Obamacare: Repeal and Replace Can’t Wait Any Longer [Video]

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While both the House and Senate battle over changes to their proposed versions of the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare’s exchanges are disintegrating.

Many health companies have opted out of the government-run, bureaucratic bloated healthcare system that has seen premiums skyrocket.

Between 2016 and 2017, insurance company participation in the exchanges fell by nearly a quarter.

As a result, more than one in five exchange customers had only a single insurer to choose from this year.

It will be even worse next year if a new plan isn’t adopted. More insurers are heading for the exits.

Earlier this year, Humana announced it would stop selling coverage on Obamacare’s online marketplaces in 2018.

Health-insurer Aetna followed suit in May, citing expected losses of $200 million this year.

Aetna claims it has lost $700 million on the exchanges between 2014 and 2016.

As many customers are asking, what good is even a few providers if you can’t afford any of them?

Here are some price hikes exchange insurers are asking for in 2018:

  • Maryland, 45 percent
  • Virginia, 31 percent
  • Connecticut, 24 percent
  • Oregon, 7 of 8 insurers have asked for double-digit increases.

Rates are already high. To show you how bad this is, a recent report from the Department of Health and Human services found the average 2017 premiums on the HealthCare.gov federal exchange were 105 percent higher that individual market rates in 2013 before Obamacare.

Did you get that? A whopping 105 percent increase.

Despite promises that Obamacare would cut a family’s premium by $2,500 a year, average premiums more than doubled. Some states saw premiums triple in cost.

In 2013, the average monthly premium was $224. By 2017 it doubled to $476.

Projected enrollments, which would help fund the Affordable Care Act, always miss the mark.

It was estimated in 2010 that 23 million Americans would be covered through the exchanges in 2017.

By 2016, after subpar annual enrollments, the Congressional Budget Office lowered its estimate this year to 15 million.

But only 12.2 million actually signed up for 2017, fewer than 2016.

Obamacare is dying. Enter the House GOP’s American Health Care Act, and the Senate’s Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017.

While not complete repeals, both are big steps in the right direction.

Both proposals would:

  • Repeal both the individual and employer mandates.
  • Allows states to opt out of some of Obamacare’s costly regulations.

The House bill would end Medicaid expansion in 2020. The Senate version, allows for Medicaid expansion for 3 years.

Both versions allow for children to stay on their parents’ insurance until they are 26.

Coverage for pre-existing conditions is still being hammered out.

Repeal and replace Obamacare for these reasons:

  1. Lower rates by competition
  2. Lower premiums, making care affordable
  3. Healthcare financed on your needs
  4. Pleasant doctor care
  5. Quick appointments
  6. Personal choices for insurance
  7. Forcing religious people to pay for abortion
  8. Care based on need
  9. Millions keep or get better insurance

Keep Obamacare if you want:

  1. Higher double-digit rates that continue to climb
  2. Higher premiums, making care unaffordable
  3. Healthcare focused on bureaucrats and the big health industry
  4. Impersonal care
  5. Rationed care
  6. Longer and longer appointment times
  7. No or little choice
  8. Allow people to choose non-abortion policies
  9. Care based on review panels
  10. Millions kicked off plans as providers dwindle

Those advocating Universal coverage know it means less care.

Since the growing health bureaucracy must be well fed, the answer is to cut services creating less care and longer wait times.

There will be no medical bills to pay after a service, good or bad, only taxes in advance.

Watch this enlightening video of “victims of Obamacare” who met with President Trump. Click here.

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3 Comments on “Obamacare: Repeal and Replace Can’t Wait Any Longer [Video]”

  1. I want Obamacare dead and buried. If the Senate does nothing, it will die a long and painful death, but with a horrendous political price to the Republicans, mainly because they’ve accepted the premise that health insurance is a responsibility of government. Senators: Please stand and repeal the whole thing, or let it die. Any remnant left living will re-root and choke us, or our children.
    By allowing the Constitution to wither away under polite collectivism, congress has yielded the playing field to the socialists, such that personal responsibility for ourselves and towards known others is an unrecognizable concept. May freedom arise from the ashes of the multiple thousands of pages of healthcare regulations.

  2. First let me say, BILL DAVIES (author of the comment above this one) FOR PRESIDENT! I don’t know Bill, but Bill clearly understands that Americas survival is fully dependent on returning GOP to being ‘the party of the Constitution.’

    The federal government has absolutely no constitutional authority to manage healthcare under any pretense.

    The House GOP’s ‘American Health Care Act,’ and the Senate’s ‘Better Care Reconciliation Act’ of 2017 represent another con-job by ‘establishment’ republican conservative-impostors – and is sure to cause many true conservatives to stay home when Trump is up for reelection.

    Conservative-impostors infecting the GOP are tactically repealing a portion of democrat-socialist’s ‘government health control’ knowing they will never repeal it all though they could. This, so they’re dialectical democrat accomplices can restore it later. How do I know that will occurred? Because the past century evidences a continual pattern of ‘establishment’ democrats passing unconstitutional legislation deconstructing our constitutional-republic form of government. Then, when the GOP achieves a congressional majority and the presidency simultaneously, ‘establishment’ conservative-impostors infecting the GOP provide fake-opposition to Democrats by not fully repealing unconstitutional Democrat legislation – while always claiming they are ‘taking steps in the right direction.’

    When democrats attain a congressional majority and the presidency simultaneously, their commitment to their socialist anti-American agenda makes the GOP commitment to ‘conservatism’ look like a sick-joke.

    Congress should be working to repeal all federal interference in healthcare, including by shutting down the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which raises the cost of medicine, denies Americans access to effective treatments, and prevents individuals from engaging in cost-effective ways to improve their health.

    Restore the GOP to being the party of the Constitution! Start by expelling our conservative-imposter House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader, then busy ourselves providing lawful pressure upon the Trump administration to honor their oath of office to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution by fully repealing ‘Government health control’ immediately!

  3. seemngly all the legislators are talking about is more government control of our lives “We (government) will help the american people where is individual liberty market place solutions No where to be found good for the freedom cacus who stood firm anne

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