Supreme Court: Governor Newsom, Lower Courts and County Violate First Amendment Right to Have Indoor Worship Services – Another Victory!

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The U.S. Supreme Court slammed California Santa Clara County’s ban on indoor worship services.

And they slammed the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for ignoring their earlier rulings.

The Supreme Court in February had already told California it can’t ban indoor church services.

But Santa Clara County wouldn’t obey… and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals wouldn’t obey. But the Supreme Court said they must.

The 6-3 Supreme Court ruling will now force the county to follow the Constitution.

This is good news – and a victory – for churches across the U.S.

This should cause all states that are still not allowing indoor worship services to stop their unconstitutional church shutdowns.

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6 Comments on “Supreme Court: Governor Newsom, Lower Courts and County Violate First Amendment Right to Have Indoor Worship Services – Another Victory!”

  1. Gov Newsome was looking out for church people. Just a couple weeks ago the pastor of a church in Orange County that stood on their rights and had in-person gatherings (with hardly any masks worn) died after a 2 month bout with Covid-19. This isn’t a political game, Craig.

  2. Hey Joe, every churchgoer understands that there is a risk he/she can die from cov-19 going to church. It’s also possible to die from a car accident going to church. Let individuals determine if a risk is worth taking – not the government.

  3. Alex, I appreciate your viewpoint, although I believe there is more going on here: many churchgoers get their “news” from Fox and other outlets who have followed Trump’s lead and have politicized Covid-19. As a result, many have grossly underestimated the risks of Covid-19. Politicizing mask wearing only adds to these risks. Nearly every country in the world has had more success getting the virus under control than the US. The ones who have done the best, getting nearly back to normal in a few months, did so by getting serious about shutting down, mask wearing, contact tracing, testing, etc. not by standing on some false sense of rights as Christians. South Korea is a good example of this, and they’re arguably more of a Christian nation than we are. Our half-hearted, uneven, politicized approach has led to ongoing disruptions, and we still have 2000 plus dying daily. It’s embarrassing and sad, and talking heads like Craig are a large part of the problem, as are the Christians who blindly buy their distortions and their outright lies. I believe they have blood on their hands, especially if their motivation has been popularity and money. I tell them “Be not deceived, God is not mocked”.

  4. Hey Joe, the CDC went from don’t wear masks – save it for healthcare workers, to wear them, to wearing 2 is better than 1, to wear them even after you’ve tested positive had symptoms and are double vaccinated. It’s not surprising to see many grow distrust towards public health policy and mask mandates, especially when you look at states that never had mandates fare just as poorly as states that had the strictest mandates and social distancing protocols. In the end, the US is a country based upon a culture of individual rights and lacks the social capital and homogenity of many Scandinavian and Asian countries. It’s just the way it is and it takes time for culture to change. In perhaps the most divided America in her history, the most effective way to address the pandemic would have been to simply tell Americans “don’t be stupid, do what you gotta do to protect yourself, your family, and your neighbors” and leave it at that. What’s not being talked about are the dramatic increases in youth suicide, world hunger, missed cancer screenings, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc. We have to recognize it’s a complex multivariable issue and every Christian is going to have different policy prescriptions.

  5. Alex, I lay much of the blame at the feet of one Donald J Trump and the scores of “leaders” who led people to follow his every self-serving lie. If he had stepped up to the plate and taken the pandemic seriously (or if Christian and other “conservative” “leaders” had called out his lies), people would have been much more inclined to get behind sensible guidelines. Covid-19 doesn’t care if the US is full of “independent-thinking” people (who slavishly follow whatever a proven self-serving con man tells them to do); we’ll reap what we sow. New Zealand and Australia are also full of independent free thinkers, yet these countries largely got behind their leaders (who listened to scientific and medical experts) and have thus fared much better (although it was not necessarily a smooth journey, particularly for the Aussies).
    I agree that the messaging from the CDC was not consistent at first; some of that was due to avoid interfering with mask supply shortages that were grossly mishandled by the Trump administration, some by ongoing, developing understanding of the virus by the the scientific community. I believe there was also an element of placating to (or even or even coercion by) the Trump administration.
    Part of the Covid-19 difficulties in many areas that had more shutdowns and mask protocols is that the population density and the number of people traveling to and from these larger cities was often greater. On the other hand, relatively isolated, sparsely populated areas like South Dakota did relatively well at first, but eventually reached worst in the country status once the virus reached them in earnest. This is due partly to super spreader events like the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and even moreso to the “do what you feel is right, be free” mentality espoused by Gov. Noem.
    That mask mandates, strict shutdowns to stop flare-ups, widespread testing, and contact tracing work has been proven by many countries, some of which are populated by people as free thinking as us. What these countries did not have is leaders who opposed scientific and medical experts and an army of “conservative” “leaders” paroting their every misstep, with half the country behind them.

  6. In my opinion, President Trump did a great job with handling the pandemic, especially since this was a new virus created in Wuhan. The Bible said God holds our soul in life. And we’re not going until it’s time, covid-19 or no covid. We think we can control our own destinies using masks (which are useless by the way) contact tracing, and vaccines. But the truth of the matter is, we can’t. But the best decision we can make is to trust Christ as our Savior and be assured of eternal life and the forgiveness of our sin.

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