Pandemic Tyranny: Is Forcing Everyone to Have a “Vaccine Passport” Just the First Step? 6 Disturbing Things You Should Know

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Have a COVID vaccine or the government won’t let you travel.

That’s what is being pushed by bureaucrats in the Biden administration.

Whether you love taking the COVID-19 vaccine or don’t wish to take it, in a free society you have choice.

Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, libertarian or Christian, allowing people choice is the foundation of America.  But some want everyone to obey the government and to have no choice.

Here are 6 disturbing things you should know:

1. The government bureaucrats want you to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccine before you travel by air, train or bus.

England and a few other countries are starting to require COVID vaccine passports.

Some of the bureaucrats in the Biden administration want this to happen in the U.S.

They are looking at putting firm pressure on the airlines, or having Biden sign a mandate, or having the Transportation Department set regulations.

2. “Vaccine passports” violate our freedom of choice.

In the name of “safety” bureaucrats now want to limit your freedom of choice between taking a vaccine or not.

You may like the COVID vaccination. You may wish everyone took it.

That’s fine.

But don’t take away another’s freedom of choice.

In a free society you choose, not the government.

Just the first step?

It is likely once “passport vaccines” are in place, you will need the “vaccine passport” to go to a sports event, concert, museum – anything public.

How about school or work? To a large store?

3. Vaccine passports are the rise of statism.

The “vaccination passport” is another big step towards the surveillance state where your privacy is invaded and your movements tracked.

4. Your phone will most likely be your “vaccination passport.”

Your phone already has the ability to be used for vaccine verification by an app.

And if you received a vaccination, it is being logged by the National Immunization Vaccination System.

If you don’t have a vaccination, it’s still tracking you.

5. The World Economic Forum is pushing for a universal app.

Big tech, the world’s biggest corporations and the most wealthy elite are part of the World Economic Forum.

The WEF creates direction for government actions – usually for a government action from a socialist worldview.

They are pushing the “Common Pass” app.

The app has your medical data and projects a QR code to be used to prove you’re “approved.”

6. The collectivist move toward a high tech “health passport” advances a surveillance state bureaucracy.

In the name of safety, you are being asked to give up your privacy, violate the conscience of those who disagree and give up your freedom for social approval based on bureaucratic consensus:

Health officials’ fascism.

Technocratic fascism.

Bureaucratic fascism.

It is violating the foundation of a free society.

Click HERE to watch a Fox News video about 2-minutes.

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6 Comments on “Pandemic Tyranny: Is Forcing Everyone to Have a “Vaccine Passport” Just the First Step? 6 Disturbing Things You Should Know”

  1. The first big step has gone unnoticed. We already now need a federal ID to travel by air from state to state. Why has No-one objected? What’s next? By train or bus? By proving you filed taxes? The vaccine passport is visible to you; what about a flu shot or the dozens of other contagious diseases?

  2. what can we do about it?

    also, i am contacting organizations who are interested in joining a collation and gather petitions to begin a class action lawsuit against possibly the supreme court for not hearing and examining the election fraud.
    we simply cannot allow this illegal and unconstitutional administration to get away with these criminal acts.
    Biden DID NOT WIN and everybody knows it. we cannot let this go on.
    please help,
    God Bless you
    Catherine Robinson

  3. While this vaccination is not anything I agree with on the surface it is certainly not the Mark of the beast but more like a stage setting event along with many things we have to put up with anyway. Here in Israel the passport thing is a concern with many Jews who do not believe in vaccinations as well as my Christian daughter in the Marine Corps who is an officer and she feels the pressure of the vaccination mantra, her thing is not while she’s nursing her third child.

  4. It’s amazing the attitude and shaming for questioning the vaccine, masks, the election results, racism and more. Imagine the pressure for trib saints to take the mark later. I am in no way comparing the vaccine to the mark. Although I think this is a pre-curser. And I take flu vaccine, and really the only reason I question the COVID vaccine is the lack of research and some reported, (or unreported), side effects. The fetal cell generation are far removed now, but I understand that is a concern for some. (FYI , I’m pro life). It seems all the deceptions and corruption, and narratives all come as a package. A leftist, ant-Christ, anti family package and from one party. The death rates from COVID do not seem to justify the fear and economic shutdowns we have endured. The left states have definitely hoisted their true colors on this one. Here in Israel, the green pass is needed to dine in, and go to the gym and other venues. As an American, who travels a lot, I’ll have a decision to make.

  5. Sorry to correct you but England isn’t a country, and hasn’t been since 1707 AD. I think you mean the United Kingdom (UK). In any case, the UK doesn’t currently require a “vaccine passport”; an app is currently being used by some for international travel. If the UK government introduces a “vaccine passport” for domestic purposes you can be sure the country will move toward civil war.

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