Massive Cover-Up: California Voter Fraud [Video]

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California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla is covering up illegal voting and incompetence within his own office.

Padilla says voter fraud in the state does not exist.

But facts say otherwise.

While the media ignores voter fraud, San Diego-based Election Integrity Project (EIP), together with Judicial Watch, have put Padilla on notice.

He has 90 days to clean up the state’s voter rolls or face a lawsuit.

As I’ve said for years, voter fraud is rampant.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

And I’ve reported often on specific examples.

The EIP has uncovered powerful statistics for the first time:

  • 11 California counties have registered voters in excess of the voting age population in those counties.
  • Los Angeles County’s number of registered voters is 144% greater than the number of adults over the age of 18 in the county.
  • San Diego County’s number of registered voters is 138% greater than the number of adults over the age of 18 in the county.

This is a crime. And it strikes at the heart of a democratic Republic.

Sadly, the media goes with the liberal politicians who say election fraud doesn’t exist.

“Of course, they say it doesn’t exist, but that’s just a denial of reality,” said EIP’s Ruth Weiss.

The Heritage Foundation lists at least 1,000 cases that have been prosecuted. Click here to see their documented fraud cases.

In fact, news reports are now saying some 3.5 million more people are registered to vote in the U.S. than are alive among America’s adult citizens.

A possible 5.7 million non-citizens voted in both the 2008 and 2012 elections, according to two research studies:

  1. Old Dominion University researchers found that in 2008, as few as 38,000 and as many as 2.8 million noncitizens voted.
  2. Just Facts, a conservative/libertarian think tank, concluded that as many as 7.9 million noncitizens were illegally registered that year and 594,000 to 5.7 million voted.

Also, the Government Accountability Institute has released a bombshell study that concluded thousands of votes in the 2016 election were illegal duplicate votes from people registered and voting in more than one state.

And yet when GOP governor Rick Scott tried to update Florida’s records, including deleting 51,308 deceased voters, Obama’s Justice Department filed a federal lawsuit to stop him.

California is the worst of all the states, fueled by its ease to register and vote with no accountability.

Using the voter records of Los Angeles County, whose population is larger than 15 states, EIP uncovered:

279,000 people still listed as alive who were born in the 1800s

20,000 deceased still on voting roles, some who are still voting

12,000 are registered more than one time — sometimes as many as 8 times — in the same county, who can vote multiple times using alias addresses and mail-in ballots.

In California, if you combine an estimated 5 million inactive registrants, who have typically died or moved out state, with the state’s lack of voter ID requirements, you have a scenario ripe for fraud.

Deroy Murdock, a contributing editor with the National Review, said that of 3.7 million illegal votes in the 2016 election, 1.5 million came from California.

And of those 1.5 million, 770,000 were from Los Angeles County.

When I ran for office, we were shocked by thousands of new registered voters – people who never voted before – came out and voted Democrat in areas where few ever voted.

Voter fraud must be stopped to ensure true elections.

It’s a lot more than just sloppy and outdated voter lists.

We need Voter ID.

We need to rescind the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, also known as Motor Voter in California.

That law stipulates that people interacting with government agencies, state or federal, be offered a voter registration form.

The NVRA and CNVRA require only “on your honor” verification of citizenship. It means:

  • A “yes” is accepted without question.
  • A “no” means the registrar sends a postcard to the applicant giving them an opportunity to change the answer.
  • If an applicant marks neither, then “yes” is the default answer.

California issues drivers licenses to illegal aliens. Since the law went into effect in 2015, over 800,000 illegal immigrants have received a license. How many actually registered to vote?

Is it any wonder voter fraud exists to such an extent in this state?

Time and again, the names of the deceased have been found to have voted, usually for a Democrat.

This is why the hue and cry against Voter ID laws comes from liberals, who disingenuously argue such a law would keep the poor from the voting booth.

They cry, it’s voter suppression!

That’s total nonsense, and yet liberals play the race card every time the subject is brought up.

There is nothing nefarious about Voter ID.

You need a driver’s license to drive.

You need ID to cash a check.

A Voter ID just proves you are who you say you are when you want to cast your ballot.

It would not prevent any legitimate voter from casting their ballot.

Did you know about 2.8 million people are registered to vote in two or more states?

I believe President Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity has a very important job.

The commission has asked states to send in public information on voting. You can see why many states – including California — are refusing to release their voter roles for verification.

Did you know the dead can vote? Here are some worthy statistics:

  • 8 million registered voters are dead.
  • In 2014, North Carolina said 13,416 dead voters were registered, and 81 of them recently voted.
  • In 2012, South Carolina revealed 953 people were deceased at the time they voted!
  • In 2016, CBS Channel 2 in Los Angeles identified 265 dead voters in Southern California, many of whom casts ballots year after year.
  • The Public Interest Legal Foundation sent letters to officials in six states demanding they clean up voter rolls, which showed “an implausible number of registered voters compared to the number of eligible living citizens.”

What is the solution?

  1. Voter ID laws
  2. Better technology
  3. Better methods to check and verify newly-registered voters

What can you do?

  1. Become a poll worker.
  2. Become a poll watcher
  3. Contact the Secretary of State about any irregularities
  4. Demand fair redistricting reforms for legislative seats
  5. Send me your objections at

Watch this powerful 7-minute video of Ruth Weiss uncovering California voter fraud.

5 Comments on “Massive Cover-Up: California Voter Fraud [Video]”

  1. Craig, you stated that Los Angeles County’s number of registered voters is 144% greater than the number of adults over the age of 18 in the county. If the number of registered voters was 100% greater, that would be double the number of adults over the age of 18. Are you really saying that the number is almost 2 and a half times greater (“144% greater”)? Regardless of the correct percentage to use, I completely agree with your primary point that we desperately need Voter ID laws and changes to protect this critical privilege and right to vote in California and the U.S. Thanks for the facts and evidence. The Democrats can’t argue the facts, so they will attack by using the race card every time.

  2. If California cleaned up the voting lists, and put in a voter ID law, then the currently entrenched long time-in-office- democrats would all be out of office. They are not going to let this happen. Especially since they now have put into law that the top two in a primary election go on the official ballot, which means now we have two democrats running and no republicans. We will continually be over run with them. We certainly have some real gems, who open their mouths and what they say is embarrassing the good people of this state. I am sure you all know who I am referring to.

  3. I am sickened by the corruption in the state of California, there is voter fraud by the thousands. how can we get voter IDs ? Pray that God will stop this corruption and place Godly men or women in office with integrity.

  4. We will need about 100 Craig’s in Sacramento to fix this. That should turn the tide. The Sacramento swamp is overdue to be drained.
    I’m disappointed Pres Trump didn’t come here.

  5. Complete lies. The agenda of the voter id advocates is to prevent millions of valid voters from voting, by using lies about fraudulent voting.

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