How Obamacare is Hurting Patients and the Economy [3 Hidden Dangers]

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When you hear someone say, “the devil is in the details,” they’re probably talking about Obamacare.

It’s a national health plan that has all but unraveled.

The health and wellness of patients is being hurt as the Obamacare medical bureaucracy explodes.

For you and your family it means:

  • Less personal care
  • More tax monies going to the bureaucracy than to patient health care
  • More costs to businesses, hurting jobs and losing income.

For example, over half of health service workers in California are administrators, up from one-third before Obamacare.

From the implementation of Obamacare through last December, health service jobs grew 3.4 percent annually. Non-health jobs only grew 2.8 percent.

In essence, inflated government bureaucrat jobs increase under liberal state governments. And once again, you the patient and small business suffers.

By the end of July 2007, nationwide health and social services employed 1.7 million people. It created and ADDED 517,000 jobs by the end of last year, which totals 2.2 million government jobs in the health and social services sector.

It’s a horrific increase of near 30 percent of health and social services government jobs! And it’s all due to bloated and ineffective Obamacare.

Not surprisingly, California continues to create and add more government jobs in the health and social service sector, accounting for almost half of the job growth in the state.

Here’s three important hidden dangers about the bloated bureaucracy:

  1. The nature of bureaucracy is to grow itself at the expense of everyone else.
  2. The nature of bureaucracy is to create inefficiency and poor service (just as you see at the DMV and postal service.)
  3. The nature of bureaucracy is the opposite of what you need for the best health care possible.

The “devil is in the details” indeed!

The more we learn about it, the worse it gets.

It brings to mind Ephesians 5:15 – “Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise.”

We need to “wise up” about the pitfalls of Obamacare.

  • This is not good for you or your family’s health.
  • It’s a distortion of really helping improve health care.
  • Bureaucratic programs only fail and create unintended consequences.

Let’s replace it completely, based on proven free-market principles.

It’s time to repeal and replace now!

4 Comments on “How Obamacare is Hurting Patients and the Economy [3 Hidden Dangers]”

  1. ‘Obama Care’ has never been about healthcare and has always been about health-control.

    Decades ago ‘establishment’ corporate-con-artist created a pretense for large corporations to take control of much of healthcare knowing they would trash healthcare to the extent government would have a pretense with which to ‘save healthcare’ and take control. Then, ‘establishment’ constitutional-deconstructionists in government take control of healthcare creating a fascist-hybrid system by forcing citizens into choosing a government approved health-corporation, knowing this system will fail leaving government in direct control of healthcare. All of which is overtly unconstitutional regardless of what constitutional-deconstructionists poisoning the Supreme Court claim.

    Now, because the GOP is infected like a cancer with ‘establishment’ conservative-impostors, our GOP House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader, along with other RINOs are duping GOP voters into accepting a less horrible yet still unconstitutional version of ‘government managed fascist-hybrid health-control system.’ Something easily changed to full government control when democrat-marxists lie their way back into power.

    Trump, and the GOP should have honored the oath they took to the constitution by:
    1) First making clear that any federal management of healthcare not related to the military is unconstitutional and shall be returned 100% to localities and the states.
    2) Implemented legislation to get #1 above done immediately.

    The reason #’s 1 & 2 are not happening is that Trump (who I voted for) is not ‘establishment’ but is a constitutional-deconstructionist and the GOP is a mixture of ‘establishment’ conservative-impostors, useful-pawns of the establishment, and a few constitutionalists who are demonized.

    Until the pulpits of America return to admonishing their flocks to represent Christ in government by electing godly constitutionalists, and GOP voters return to using ‘the original intent of our amended constitution’ as its MEASURE for electability and governance, unconstitutional government will continue destroying America – faster with democrats and slower with conservative-impostors.

    Those of us who voted for Trump should be contacting him demanding he govern according to the original intent of America’s amended constitution and stop being ‘played’ by establishment RINOs. Also, at the county level, the GOP must be lawfully/peacefully cleansed of the constitutional-deconstructionists and outright conservative-impostor ‘establishment’ con-artists who have it functioning as ‘the lessor of two America destroying mainstream political parties.’

  2. SEE:

    As expected, today (6/22) our fake-conservative House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader have joined with other fake-conservatives making sure ObamaCare (government health control) is not repealed. And no, this is not ‘the 1st step toward repeal’!

    If House Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell were not fake-conservatives, they would have made clear the obvious – that federal government managing healthcare is absolutely unconstitutional. Then, they would have created legislation fully repealing federal government management of healthcare in any capacity.

    The Constitution mentions ‘enemies foreign and domestic.’ Based on the evidence of the past century, the primary ‘domestic enemy’ of America is establishment-democrats and establishment-republican conservative-impostors pretending to be opposing parties. The establishment Republicans making sure the socialism, fascism, and globalism implemented by democrats is rarely repealed so America can be brought back to its constitutional-republic form of government.

    Enough of the establishment-democrat versus establishment-republican kabuki-theater! Establishment republicans are providing fake-opposition for their Democrat accomplices and must be replaced by godly constitutionalist during GOP primary elections.

  3. I was a Democrat who switched to the GOP because the democrat party moved from being liberal to socialist, fascist, and violent marxist, while at the same time the GOP became liberal with some socialism – proven by this bogus Obamacare repeal bill they are selling GOP voters.

    After reading that the GOP was once the party of the constitution I studied the constitution and many founding documents. Now it is clear that the GOP is highly corrupted with those talking about the constitution, conservatism and christianity, but blowing-off the constitution and are now the party ruining America to a lesser extent than Democrats.

    The problem being, Republican voters seem to think America can be saved by electing GOP politicians who talk conservative but do not follow the constitution and are not as obviously ruining America compared to Democrats.

    It’s stunning GOP voters can’t see that federal government controlling healthcare in anyway is obviously unconstitutional, and any GOP politician voting for this should be removed next election cycle.

    If GOP politicians aren’t following the Constitution then they are not conservative!

  4. This short piece explains why healthcare is so expensive and why the ACA just exacerbated the problem instead of helping… just a few minutes and worth the view… go to YouTube… search Prager U Why Is Healthcare So Expensive

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