Who Should Trump Pick for Secretary of State? [Poll Results]

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Who Should Trump Pick for Secretary of State? [Poll Results]

Donald Trump is now the President-Elect!

He has to assemble a strong cabinet to represent, preserve, and protect American interests.

One of the most important nominees is the Secretary of State.

For the past two weeks, we have released a survey asking you the readers to tell us who you would like to see as Secretary of State.

Here are the results:

John Bolton: 41.2%
Rudy Giuliani [WITHDRAWN] 27.1%
David Petraeus 10.6%
U.S. Representative Dana Rohrabacher 5.5%
Mitt Romney 5.3%

Others wrote in Newt Gingrich and Ted Cruz.

What do  you think of the results?

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4 Comments on “Who Should Trump Pick for Secretary of State? [Poll Results]”

  1. I voted for John Bolton but I would have accepted all of the others except for Petraeus who risked national security for personal reasons just as Hillary Clinton did. I am opposed to Trump’s choice not only because he is a global warming alarmist when it is actually a government power grab or even because he seems to admire Putin but he funds the slaughter of innocent unborn babies via Planned Parenthood and he led the charge against the Boy Scouts until the organization caved and split over having homosexuals lead young boys as scout masters. He is a big advocate of the homosexual agenda. These are deal breakers for me

    This weakens in my eyes the promises Trump made in regard to pro-life. He also said that he supported natural marriage (heterosexual monogamy) which it is. Our rights come from nature and nature’s God, according to our founding document, the Declaration of Independence. Unless our rights come from God they are not inalienable. If they are not inalienable, then we have no rights.

    Rights that can be arbitrarily changed, redefined, reinvented based on the passing fads and notions of society or court rulings or legislation can be taken away capriciously. The whole idea of the American constitutional republic is that we are a theistic people who base our system on natural rights that cannot be taken away by government. Bullying a private organization such as the Boy Scouts is not admirable.
    Funding Planned Parenthood leads to the deaths of thousands of unborn babies. That is unacceptable.

  2. I agree with Anne comments on Trillison. I see the core advisors,Rudy, Gingrich, Huckabee bring pushed out. These nen were for the forgotten man. America, two strong Christian heritage foundation for America values. . Tillison must go…….he is 43 years oil corp. His deals ,will reflect what goid fir hus life kibg group .

    If qhat Ann told us re Boy Scouts,cganged their life long held vskyes then. Without exceotion Tilkerson must go. Christusns listen to the scripture. When the righteous ruke the people,are blessed. When the wicked,rule the people will mourn. By their fruits they shall be known..

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