The Twin Evils: Recession and Inflation… Welcome to the Devastating Impact of Stagflation – 4 Things You Should Know

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In the last 1.5 years, economic devastation has hit Americans.

It has hit everyone.

Here are 4 things you should know:

#1: Skyrocketing inflation – for how long?

Prices for everything have been shooting sky-high.

Whether you go to the gas station.

Whether you buy something at the store.

Whether you’re a business owner trying to run a company.

Prices are skyrocketing.

The official inflation rate is 9.1% – The private economists say it’s closer to 14%.

The president and congress are doing nothing to stop it while trillions of government overspending continues.

The dollar loses value every day.

The budget debt keeps rising.

The out-of-control price hikes are due to government overspending.

The trillions of dollars being spent by the federal government with radical green deal programs and infrastructure programs are a major factor… And there is no end in sight.

At this point, inflation will be here for 2-3 years.

There’s only 2 ways to stop inflation.

The first one being the federal government stopping the overspending… and that’s not going to happen until there’s a change in congress.

The second one being the Federal Reserve raising interest rates and that’s happening, but too little too late. We are likely to see more rate hikes for the next year or two.

#2 – It’s official. We are now in a recession.

For the second quarter in a row, the economy is down.

Businesses are laying off or slowing in hiring.

Businesses have trimmed their inventories. Investors are drying up.

The housing market has buckled with the rising interest rates.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a broad measure of major goods and services. It has been used for the last 10 recessions dating back to 1948 when you have 2 quarterly decreases – it’s a recession.

And that’s exactly what’s happening. We’ve had two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth.

#3 – Denial and fantasy politics. Biden says the economy is great. That we all are really better.

The media and the politicians are all trying to rationalize that this is not a recession, even though statistics prove it.

Having lived through 5 recessions and running 2 business, this is a recession.

The reason the Federal Reserve increased interest rates by 75 basis points was because inflation is out of control and it’s the only way to solve it.

But it will worsen the economy.

#4 – Stagflation is here!

Inflation can be thought of too many dollars chasing fewer goods and services. It drives up prices and kills economies. And it causes government overspending– printing money out of thin air.

You can call this Bidenflation if you want… but it’s really stagflation.

When you have a recession and high inflation… it’s stagflation similar to the 1970s.

That means all your spending… whether you’re earning income or on a retirement plan… you have to calculate this new economic reality.

The only way to turn this around – change congress. In the meantime, everyone suffers.

What do you think?

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3 Comments on “The Twin Evils: Recession and Inflation… Welcome to the Devastating Impact of Stagflation – 4 Things You Should Know”

  1. It appears the current economic turmoil is running on course as designed, for the most part. The reference point may be the far left’s Green New Deal mentality, including its deliberate destruction of America’s oil industry and limitless spending of newly printed fiat currency. This plot is orchestrated by and runs in tandem with the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its plan to tear down the existing capitalist system and erect a new twisted form of worldwide fascism. Like socialism, they promise equality, prosperity, and peace while instead delivering poverty, bondage, and death.

    We are witnessing a great deception. The Biden administration is fully maligned now, with some of its members and constituents having been completely given over to evil. The entire framework is diabolically destructive down to every detail, from sexual orientation, racism, new religion, and the full departure from the education system that would ensure American technocracy as was in the past.

    One painful component is that significant numbers of Americans have been dumbed down in utter ignorance and are willing to go along with this dark agenda while not understanding its mechanics. Perhaps the most disturbing thing, which is the prime reason for this disintegration, is that America threw God of the Bible out of her affairs long ago. The heathen knows it and takes full advantage of the opportunity. It would appear there is no return. Theoretically the next phase will be war, followed by the emergence of another new world order. And don’t be fooled by the Russo-Ukraine war. The WEF overlords are taking full advantage of it to further their cause.

    Inside, I am weeping.

    1. I have of necessity dedicated my entire life to study and I could not have written a better or more thoroughly accurate description of the current situation the citizens of this country are being subjected to. Well done.

  2. I appreciate so much The Election Forum newsletter, and the work of Craig Huey and his staff I assume. In a culture today we have “a fire in every corner”. Many that I talk to are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the culture we are living in as well as where to stand and where to fight, which seems everywhere. The challenge for most of us I presume would be the balance of seeing “far above” the present earth, yet using our time, treasure and talent to stand for righteousness in a culture that is so troubled. We all would rather “forget” about the the battles and enjoy a pina colada! Yet if we were to have this conversation with our forefathers and those that fought for freedom long ago, I know there would be no question that we satnd firm and push back the tide of evil overcoming our land!

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