The 2024 Presidential Poll: PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW!

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Who will be our next president?

The right choice can save our culture, economy… and country.

The wrong choice can bring America into further decline.

Your opinion means a lot…. To the politicians, the donors, Christian leaders and the media.

And given the state of our country, it’s important that we choose the right candidate for president in the next election.

So, if the 2024 Presidential election were held today, who would you vote for?

A Republican? A Democrat? Or maybe an Independent?

Trump? DeSantis? Newsom?

Click HERE to look over the possible candidates and vote in our poll.


Please take a few seconds of your busy day and take our poll [click here to vote].

We want to hear from average Americans like you and find out what you think… Not what the “fake polls” say.

You will be sent the pending results after you vote. Then, when the poll ends, we will send you an email with the final results and cover it with an analysis in our newsletter, Reality Alert. Click HERE to subscribe for free if you don’t already subscribe.

I will also broadcast the poll results on TV, social media, radio, print, blogs, and during public speeches.

Thank you in advance for voting in our poll…

And please, don’t forget to encourage your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to take the poll and share it on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Truth Social, GETTR and all your (and their) social media sites.

Thank you again, and God Bless America.

8 Comments on “The 2024 Presidential Poll: PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW!”

  1. We chose God country the family unit not LGBTQ and trump for our next president. We need to rid our country of the valueless corruption of the god haters of distructive moral societal ideas and raciest liberal ideologies based on marcsism

  2. I do not understand (or better I do not understand in full) why many people are so blind about giving themselves the chance to have Donald Trump as our next President. By the way, we Americans owe him his second term and he deserves it; besides he is the most prepared for the position. I feel and think that Mr. Trump and De Santis as VP could be the best ticket ever. However, Mr. De Santis might not want to wait to secure the 2028 nomination more prepared to win.

  3. I think Trump was the best president in my lifetime. However, I do not want to see another 4 or 8 years of the nastiness on the left, the media, and constantly trying to impeach him. Therefore, I think De Santis is the best choice. He is qualified and will fight the woke culture , especially when it comes to indoctrinating our children. Just look what he has done for Florida! We need change now, and I believe a younger President is what people want after having a president who clearly has dementia. He is also professional. I think he can bring people together, both Democrats and Republicans.

    1. Hi Lynda, Do you not know that the left will do the same thing to DeSantis that they did to Trump? They cannot afford DeSantis to be President any more than they could haveTrump.

  4. One person has commented that the nastiness on the left during President Trump’s leadership was so horrific that we cannot vote for him again, to avoid their nastiness. If we do that, THEY HAVE WON. That’s what they want, to beat you into submission just like all fascist communist socialist dictators have done in the past. I will vote for Trump again, for the simple fact that they hate him so much. And gas was cheaper, food was cheaper, life was better when he was President. Consider this: Covid came from communists, high energy prices came from woke socialists. Do you want to roll over and let the woke bullies of this country call the shots, or do you want to live in a free country? Because we sure don’t right now.

    1. Shan you are 100% right. On top of that the left will do the same thing to DeSantis and they did to Trump anyway. Trump knows even better what he is fighting now. I am with you all the way. R

  5. I will vote for President Trump. Personally, I do not think that the
    others on the “would be list” to run on the Conservative side could or
    would stand up to the “radical left”, their lying, all their bullying, the Climate Warming Hoax, and their socialism spread, etc. President Trump has the intelligence, knowledge, the tenacity, the love of America and the care for all Americans. I think he is superb and will do the best job as President of our wonderful Nation under God. God bless him and protect him and his family.

  6. “You cannot have Trump policies without Trump.”
    DeSantis can’t do what Trump did in four years and still
    have the influence he has today with all he has been through
    from the “left radicals.”

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