Obama Spying on Trump/Russia: cutting through the confusion [video and 7 reality checks]

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Local, cable and national news is a constant stream of misinformation and attacks on Trump, Congressman Nunes and Conservatives

It’s vicious

It’s unfair

It’s not balanced

The media is ignoring or down playing the Obama Administrations illegal, unconstitutional and unethical spying on its political opponents – Trump.

And the entire Russia spying and campaign manipulation outcry is believed by millions, but is innuendo and no substance. It is being done with one purpose: to delegitimize Trump and destroy his integrity, credibility and policies.

Here are 7 reality checks on this issue:

  1. The Obama Administration monitored the Trump campaign and transition team on matters unrelated to Russia.

In violation of the law, the identities of U.S. citizens were revealed in the intelligence data and widely circulated throughout the government.

  1. Obama confident Susan Rice was the one who ordered the information to destroy Trump.
  2. The mainstream media and much of Facebook is ignoring or mocking all the above
  3. We cannot trust government – including the CIA, NSA and intelligence agencies to be honest, nor to act only within the limitations placed on it.

Government power can, and will, be abused.

That is why the framers of our constitution set up checks and balances and why the government should be small and local.

  1. We also know that our enemies such as Russia, Iran and China are willing to do anything they can to destroy, create confusion or interfere with our government and way of life.

Liberty is a threat to collectivism and dictatorships. That’s why we have national defense.

  1. Russia has a network for over 100 years to create disinformation and control events. It’s good for people to see really what happened…
  2. Russia did not affect the outcome of the election. Russia does not control Trump.

Powerful, short insight on Fact vs fiction – including the “16 agencies” myth. Click here. http://video.foxnews.com/v/5379845321001/?#sp=show-clips

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5 Comments on “Obama Spying on Trump/Russia: cutting through the confusion [video and 7 reality checks]”

  1. Actually, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Years ago we voters were cajoled into believing that “Professional” career politicians would be able to represent us more efficiently; with “experience” on their side, they could “Bring home the bacon” among other “Goodies”. Instead they became evermore interested in the CYA kind of voting, catering to “special interests for re-election money instead of representing their constituents, always promising that the next term would bring what they hadn’t delivered the previous term. In the process they slowly gave away their legislative power by “allowing” the creation of Executive departments that would make the tough decisions that might have interfered with their getting re-elected. Regulations were slowly heaped upon us until now we are like the frog in water being brought to boil, slowly adjusting to the additional “heat” until our “Goose” has almost been cooked, by a President, part of a Progressive Socialist conspiracy intent on relieving us of the “Bother” of making our own decisions. Hopefully we have just elected a “Leader” who will have the “Eyes” to see how to reverse the whole series of mistakes in judgment made that has brought this “Last Great Hope of Mankind” to this point of near collapse that is our present state, largely being governed by a nearly invisible,and silently run “Deep State” that like a boa constrictor is putting the “squeeze” on us already nearly to the point of extinction.
    Albert E. Gilding Sr. Author of “The Exodus According to “G”, The Bible is a Parable,” among others.

  2. A bigger issue is nothing will ever get resolved because the Dem side does not believe any such laws exists that were broken and will use case law to win their case. The Rep side is weak and Pres Trump hasn’t cleaned the swamp so they are still there working their “magic” to destroy all that could be well in this world (so to speak). I work in the legal field and speaking with an attorney with 50 years experience stated Susan Rice did not break any laws, there is no evidence anywhere, and an investigation of Trump & Russian is on going because they know there’s a connection. This is the mindset of not only “the other side” but worst yet, the legal scholars and this person is a very practiced/skilled atty. So where is our hope with all this horrific demonic power being quashed…keep praying everyone, don’t stop because there is power in prayer and it is truly our only hope!

    1. To your point when stating “the Dem side does not believe any such laws exists.” While this is generally true, the reason it is true is the democrat party has transitioned from being ‘JFK-type liberals’ to today being constitutional-deconstructionist, moral relativists, collectivists using Marxist demonization tactics (silence messengers of truth), and globalist. In this, the original intent of the law is necessarily sacrificed in favor of implementing their anti-Judeo/Christian and humanist worldview. The remedy would be having enough true Christian , politicians, judges, lawyers, etc., to overcome these manipulators and deceivers with representation of Christ. But the Christianity that once oppose tyrants and fought to end slavery is now along for the ride toward America’s destruction.

      Establishment democrat politicians and their comrades posing as ‘conservatives’ poisoning the GOP are 100% about tactics in achieving their agenda. Meaning, ‘the end justifies the means’ for them. 2-Corinthians 11:14-15 — “For Satan [lucifer] himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.” This being true, we must use biblical absolutes as our measure to discern between those claiming ‘good intentions’ in government including the Judiciary, and lawfully oppose and or remove them if we find they are part of the group deconstructing America under the number of pretenses currently being used.

  3. Oh Gosh. More right wing extremist viewpoints with no true backing. Sorry, the mainstream media at least has some proof for what they say. You, none. Sorry, some things are true others or not and Christian conservatives are not always right because you are Christians.

  4. James E Becker:

    I have a sincere question regarding your comment. Since you mentioned the problem of having “no true backing,” what do you mean by “right wing extremist”? The reason I ask, is that ‘right wing’ and ‘extremist’ have become such relative concepts it is challenging to establish the intent of anyone using them. Moreover, global socialists, neo-Marxist, and fascist using demonization based labels like “right wing extremist” seem to tactically apply such labels to anyone politically and socially to ‘the right’ of past tyrants and masters of democide Lennon, Stalin, Mao, or Marx. The tactic of demonizing and applying labels to silence those speaking truth by placing them on the defensive seems to only work in high schools and colleges these days where collectivists agitators and Marxist professors socially and politically ‘whip useful-pawns into an emotions and feelings based frenzy,’ then direct their misguided energies toward silencing ‘messengers of truth’ like Christians.

    And while you attempt to avoid meaningful dialogue with labels and demonization, I would respectfully caution you about the company you may keep. This, because if you do keep socialist, marxist, anarchist, or fascist company, a quick study of history will prove your camaraderie based in perceived fairness, equality, and security may be short lived. This, as self-preservation for perspective tyrants merchandising a humanist collectivist utopia always eventually requires they ‘eat their own’ to eliminate future threats to their control (See: https://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/MURDER.HTM).

    If you can set aside the baseless labels and assertions in favor of serious dialogue based in evidence, please advise as I would sincerely welcome such dialogue. I have been wrong before, and welcome evidence of my need to correct error in my believes. But that would be evidence, not mere labels and demonization.

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