Surprising Presidential Poll Results: Who Libertarians are Supporting for President

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Are Libertarians supporting President Trump instead of Libertarian Party candidates? Apparently so.

At FreedomFest 2019, over 2000 Libertarians gathered at the largest Libertarian conference in the United States.

Speakers included Senator Mike Lee, Congressman Adam Kokesh, Steve Moore, Herman Cain, Kevin O’Leary and over 200 other speakers.

In an unofficial poll taken by the Huey Report at the FreedomFest conference, 66% of attendees who voted picked President Donald Trump for president for 2020. The breakdown of the other 34% of poll participants was as follows:

  • 20% voted for potential Libertarian presidential candidate Congressman Adam Kokesh.
  • 7% voted for Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.
  • 7% voted for former Libertarian vice presidential candidate and now Republican presidential candidate Bill Weld.

The surprising results are probably based upon looking at the socialist alternatives of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Tom Steyer and Joe Biden.

The poll also revealed a positive excitement about:

  • Business deregulation
  • Protection of religious and civil liberties
  • Appointments to the Supreme Court of strict constructionists versus judicial activists
  • Opposition to socialism

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2 Comments on “Surprising Presidential Poll Results: Who Libertarians are Supporting for President”

  1. While Trump has certainly done some good things, he has shown that he cannot be trusted at all. He pretends to favor the Second Amendment when he speaks to NRA audiences, but then goes back to the White House and appoints anti-gun hacks like William Barr, Mark Bennett, and Charles Canterbury to high offices, and says things like “Take the guns first.”

    The other choices are poor. Weld is a democrat who has pretended to be Republican and Libertarian. Gabbard is less dishonest than the other democrats, but is still a progressive control freak, and the Libertarians who want to impeach Trump or run against him are just engaging in counter-productive behavior.

  2. so a bunch of republicans going to freedom fest get to be called libertarians for the sake of spin. this is BS reporting.

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