How Christians View Trump and Pence … 6 Months Later

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Eighty-one percent of evangelicals voted for Trump to be president.

So, how do Christians view Trump and Pence 6 months after they’ve been in office?

With an unending and unrelenting assault by the media, entrenched institutions and partisan Democrats, how do evangelical Christians, or SAGE CONs, feel about President Trump and Vice President Pence?

(SAGE CON is an acronym for an evangelical Christian who is Spiritually Active, Governance Engaged Conservative.)

Here’s a quick view from the American Culture & Faith Institute.

President Trump:

  • 50% very favorable
  • 42% somewhat favorable
  • 5% somewhat unfavorable
  • 3% very unfavorable

Vice President Pence:

  • 87% very favorable
  • 10% somewhat favorable
  • 1% somewhat unfavorable
  • 1% very unfavorable
  • 1% don’t know enough

Have your views on the two men changed? Write me and let me know at

5 Comments on “How Christians View Trump and Pence … 6 Months Later”

    1. In the United States, impeachment at the federal level is limited to those who may have committed “high crimes and misdemeanors”. That’s in our Constitution. There are six different investigations that have been going on for over 7 months now on our President and his administration. That’s a lot of investigative man hours and millions of tax dollars. And all of these investigations have yet to find a crime. There are no grounds for impeachment. I suggest to all who are looking to impeach without cause, that they try something different…… Pray for our President & Vice President.
      If you want to complain about them, take it to the Him who placed them in authority. Romans 13:1-2 reads, “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. 2 Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves.”
      If you disagree with any of our leaders, pray that the Lord would change hearts. But, be ready, the heart that changes may be your own.

      Thank you Lord, please give us wisdom and discernment, especially during these times….in Jesus name!

  1. My views have not changed. I am glad I voted from Trump. My prayers are continually for his protection and wisdom as wow, is he under attack. Everything he says is twisted. And so much news is very definitely slanted and bias. It’s often hard to pick out the truth. I always consider the source… It obvious that he must be doing something right to have this unending, deliberate attack. Pray!!

  2. My views have not changed. The cabinet needs to get behind him and the FAKE NEWS channels should be band and shut down. The FAKE NEWS ( CNN ABC CBS MSNBC etc) is hurting AMERICA

  3. Men of conviction, standing for truth and justice, “leading from the front,” pro-life. These are characteristics that I look for and respect in leadership. President Trump and VP Pence are demonstrating the aforementioned characteristics. I support them more now than when they took office, especially after President Trump’s speech on Afghanistan last night! I haven’t heard a presidential speech that good since President Ronald Ragan. Whether you like them or not, we are called by God to pray for our leaders. May He grant them wisdom to govern “We the people.”

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