The Shocking, Disturbing Truth about JFK – Must-Hear Audio

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The forgotten tapes of Lee Harvey Oswald

There was a lot of media coverage of the November 22 anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination—but I never heard anyone talk about the Lee Harvey Oswald’s radio debate.

Lee Harvey Oswald was the one who killed the President. But why?

When I was in high school, active discussion was still taking place about who shot President John F. Kennedy and why.

And over the years, many movies and books have been written to try to prove the theory of whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination or whether the CIA, Lyndon Johnson–or the Mafia–was involved.

Quite frankly, many crazy characters with strange conspiracy theories can be found online, in magazines and in short films.

None made sense, especially since I had information the government seemed to overlook or suppress.

Again, back in school, somebody gave me a record–yes vinyl–of a debate, which took place in 1963, with Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans. It was an intriguing debate I will never forget. The debate was hugely ignored by those who made movies and wrote books about the JFK assassination.

You see, most of the people with their theories were Progressives or Pro-Socialists/Pro-Communists who could not stomach the idea that a left-wing Marxist or Communist could have pulled the trigger and killed JFK–or that Cuba or the Soviet Union could have been behind a Marxist’s trigger.

Here are the facts we know about Lee Harvey Oswald:

  • He was 24 when he killed President Kennedy.
  • 45 minutes following the shooting of JFK, Oswald fired three shots across the hood of Police Officer J. D. Tippit’s police car during his search for Oswald. Oswald then fired a fourth fatal shot to Officer Tippit’s head, killing him instantly.
  • As people were exiting the movie theatre in Dallas because of the JFK assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald entered the movie house. He pulled his revolver when the police came to arrest him but the gun did not fire.
  • Lee Harvey Oswald was an expert sharp shooter–trained as a sniper.
  • In 1959, he went to the Soviet Union – Communist Russia – and tried to renounce his U.S. citizenship.
  • He returned to the United States in 1961, after spending 2 years in the Soviet Union.
  • He was a leader in the Fair Play for Cuba Committee: A pro-Castro, pro-Communist front organization.
  • He went to the Cuban embassy and secretly met with Cuban embassy personnel.
  • He participated in an intriguing debate in New Orleans, of which the recording still exists.

Listen to this recording and hear what he has to say about his political beliefs and his support of Cuba and the Soviet Union.

The bottom-line conclusion leaves little doubt as to his political sympathies. Yet it is these political sympathies that frightened the Liberals at the time and could have led to more anti-Communism.

JFK was known for his anti-Communism. In fact, pro-Socialist liberals in those days criticized him because he was so anti-Communist and anti-Cuban.

You can listen to the recording in two parts by clicking this link:

Lee Harvey Oswald

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3 Comments on “The Shocking, Disturbing Truth about JFK – Must-Hear Audio”

  1. Very interesting recording. I was not aware of the existence of it prior to this. It provides some insight into Oswald’s mindset at the time. He was obviously not a dumb person. It’s just a shame that he was not able to channel his intelligence in a more positive direction. I find it curious that all these years later that our government still feels the need to keep hidden so much of the documentation related to the Kennedy assassination. I have always felt that there is much more to learn about other entities in our own government and their involvement. Thank you for sharing this and God bless you.

  2. I’ve long thought that the reason(s) for the Warren Commission and cover-ups is mainly due to the assassin’s deep ties to Marxism, Communism, his living in the USSR, contacts with Cuba, etc. It could very well be documented (through unreleased files) that the USSR and/or the Cuban government had an active hand in orchestrating Kennedy’s death, or perhaps Oswald was indeed a Soviet agent who became a loose cannon going rogue.

    If this is true, a high level decision by the US Government could have been made to hide this … otherwise the result could have been WWIII. After coming off of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, it makes a lot of sense that the very top leveled of the US Government did not want to get into another end-of-the-world crisis with the Soviet Union.

    It was better to just portray Oswald as a lone-wolf Marxist nut and downplay his connections to foreign communist governments because in a WWIII with total nuclear warfare, there are no winners.

    This is pretty much an Occam’s Razor explanation; the simplest explanation is the most likely explanation, at least to me.

    Anyway … that’s my theory. No conspiracy but to downplay Oswald’s communist connections and history to divert the public’s outrage away from Cuba and the USSR so we wouldn’t be back to DEFCON 1.

    G’day …

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