Christian Doctor: Evaluating the Risk/Reward of Getting the COVID-19 Vaccination [TV Interview/Video]

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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny gives one of the best short explanations of the three COVID-19 vaccinations.

Should you get a vaccination?

What are the risks?

In life, everything is a risk/reward evaluation.

For some, they don’t want to know about the risk of the vaccination. They just want it as fast as they can.

For others, the President said get it, so they will comply.

Others their doctor, pastor, friends, or relatives say get it, so they will.

But others want to know about the risks.

They know COVID has over a 98% survival rate.

They know over 40 million Americans already had COVID-19 and are not now contagious.

They know that over 60 million have received a vaccine.

They know herd immunity has started and will soon provide less cases.

But should you take the shot if you haven’t yet?

Why are millions refusing?  Why are there concerns with side effects?

Why do those doctors in alternative medicine largely say don’t take it?

Why do some 40% of the healthcare workers refuse to take it?

Why has YouTube banned 30,000 videos of those doctors and health experts who question it or talk against taking it?

Why do Google, Instagram, and Facebook ban/delete content critical of the shots?

Should you do it?

If you took it, what should you know now?

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny appeared on Daystar TV, a Christian network.

Here is her powerful interview that gives a clear, concise review of the risks of the vaccine and differences.

Click HERE to view the video, around 25 minutes.

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9 Comments on “Christian Doctor: Evaluating the Risk/Reward of Getting the COVID-19 Vaccination [TV Interview/Video]”

  1. Just looked up the VEARs report for the first reporting period
    Out of 13750000 doses 9000 adverse reports including 110 deaths. That’s 1/10 of 1 percent death rate. So what is YouTube afraid of

    I have a higher chance of dying in a fatal car crash.

  2. Great video! Dr. Tenpenny explained the vaccines so that I could understand it. I really appreciate the information.
    Thank you for all the great information that you prrovide.

  3. Thanks so much for posting Dr. Tenpenny’s perspective. As a Christian, with a creation worldview, I believe that our trust should be in God first. He designed our immune system to work within his intricate amazing design of this world. As with the Nephilim during Noah’s day, I will not corrupt my body, the temple of the Holy Spirit, with ANY synthetic, artificial mRNA that will result in our DNA becoming corrupted. I will not use the other injections that harbor cell lines not just from fetal tissue but also monkey kidneys, chickens (avian flu), pigs (swine flu), etc . My family just came through a few weeks of experiencing this virus. We have been preventively taken vitamins and supplements since last March to boost our immunity, and then just doubled up when we were infected. We had some aches, a slight cough, and general fatigue. Nothing major, I’ve had strep and other viruses way worse, although we generally don’t get sick often as we are farmers, outside and very active. It’s a lifestyle choice to us. Choose God, not man. Choose to live healthy through diet and exercise to protect our temple. And He will as always remain faithful. <3

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