Pastor John MacArthur Under Fire: Stands Firm [Must see video]

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Pastor John MacArthur stood firm.

When he announced he was opening his church “illegally” the forces of evil blew up.

· The media attacked him

· The politicians and bureaucrats attacked him.

· Even some “Christian” pastors attacked him.

But he stood firm.

Remember, Dr. MacArthur, joining thousands of other churches opening their doors in the face of anti-Christian politicians and bureaucrats did so knowing he was being thrown into politics.

Politics is something he avoided for years.

But, no more. Watch this powerful video – about 3 minutes. Where he explains…

· Why he opened his church, Grace Community Church

· His answer to his critics

· Proclaiming the gospel for millions to hear

Also, if you missed our controversial article on Dr. MacArthur’s theological manifesto on opening the church, read it here.

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