Warning: Government-Created Inflation Spikes Again – 5 Disturbing Things About the Most Immoral Tax of All the Media and Politicians Won’t Tell You [Videos]

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Did you get an increase or bonus of $175.00 last month?

If not, you are $175 poorer.

Let me explain these five disturbing things that you should know:

1. Inflation means your dollar buys less…it’s lost its value.

You see, if you believe the government’s official inflation rate (about 5%) and you look at average expenses of Americas earning $70,000 a year for things like:

  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Supplies

You would have had to earn $175.00 per month more just to break even because $1.00 now is worth less than just last month.

2. The real inflation figure is higher for most people.

This official government figure “average” of around 5% does not include things like fees, taxes, and many things you and I buy weekly such as eating out or things you buy for work, home, school or fun.

Calculated by Moody’s Analytics, an “average” means for many that the inflation rate is really higher than $175.00 a month. And, if you live in New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles and other high-cost areas, then you would need to have gotten a higher “raise” in your income well above 5% just to stay even.

3. Inflation is a pernicious hidden tax.

Inflation is the most immoral tax of all.

It is caused by the government, but it’s an indirect tax because the value of the dollar is worth less.

Prices rise because of government policies.

Those on fixed incomes or middle class and below suffer silently the most.

Another unseen consequence: businesses are hurt, especially small businesses. Go to a restaurant and see how they must increase prices on the menu.

Or, give fewer choices, eliminating marginal items.

4. The government likes inflation – and creates it.

The federal government benefits from inflation. And so do the politicians.

It makes it easier for the Federal government to pay for its massive debt.

The main cause of inflation is government – the massive overspending going on today.

We now have a budget deficit of over $28.8 trillion dollars – that’s a debt for every person of $86,729 and growing.

And inflation has also caused the Federal Reserve as it increases the money supply, thus lowering the dollar’s value.

5. Expect inflation to get worse – much worse.

The politicians say the inflation we are experiencing is “transitory”. Lie.

It’s here until the federal government stops overspending.

It’s frightening they are now trying to pass trillions of more money we don’t have and taxes won’t cover. It’s could lead to an inflation of 10% or more.

13% rise in gas? They don’t care.

6. The solution: fiscal sanctity and responsibility.

The only way to stop the inflation madness is to stop government overspending and stop the feds from its monetary irresponsibility.

Click HERE to view a Fox News video.

And for a more extensive explanation, my podcast interview with Jerry Cirino. I explain this in greater clarity and detail. About 36-minutes, click HERE to view.

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