Governor Newsom Lied to America — California is Not Free and Not a Better Place to Live: 10 Things He Doesn’t Want You to Know [VIDEO]

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No Gavin Newsom: People in California Are Not Free.

Gavin Newsom just lied to America.

Let me tell you 10 reasons California is not “free”.

I know. I lived there all my life, until I was forced to leave about three years ago.

Californians are under oppression and control of the heavy hand of government.

First, what is freedom?

According to the dictionary, freedom is defined as “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Freedom is the right to be an individual.”

Americans are blessed to have our freedoms because of rights outlined in the Constitution of the United States.

The Founding Fathers believed that freedom was a natural right bestowed upon us from God — Rights that no man or government could take away from us.

They defined our freedoms in the form of rights protecting speech, religion, the press, assembly, and the right to bear arms, to name a few.

These God-given rights are what guarantees our freedoms. Privileges are given by the government and can be denied or taken away. That’s the history of government throughout history… Until the U.S. Constitution restrained government.

Freedom is when you can do what you want without infringing on the rights of others.

It’s opposite of oppressive governments such as China, Cuba, and Venezuela.

It’s what has created the most prosperous nation in history and the world.

It’s what has been a beacon of hope to the oppressed worldwide.

However, Governor Newsom just lied to America about California.

Even his supporters can’t believe he said it.

Newsom said to the people of Florida (in a commercial shared below) — “Come to California… It’s “freer” than Florida” — Pure fantasy.

In reality, California is a socialist state — Collectivism has crushed individualism.

The government-controlled economy, and statism of Governor Newsom and his socialist legislature has crushed Individual freedom and choices.

The idea that the people of California are “freer” than Florida, is nonsense. Anyone who has lived there and moved from California to a free state such as Texas, Arizona, Tennessee, South Dakota, Idaho, Montana, Wisconsin, and of course Florida, among others, will tell you how ludicrous Gavin Newsom’s TV commercial running in Florida is.

The TV commercial says, “It’s Independence Day. Let’s talk about what’s going on in America. I urge all of you living in Florida to join the fight. Freedom is under attack in your state. Republican leaders are banning books and making it harder to vote. Join us in California, where we still believe in freedom.”

[See full video below]

It’s like people in the old Soviet Union or Communist China claiming that they have “freedom”. Ask anyone in East Berlin during the cold war if they had freedom.

Governor Newsom: You live in delusion and lies, or you wish to mislead people down the rabbit hole into a false reality as you run for president.

California has the poorest ratings when it comes to schools, poverty, roads, homelessness, crime, energy, business climate (51st worst), economy, gas and energy prices, and regulations.

Let me explain why California is less free than Florida… and the free states in the United States of America.

Here are just 10 reasons I’ll list, although I could list many more.

1) Oppression: Business- Regulation, CA ranks as the 51st worst state to do business in (D.C. was included). Before, during, and after the pandemic, California is at war with businesses—especially small businesses. It’s California’s crippling regulations that forced me to move my business to Tennessee. It’s burdensome regulations that destroy dreams and jobs. It’s regulation that’s killing the 45,000 truckers right now, and the supply chains at the California ports. Over 5 businesses leave a week — Even big ones like Oracle, Toyota, Charles Schwab, Tesla, and more.

2) Oppression: Taxes– California has some of the highest state income 13.3%-16.8%, and highest property tax rates. On top of that it has a 0.49% wealth tax, an 8.1% sales tax, and the 2nd highest capital gains tax in the world.

3) Oppression: High Costs of living — California has the nation’s third-highest cost of living index at 142.2. It’s impossible for lower income, middle income, and retirees to live well paying up to 40% more just to live.

4) Oppression: Homeless Danger — California is ranked #1 in homeless with about 25% of the nations homeless.

5) Oppression: Rising crime rates —California’s violent crime rate ranked 16th nationwide and was higher than the national rate of 387 per 100,000 residents. California law has destroyed the police and a crime spike is spreading throughout the state.

6) Oppression: Religious Freedom — California imposed oppressive unconstitutional restrictions on religious institutions during COVID, locking down churches. It was so bad the Supreme Court ruled that “California can no longer continue with a ban on indoor church services put in place to fight to the coronavirus pandemic.” The restrictions were so bad that they even placed restrictions on worship inside churches, and prayer and bible studies in homes.

7) Oppression:  of the Retired — California ranks 48 out of 50 for worst state for retirees. It has the second highest cost of living of any state for retirees.

8) Oppression: Worker’s Choice (FL is a right to work state) — California is not a right-to-work state. In right-to-work states, an employer can’t force you join a union if you want to work for a unionized company. In California, a unionized company (or state job) can force you to join a union. Worse California outlawed even contract workers.

9) Oppression: School Choice — California ranked #50 among states for in person school attendees. California politicians are against school choice and homeschooling. CA directs fewer resources to education than most states.

10) Oppression: Rights of the Unborn — CA supports abortion, without parental consent or even knowledge. In fact, there is no date as to when a pregnancy may be terminated — so unlimited, barbaric partial birth abortion… And if the baby is accidentally born alive — Kill it. Recently, Gov Newsom has invited women from across the country to come to CA to have their free taxpayer supported abortions.

I can go on and on, but the truth is, California for all its resources, beauty, potential and diversity is America’s #1 failed state… and it gets worse every daily.

To view Gov Newsom’s “California is Free” TV spot, click HERE.

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6 Comments on “Governor Newsom Lied to America — California is Not Free and Not a Better Place to Live: 10 Things He Doesn’t Want You to Know [VIDEO]”

  1. Thanks! This truth should hurt anyone voting for Gavin Newsom! It seems to get worse all the time!

  2. It’s Nuisilini or Gruesome Newsom. I only stay because I don’t have enough to retire or move and HAVE TO keep working.

  3. So true, I’ve lived in California almost all of my life, now at age 87 I would love to leave the no longer “Golden State.” It is a mockery to say this is a free State. It is not only an unfree place but a dangerous one for people who want to live a normal decent life. With the overrun of aggressive homeless encampments even on sidewalks where they do drugs and gross activities, and often acost passerbys for money or just to harass them. The violence against innocent victims even in their own homes or cars happens daily. The border crises continues with illegal arrivals daily bring drugs, disease and more violence to add to the mix. The high cost of everything, from gas, groceries and living expenses hurts everyone and especially we who live on limited income. We often have to make the choice of food or medicine. Life has become very hard in California.

  4. It is sad that California has deteriorated from what it once was. I have lived here for 45 years after moving from Michigan and despite the unfavorable but hopefully reversible changes, as a result of the Lord’s help, do not care to move. True, Newsom has lied to America about California, but other states also have similar problems. It is the administration’s policy of open borders that is allowing bands of illegals to enter the US not only at the California border, but also at the borders of Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico who are then relocated to the interior of the country. Due to this administration’s policies, all America is having a more difficult way of life. The point is, it would also be beneficial to hear opposing sides of the story as I am concerned that this totally negative presentation of California smacks of the journalistic approach of the one-sided presentation of the “fake news”. Prayer for the return of a God-centered government, who follows the Constitution is the solution to California and America’s current crises.

  5. I agree with B. L.! I know things aren’t great here in California but things are deteriorating everywhere in the U.S. At least when California was first inundated with illegals, the illegals had the good manners to sneak in under the cover of darkness. Now they wade across the Rio Grande in broad daylight and they are welcomed with cell phones, walking around money and a free trip to the state of their choice. This is in Texas. Texans like to think of themselves as rootin’tootin’ gunslinging, Remember the Alamo types but they sure are not down at the border trying to staunch the tide. The best their Republican governor can do is send occasional busloads of illegals to D.C. which is fun for chuckles but is a drop in the bucket.

    I cannot imagine the mockery and downright disdain California would have gotten if the Uvalde, Texas school massacre had happened here! Heck, they would have screamed to have California kicked out of the union.

    That said, I will agree that the business climate in California is horrendously awful. My husband runs a family business here and the ridiculous demands he gets from the state (usually for environmental reasons) are a burden. I wouldn’t want to start a business here.

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