Pro-Life Army Secretary, Activists Criticize

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Tennessee State Sen. Mark Green (R-Clarksville) may be the next secretary of the Army. He is an evangelical Christian, and was the medic for the special operations team that captured Saddam Hussein.

Green wrote a book about the mission called A Night with Saddam.

The nomination, however, is drawing criticism from liberal groups. They are pointing to Green’s legislative history as a state senator, in which he sponsored a bill that would have protected business owners from having to violate their moral or religious conscience and involuntarily participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies.

One of Greens tweets: “President Reagan’s legacy as a bold conservative leader is one I strive to live up to. ‘Man is not free unless government is limited.’”

The prayer team in the White House is expanding!

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2 Comments on “Pro-Life Army Secretary, Activists Criticize”

  1. one can only hope he can withstand the criticism. It seems unconscionable to me that anyone regardless of whether they are religious of not would be required by law to participate in something they find immoral

  2. God bless Mr Green, who is like the spring after the winter of prez “Oh Bummers” anti morality agenda. May this man of God, Mark Green, stand tall, knowing he is a righteous Psalm 1 man. May the critics’ mouth be shut like the lions in the den of Daniel.

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