You best wake up. The “vaccine passports” are the push for a vaccine which literally means “mark”. Have you not read or heard what these passports will do? You will not be able to go anywhere or shop at a grocery store for food or even be able to sell or trade without the passports. When many refuse this they will be hunted down and rounded up. The vaccine passports are already being used in Venezuela. A grocery store refused an elderly woman. They turned her away. All she wanted was to shop for groceries. She was weak and walked with a cane. You’d better wake up now!

  11. Some of the worst pandemics in history:
    1. COVID 19. 140 million cases worldwide & 3 million deaths. USA: over 31 million cases and over 1/2 million deaths in USA. USA is the leader. So, we should be proud and spread the pandemic?
    2. H1Ni Swine flu: 2009-10. Estimated 500,000 deaths worldwide.
    3. HIV/AIDS pandemic & epidemic: 1981 & following. Estimated 35 million deaths globally.
    4. Asian flu. 1989-1920. Estimated 1.1 million deaths worldwide.
    5. Spanish flu (first case identified in state of Kansas). Estimated 50 million deaths worldwide.
    7. Philadelphia Yellow fever: 1793.
    8. Plague to native Americans brought from Europe. in 15th & 16th century. Probably measles, small pox & other European diseases. Estimated 56 million native American deaths. 90% of native population.
    9. The Black Death. 1346-1353. probably bacteria from rodents that killed estimated 1/2 of Europe.
    10. Plague of Justinian. AD 541-542. Bubonic plague. Estimated 50 million died.
    11. Antonine Plague. AD 165-180. Perhaps small pox. Killed estimated 5 million in Roman Empire.
    12. Plague of Athens. 430 BC. Perhaps typhoid. Estimated 2/3 of population died.
    Summary. I don’t take pandemics lightly after working in hospitals for over 30 years. International airline travel is one of the quickest methods of transmitting a pandemic. Respectfully, Samuel

  12. Hello Samuel, thank you for providing the history and information about pandemics. You really did your homework. It’s interesting to see the amazing timeline and that the pace has picked up in recent years. Surely God is speaking. I do take issue with the death count in the United States and the reason is because I have heard of several cases where a person died with the virus but they counted it as a death from the virus. A man whose wife was in hospice contracted the virus and died of cancer. The death certificate said cause of death covid 19. The insurance company will not payout on her cancer insurance for that reason. I have heard of other cases as well. You mentioned you worked in hospitals for over 30 years. I’m not sure what your field was but it’s understandable that you would take them seriously because of the strict protocol the hospitals had in place. I don’t think anyone should spread a pandemic, and I think it’s just as irresponsible to use a medical situation for gain. I know the pandemic is real. I also know politicians lie and that there are people that will hurt other’s, just to line their pockets. So we have to discern and use what we know to be true to make good decisions. That means listening to the experts and applying what works. A few years ago I had to get a couple vaccinations. They didn’t give me some and when I asked why, they said they first had to see if I had the antibody to see if i needed the vaccine. I’m not in the medical field but I find it strange that they randomly give the vaccine without checking to see if a person has has the antibodies. This entire crisis is very suspect to me. I think it’s important not to take everything at face value and to do your research.

  13. How unfortunate that the insurance company would not pay for COVID 19. The government should force the insurance companies to provide coverage. Many insurance companies complain that they don’t make enough money while they actually are making billions.

  14. i think you misunderstood my statement, the cancer insurance they had won’t pay out because the death certificate list’s cause of death as covid 19, and not cancer, even though she was terminally ill with cancer. I’m not sure if insurance companies are covering the virus or not.

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