The Shooting Assassination of Republicans: 7 Shocking facts you should know about growing hate and violence

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The Washington D.C. shooting by a Bernie Sanders liberal Democrat has created a massive warning for those shouting “resist.”

This is not about Democrats or Republicans.

It’s about politics transitioning from Democrat/liberal vs Republican/conservative view on issues and policy to outright political violence by liberals and socialists.

It’s about normalizing political violence in America.

Here are 7 things you should know:

  1. Violence and intolerance is exponentially increasing among the “resist” movement.

Conservative speakers and teachers have seen violence and interference at colleges. Cities have seen violence. A crazed Bernie Sanders supporter killed people on a train. Now an anti-Trump, Bernie Sanders supporter attempted to assassinate and wipe out Republican Congressmen and Senators – including Rand Paul and Jeff Flake.


  1. The media is continuing to inflame the hate, hysteria and intolerance.

As I mentioned in my 7 Shocking Facts: The Liberal Press Bias on Steroids article, 89% of ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN have distorted reporting that’s anti-Trump. No balance. The biased news is creating attitudes ripe for violence. CNN, the New York Times and others are even defending the N.Y. Central Park play (government subsidized) displaying Trump being stabbed to death.

The night before the shooting, I watched KCAL TV in Los Angeles. 94% of the show, anti-Trump. 88% unbalanced liberal reporting and commentary, not news.

Dave Bryan, the lead political reporter, has long lost all objectivity and created a constant biased, slanted reporting that could only leave viewers angry, upset and disgusted –but it was all twisted reporting and not fact or balanced. It was a forum of hate speech.

And the night of the assassination attempt: it wasn’t even the lead story. The lead story as 3 minutes of anti-Trump hysteria based on unconfirmed “leaks” from the Justice Department.

Then the second story was 3 minutes about the shooting with no mention that the shooter was a liberal, ideolog follower of Sanders…and no mention the target was Republicans. Only viewers who stayed for another report 30 minutes later would discover that it was Republicans.


  1. The politicians’ emotional obstructionism has fueled a climate of hate and anger based on lies. The liberal Democrats have become obstructionists to every Republican effort to improve the economy, healthcare and more.

And it’s based on the narrative of 1) Russian Collusion and 2) obstruction of Justice.

No facts. No evidence. There have been investigations, ex FBI head James Comey testimony, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions testimony– not a shred of evidence.

Total lies. Watch Tucker Carlson trying to find one piece of evidence from a Democrat Spokesman. About 7 minutes. Watch here:

Debate the issues. Debate policy. But stop the innuendos, myths and speculations and the climate of hate and anger.

Get legislation passed for the good of the country.

  1. Thank God there were guns – a massacre averted. Two Capitol Hill Police are heroes, despite being outgunned with their handguns by the attempted killer with a rifle. But it brings back the need for the average citizen to be able to have a gun to protect themselves and others.

The liberal Governor of Virginia played gun politics at the press conference calling for gun control, as has other politicians and the biased media.

Incidentally, this violence took place in a “gun free” zone.  This was not “gun violence.” It was political violence.

Gun control would not stop this attack. In fact, the type of gun used was already illegal in the assassin’s home state.

The shooter did threaten the President on Facebook. But where was the FBI and law enforcement?

Good guys with guns saved innocent lives from a hater with a gun. Thank God.

  1. Protect the Congressmen. The violence and anger at the Congressional townhalls requires we now make sure Congressmen and senators are protected by guards. Sad. But necessary.
  2. The intolerant left must be opposed by the Democrats and liberals.

The Democrats and liberals are fueling hate and anger.

They do not want to discuss policy.

They have crossed the line.

They will not speak out against the inflammatory language from their party.


  • Anti-Trump
  • Anti-Free Enterprise
  • Anti-Christian

Congresswoman Nancy Pelose blamed Fox News for the Violence!

Conservatives, libertarians, Christians and Trump supporters have regularly been called Nazis, fascists, bigots, haters of Muslims, women, blacks, homosexuals…”haters.”

After the shooting Huffington Post writer Jesse Benn tweeted:

It’s an all out, organized assault fueled by the liberal media and liberal politicians. Will they call for thoughtful disagreement? Will they condemn the rhetoric and anger? Or continue their climate of hate?

What if it was Republicans and conservatives rioting, shooting, killing and demonizing liberals? What would they say and do?

Here’s another video on the “Out-of-Control Violence From the Left.” Watch here:

  1. Let’s pray with thanksgiving and unity.

My prayer is Democrats and Republicans will come together to work on Americas problems and stop the hate.

I was encouraged by the Democrats who prayed after the shooting.

I hope they will step up and tell their leadership to stop the madness and become civil.

Watch Senator Tim Scott talk about prayer and our Christian heritage in light of the attack. Watch here:

And watch the Congressional prayers. See here.

Let’s pray for Congressman Steve Scalise and the others shot for a quick and full recovery…and their wives and kids.

And let’s pray the fear, terror and interference with our peaceful form of government not prevail or ever slow or interrupt Congress so they would more swiftly or necessary legislative changes.

10 Comments on “The Shooting Assassination of Republicans: 7 Shocking facts you should know about growing hate and violence”

  1. Luke 12:57 — “Yes, and why, even of yourselves, do you not judge what is right?

    Hopefully Christians have learned by a century of Americas slide toward national-suicide that God is not our ‘Almighty-bellhop,’ who when prayed to, is to come down and fix the problems we have created by our failure to find Christ worth representing in society and government.

    America is approaching destruction due to the vast majority of the 98 million citizens claiming Christ finding Christ worth reading about, talking about, experiencing and emotionalizing, but not worth representing in society and government to the exclusion evildoers along with God offending world-views and governance. Many of those like Craig Huey and others attempting to represent Christ in government & society being the exception.

    The question for those claiming Christ who created the ‘Christ-void’ in society and government, is why would our God of love and justice reward people claiming Christ with His protection and blessings when they don’t find Him worth representing? This, when the history of the world is clear in that God allows nations to destroy themselves that do not find him worth obeying/representing.

    Yes we are to pray for wisdom while under attack. But when done praying we are to get off our knees, then evidence faith is true and not assumed by engaging in works out of obedience to God and for His glory. True faith will necessarily result in works causing representation of Christ in society and our representative government to the exclusion of evildoers, by aiding the needy to the exclusion of government doing so, and the fulfillment of the great commission. Obedience that would have precluded much of the past century of America’s quickening deconstruction into a moral, economic, and governmental God offending cesspool.

    God warns so many times in his Word that “faith without works is dead” in James 1:22 and seven times in James Chapter-2 along with other verses. This, yet the vast majority of what flows out of today’s pulpits is a fixation on the rapture and other blessings Christians are to receive from God, at the expense of our busy ourselves glorifying God with works. Works that do not purchase salvation, but evidence faith is true.

    James 1:22 –But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

    James 2:14 — What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him?

    James 2:17 — Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

    James 2:18 — But someone will say, “You have faith, and I have works.” Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.

    James 2:20 – – But do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead?

    James 2:24 — You see then that a man is justified by works, and not by faith only.

    James 2:25 — Likewise, was not Rahab the harlot also justified by works when she received the messengers and sent them out another way?

    James 2:26 — For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.


    Proverbs 25:26 — A righteous man who falters before the wicked
    Is like a murky spring and a polluted well.

    Psalms 82:3-4
    DEFEND the poor and fatherless;
    DO JUSTICE to the afflicted and needy.
    DELIVER the poor and needy;
    FREE THEM from the hand of the wicked.

    These are the works engaged in by many pre-1900s christians enough to cast out evil British tyrants and end the evils of slavery. Opposition to evildoers and other obligations we rarely see Christians engage in today having created the ‘Christ-void’ potentially leading to today’s shooting of a congressman and ultimately the pending destruction of America.

    Unless the pulpits of America end their editing the Word of God by failing to admonish their flocks of their obligation to represent Christ in society and government to the exclusion of evildoers and by aiding the needy, the ‘Christ-void’ created by lukewarm ear-tickling religion will enable evildoers to the point of America’s destruction. Not ‘God’s providence,’ but our not finding Christ worth representing.

    1. Unfortunately for America, I have to agree with everything you said. After contacting my pastor at my church in Oxnard, California using very respectful language and asking him to teach the portions of the Bible that command Christians to be ambassadors for Christ in Society and oppose corrupt Government officials, I was told that, “The pulpit will not be used as a tool for political campaigns.” A statement that had nothing to do with what I had written the pastor about. In other words, in order to not have to consider my request, the pastor responded to something I never wrote.

      After leaving this Oxnard Church I attended many Ventura County churches not looking for perfection, but just looking for a pastor not leaving out the parts of the Bible commanding Christians to take action. But no such church was available in Ventura County. So, I will now drive all the way out to the Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills where I hear there is a Great pastor who does not leave out the parts of the Bible commanding Christians to be ambassadors for Christ in government and oppose corruption. It’s a long drive, but if that’s what it takes to obey Christ, then it’s worth the time and investment in fuel.

      1. Please come to Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Newbury Park! Our pastor, Rob McCoy is also a member of our Thousand Oaks City Council…He regularly exhorts us to engage the culture; he has a degree in history and is very knowledgable about the Founding Fathers, too….He really knows how to explain the Scriptures…Our services on Sunday are at 9:00 and 11:00…Website is

  2. People better wake up to the the MASSIVE ISLAMIC JIHADI INFLUENCE OVER THE LEFT!!!

    Every tactic the “Left” now uses is EXACTLY what Islamists have been doing for centuries, including disguising their faces with Islamic head coverings….when in a minority islamists side with the WEAK, the undereducated, the misinformed and uninformed, they whine to them about victimhood, they promise to help them fight for their agenda, they incite protests which leads to vandalism, which leads to destruction of personal and public property, which escalates to physical violence, and eventually leads to murder. And we’re seeing that now!

    It is NOT just a socialist/communist NWO takeover. The Islamic pedophile prophet who made up Islam told his followers that the entire world belongs to them and to go out and take it, and RAPE was their reward for conquest. This refugee crap is a ruse!!! It’s called HIJRAH….JIHAD BY MASS MIGRATION!!! They believe their so-called savior won’t come UNTIL ALL INFIDELS, NON-MUSLIMS, UNBELIEVERS ARE FORCEFULLY CONVERTED, OR DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!!!!

    As long as Islamists are allowed to be in ANY GOVERNMENTAL agencies they will influence those gullible around them….just as the now corrupt UN has done. They have 193 member representatives, and over one third are ISLAMIC LIARS who have deceived nearly all the OTHER UNINFORMED representatives to believe the BS about Israel. Even a Saudi Prince said the land was given to the Jews. There are NO such people as Palestinians. Israel has been in that land over 4000 years. It’s NOT about the land…it’s about KILLING ALL JEWS, CHRISTIANS, BUDDHISTS, ATHEISTS, SIKHS, NON-MUSLIMS!!!

    Until Israel became a state again, the few Arabs who lived in the area did NOTHING to develop or take care of the land…it was desert and swamp land, muslims didn’t care about the al aqsa mosque (which was built on top of THE JEWISH TEMPLE MOUNT) and the MUSLIMS left it in total disrepair. When Israel became a state, the surrounding Muslim countries began attacking them! Israel has NEVER been the aggressor, but they WILL protect their people from SAVAGES.

    Even the interior minister of HAMAS was recorded screaming on the phone to Egyptian leaders that they weren’t Palestinians, they are all Egyptians, Syrians, Lebanese…and Egypt should be helping them. Islamists were instructed to LIE TO NON-MUSLIMS/KUFAR TO DECEIVE THEM, PROTECT THEMSELVES, AND FURTHER THE CAUSE OF THE BLOOD CULT OF ISLAM.

    Muslims have INVADED every campus in this country and vomited the same rhetoric on the naive, impressionable students, which has led many of them to become more and more antisemitic, more anti-government, more aggressive towards ANYONE who disagrees with them…and it will progress from there….the goal according to the Islamic leaders:



  3. 2Chronicles chp7 vs 14. Unless this nation returns to the real GOD it will only get worse and America will eventually end up like all other nations in the past; in the waste bin. As Jesus said in the new testament a house divided cannot stand. America is at a crossroad. Half the nation wants communism and socialism and the other half more or less follows the Republic/Democratic process the U.S. constitution enshrines. If you are a Christian follow 2Chronicles7/14 and encourage other Christians to do so as well.

  4. To Mike and Lorena, the first two comment posters in this forum:

    While you are quoting scripture and searching for a church to find a pastor who is preaching what you’re looking to hear, how much activism are you involved in? How much praying are you doing? What is your part as Christians to help bring a solution to the problems at hand? How much talk are you doing vs. how much walk you are doing? With all that is going on in our nation right now, how or where is your personal participation in bringing the answer which is “Christ in you the hope of glory” to our tumultuous nation? If no one else “seems” to be doing anything that Christ commissioned and commanded His people to do, you both can do something more than just talk. If you both do your part, that’s two more people Jesus can depend on to finish the work in the earth that He started. Criticizing and pointing out the flaws in the body of Christ whether right or wrong in our duty to address the current matters, doesn’t help the situation. YOU make sure that YOU are representing Christ Jesus well as one of His ambassadors to all in your sphere of influence and pray for the same body of Christ which you have the privilege to be a part of, and let Jesus, the Head of His body, deal with His body.

    There is enough work of the Lord to go around to every true disciple who will “deny themself, take up their cross daily, and follow Jesus.” Are you one of His true disciples?

    1. Dear Pamila Jenkins,

      Your criticism of me is welcome and I thank you for being respectful. Christians criticizing each other constructively and respectfully is called for in several places throughout Scriptures.

      You made the 2-part statement regarding (1) my ‘quoting scriptures’ and (2) Lorena’s comment about ‘finding a pastor who is preaching what you’re looking to hear,’ then (3) you included the question of “…how much activism are you involved in?”

      1) Scriptures I quote are directly relational to the cause of America’s existing morally, economically, and governmentaly emaciated condition – which is caused by a failure of many of the 98 million claiming Christ in America to lawfully represent Christ in society and government to the exclusion of evildoers. This, because most church leadership inundates Christians with a hyper-fixation on “saved by grace through faith alone,” talk of the rapture, and all the other blessings we are to truly be thankful for but must not be fixated upon at the expense of scriptures commanding Christians to represent Christ with works. Works that determine the extent to which God is glorified or offended, and works that determine the level of representation of Christ in society and government ultimately determining whether my children and grandchildren live as free men and women or are murdered by lucifers useful-pawn tyrants – who today are being massively empowered by Christian inaction.
      2) As for the portion of your comment regarding those searching “for a pastor who is preaching what you’re looking to hear.” Yes, there are those searching for a pastor teaching an UNEDITED version of the Word of God which includes the portions commanding us to lawfully oppose evildoers, aid the needy to the exclusion of government doing so, and fulfilling the great commission.
      (3) You are right to ask what I have been doing regarding activism. My multiple decades of activism includes far to much to list here. To be sure, I could today be an intensely wealthy person with great earthly security, had I simply been a ‘good lukewarm Christian’ by ‘talking Jesus and praying,’ but failing to represent Jesus in society and government. There are great earthly benefits to those who will do little of consequence to encourage Christians to do the things required to preserve protect and defend America to the glory of Christ – an effective ‘payoff by lucifer for inaction.’ Am I to be thanked or congratulated? Absolutely not! To desire such praise is to steal glory from Christ. The only congratulations I seek, it Is to hear “well done my good and faithful servant” when I meet Christ.

      You admonished me to, ”…let Jesus, the Head of His body, deal with His body.” If I understand you correctly in ‘letting Jesus deal with His body’ instead of me being involved, this would have me doing all I can do, but not to criticizing those claiming Christ in America when their failure to represent Christ in society and government has created a ‘Christ-void’ filled by lucifer and is useful-pawns placing America in a position of massively offending our God Who determines the fate of America, thereby bringing destruction upon our own children and grandchildren. Not biblical and therefore not an option.

      Consider contacting your church leadership and requesting they include a small segment every Sunday reminding their flocks of their obligation to lawfully represent Christ in society and government to the exclusion of evildoers, by aiding the needy, and fulfilling the great commission.

  5. What’s happening here is nothing short of satanic. The father of lies created false narratives (lies) to cover up their scandals in Benghazi and other, and to obstruct the new administration. They go from one lie to the next as truth drown them one by one. The media is like the beast that helps the anti Christ. The media dictates which scandals will flourish and which will fizzle and unfortunately, it sets the the agenda for justice in the land, what gets prosecuted and what not.

    The party that excluded God from their proceedings at their convention are furious that God is coming back into the White House, invited by a fresh new administration with a new vision. Satan is lashing out.

  6. Pamela:

    I’m not seeking a pastor to tell me what I want to hear, I’m seeking a pastor not leaving out portions of the bible telling us to take action to save America.

    You’re wrong when you say “let Jesus, the head of his body, deal with his body” as if Christians should not correct each other. The Apostle Paul commanded believers, “Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences CONTRARY TO THE DOCTERN which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; AND BY GOOD WORDS AND FAIR SPEACHES DECEIVE THE HEARTS OF THE SIMPLE” (Romans 16:17-18). This command could not be obeyed were it not right to judge church leaders by leaving it up to Jesus to “deal with his church body.” Church leaders will not be present when I am judged by God. God wants us to know His Word and then test all claiming to be teachers. Notice that it is the false teachers the bible warns make the “divisions,” and not those who protest against their false teaching. And these well-intended false teachers or deceivers are not serving Christ as they profess, because they serve “but their own belly.” We are to “mark them and avoid them.” As warned about in revelations, we are to separate ourselves from those claiming to be teachers who either add to the Word of God, or, minimize the importance of portions of the Word of God commanding christians to take action by overly focusing on the portions reminding us of the blessings we get out of Christianity.

    I want to be a member of a church focused on glorifying God with service. Though we are to thank God for blessings and pray, we are the created and must serve and glorify the creator through action, not just prayer.

    God bless you sister!

  7. It’s not hysteria to aim to eliminate the sick and depraved killers in the Republican Party and their stupid sheep who aspire to their own particular hatred and intolerance. You may have guns, but we have bioweapons, viruses, and nature itself as allies in fighting and defeating fascism, and Republican liars, thieves, and killers must be eliminated in God’s name.

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