Repeal and Replace Nightmare: Who Is Hurt [Video]

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The real losers in the failure of the Senate to repeal and replace Obamacare are millions of Americans being hurt by that healthcare law, including those who:

  • Seeing their premiums skyrocket
  • Are experiencing ridiculously high deductibles
  • Lost their jobs
  • Were downgraded to part-time work
  • Lost their doctors
  • The 6.5 million fined each year by the IRS who don’t make enough to afford health insurance.
  • Lost their insurance and have only one choice (one-third of America’s counties have only one insurer on Obamacare exchanges)
  • Loss of medical innovations and breakthroughs as care becomes directed by bureaucrats
  • Loss of independent doctors and treatments as care is forced to be centralized
  • Longer waits and less doctor choices

“It’s the working men and women of America that were left behind,” said Sen. Ted Cruz. “There’s a great many Americans who feel a sense of betrayal that politicians stood up and made a promise to repeal Obamacare, then you vote for Obamacare, that’s not consistent.”

“Democrats will crow total victory for a collapsing and failing law that is Obamacare, and the media will write story after story about how Obamacare will remain even though it is failing and hurting millions of Americans.”

Watch his fiery talk to the press in this 6-minute video:

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5 Comments on “Repeal and Replace Nightmare: Who Is Hurt [Video]”

  1. If we don’t stop talking about ‘how bad this repeal is going and the obvious consequences, and begin talking about and remedying ‘WHY the repeal is being sabotaged from within the GOP,’ our children will end up inheriting tyranny from us instead of usable God given inalienable rights – because our nation cannot survive the critical-mass level of constitutional-deconstructionism going on here perpetuated by conservative-impostors providing fake-opposition to Democrats from within the GOP!

    First reality – the GOP is no longer conservative. This, because it no longer uses ‘the original intent of America’s amended constitution’ as its MEASURE FOR ELECTABILITY AND GOVERNANCE. This is why the GOP has, decades ago, joined the Democrats in taking turns ‘leading America down two paralleling paths toward the same destination of national-suicide.’ Anyone thinking either President(s) Bush, Newt Gingrich (Mr. NAFTA), Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, or TV personalities Charles Krauthammer, Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or the like are anything other than constitutional-schizophrenics claiming conservatism furthering the establishment agenda does not understand the definition for political conservatism within the context of our constitutional republic form of government.

    The only remedy available to keep ‘health care’ from becoming ‘government health control’ is the same remedy necessary to return the GOP to function conservatively. And that is to, on a daily basis, provide lawful high-pressure upon establishment conservative-impostor republicans to vote constitutionally. Which requires voting again on Rand Paul’s clean-repeal legislation and passing it. This, while simultaneously (lawfully) cleansing the GOP of constitutional deconstructionists.

    The GOP has become ‘the lesser of two mainstream America destroying political parties.’ The only remedy available is to vote out every GOP politician In the primary election not truly conservative as defined by ‘the original intent of Americas amended constitution’ – the very document they take their oath of office to ‘preserve, protect, and defend’ because it is the basis for our constitutional-republic’s rule of law.

    This means we must take time away from our crazy-busy lives to REPRESENT CHRIST WITHIN THE GOP AT THE COUNTY LEVEL. And if we continue in our excuses for failing to recognize the pathologies within the GOP then remedy them, we will be known by God as the generation having failed to represent Christ in government and society bringing tyranny upon our own children and grandchildren.

    We must take back leadership positions away from those empowering ‘establishment’ constitutional-deconstructionist candidates and their useful-pawns who infect the county and national GOP like a cancer.

  2. Ted Cruz is betraying all of us. And all of the republicans and and Donald Trump are betraying all of us too. They know that the Affordable care act as Obamacare. Is the law of the land. SO we need to get rid of Ted Cruz and the republicans and Donald Trump. By impeachment.

  3. I agree total with the Michael E’s comment, our children will inherited the Obama Health care nightmare which I consider to be just a Product being sold for Profit! When did Gov start deciding to make American buy anything and then make you pay penalty if you don’t go along with the plan, to me it’s Unconstitutional, and yes the Fake GOP elected needs to be tossed next Election .Had it up to my Neck!

  4. Responce to Bonnie Manzullo above:

    Like ObamaCare, lavery was once the ‘law of the land,’ and thankfully, enough Christians understanding their biblical obligation to represent Christ in opposition to evildoers arose to oppose the ‘slavery law of the land.’ Of course, there were more Christians as a percent of the population finding Christ worth representing in society and government before the 1900s. Today’s version of Christianity seems quite different.

    All your Democrat socialist/fascist talking-points aside, if you desire things like ObamaCare (government health control), you should consider moving down to Venezuela where the government makes all such choices for you under the pretense of fairness, equality, healthcare, and national security.

    Better wait for the Venezuelan democratic-socialist perspective dictator to finish taking over by force before you attempt to go there. You don’t want to be mistaken for someone opposing this tyrant, which can have you vanishing after ‘shock-troops’ remove you from your house. Just as happened in Venezuela today there when the incoming socialist dictator’s shock-troops arrested the opposition party leadership attempting to defeat him during the election..

    Back to reality – While federal law trumps state law, Marbury vs Madison (1803) affirmed that any law that is unconstitutional is null and void.

    Meaning, the ‘unaffordable healthcare act'( ObamaCare) is blatantly a socialist/facist-hybrid and therefor unconstitutional and is therefore null and void. The true problem being that, the Republican Party is so full of fake-conservatives there are to few true conservatives to uphold the Constitution anymore allowing democrat aspiring-tyrants to suceed.

    Couple of thoughts. It is the obligation of the states to nullify unconstitutional laws implemented by federal government like the unconstitutional ‘ObamaControl’ or federal gun control ( incremental citizen disarmament) laws.

    Add to all the above, the fact that the constitution provides congress a provision to override unconstitutional rulings by the Supreme Court in the event it becomes poisoned with constitutional deconstructionist, and we see that America’s entire constitutional-republic system is depended upon their existing enough Christians representing their God in government to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution – something that has not happened for over 100 years which is why we are now talking about ObamaCare repeal while the GOP establishment sabotages its repeal.

    Barack Obama as president represented much of what the establishment GOP has represented for 100 years – a fluctuating relationship between socialism (legalized theft), fascism and global-engineering hidden behind a veneer of claimed patriotism.

    Whether anti-2nd-Amendment laws or the deceitfully named ‘Affordable Healthcare Act’ they fall into the category of constitutional-deconstructionism. And they are not being repealed by RINO GOP members like McCain, Ryan, and McConnell – who should be in the Democrat party or unemployed.

    This constitutional deconstructionism needed to be remedied since before Heller vs. Washington D.C., when the Supreme Court had four of its nine members that apparently failed their junior high civics class and voted that we don’t have a right to keep and bear arms as a civilian, which goes against the very intent of the authors of our Bill of Rights. Of course, these constitutional-deconstructionists judges knew they were voting against the constitution, but they did not care as they are anti-American judicial activists.

    Today’s RINOs have tactically ignored the obvious fact that it is unconstitutional for federal government to manage healthcare nationally in any capacity.

  5. Federal government management of healthcare is not only unconstitutional, it turns healthcare into ‘health control.’

    Given that the democrat party is purely a mix of establishment orchestrated marxism, corporate-fascism (not all corporations are problematic) and globalism, and the GOP is controlled by the same establishment as are democrats (with the exception of about 10% who the establishment demonizes), and with the mainstream media including Fox being controlled by the same establishment cult giving their establishment fake-conservatives cover, truth is hard to come by.

    Americans have no idea about health-care. Once the profit imperative was introduced in the US in the early 70’s the system was doomed to collapse via rampant ‘rent’ extraction via crony capitalism. There will be no reform only collapse. The comment about having a ‘market’ is absurd. A leading US free market economist – Kenneth J Arrow in 1963 modeled the health care system and found that a market was not possible for a number of reasons and those reasons are still very relevant today. Health service provision is ‘public good’. The insurance companies only add cost and no value. Together with no national drug procurement strategy this adds hundreds of billions in costs. It’s all been set up to fleece the US taxpayer.

    All of which is only occurring because GOP voters will not invest the time necessary to save their own nation from destruction by voting-out every chameleon-type fake-conservative from the GOP. How hard is it to look at their voting records while understanding that IF CONGRESSMEN AND THE PRESIDENT DON’T VOTE CONSTITUTIONALLY, THEY ARE FAKE-CONSERVATIVES!

    Want to know which GOP congressmen are conservative verses ‘chameleon-like fakes’? Here’s a great weblink where congressional voting records are held up to the constitution and used to create an index rating of whether or not individual congressmen honored their oath to the constitution: .

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