Forcing People to Get a Vaccination or Get Fired – 5 Things You Should Know if You Don’t Want the Vaccine and Do Want to Keep Your Job

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Across American in the oppressive states, people are being forced to get a vaccination even if they don’t want to by the state governments.

Even in the free states, federal government bureaucrats and pro-socialist companies are also requiring it.

Here are 5 things you should know:

1. If you don’t want the shot, you have legal options.

First, watch my 46-minute podcast with Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute to see your options for opting out. Click HERE to view.

Second, go to their website for free information on opting out (

Third, their lawyers for free will help anyone – and they win and so does the employee.

2. Many believe no one should be forced to get the vaccine because they believe the evidence is showing it’s not safe and it’s not effective.

It’s an individual choice in a free society.

It’s a government-mandated decision in a socialist or fascist country.

In America, no one should be forced to go against their wishes – or be forced to lose their job.

With over 14,000 deaths and over 600,000 adverse reactions to a new experiential drug we don’t know the long-term effects and it is too risky for many.

Others have had covid and it’s useless and potentially harmful if they get the shot.

It makes no sense.

Others philosophy or religious beliefs in avoiding drugs and Big Pharma – they prefer natural health treatments.

3. I’m getting e-mails of people in tears, fear and terrible anxiety.

It’s not right.

If you or you know someone being discriminated against, coerced or fired, call Pacific Justice Institute now.

Don’t give up hope.

4. The vaccine passports are leading to discrimination and marginalizing people.

This is similar to what happened in Nazi Germany. The Nazis said to Jews they were carriers of disease.

They were banned from work, military and school.

They were forced into ghettos.

This mentality must stop.

5. 20 states have banned vaccination passports.

In 20 states companies can’t force compliance.

How about your state?

It’s time to stand for freedom and against tyranny.

Let me know what you think. Email me at

10 Comments on “Forcing People to Get a Vaccination or Get Fired – 5 Things You Should Know if You Don’t Want the Vaccine and Do Want to Keep Your Job”

  1. Yes, these mandates must stop NOW. We are a free, open society as planned by the founders of our nation. We know what’s best for our bodies, not the state. If we work with our own doctors, it’s not what the state wants, but what WE want.

  2. I have been at my job in a nursing home for 21 years I love my job and my residents and I have had covid in December along with most of my residents and coworkers. Thanks to Resident Bidens threat to cut all funding of Medicare and Medicade I will be forced to take a experimental vaccine that I do not want in my body or loose my job! And now he says all companies with 100 or more employee’s must get vaccinated or be tested weekly which will make it very hard to even find another job because who will want to pay the weekly cost of a covid test for someone they just hired who don’t want to take this experimental vaccine? How is this even legal! I’m just sick over this and don’t know what to do! I want to keep my job and keep myself free of a vaccine that may harm or even kill me! And don’t even protect me! Help me Please!!!! Need my job and my residents need me to! We already have a nursing shortage this won’t help that situation or our residents at all please help me to keep my job without taking th jab! From hero a year ago to soon to be unemployed! So sad and unfair! I need advice please! Thank You! Sincerely, Kim from PA

  3. Craig

    Interesting article! But nothing new for me as you know I am a Christian journalist & usually I have articles done months before it hits the mainstream. Also, there is another perspective on this virus situation. God sends plagues & the such due to HIS believers sins 2 Che 7:13-14. Also, you mention emails filled with tears & anxiety. Hopefully, those are unbelievers for true believers should consider it an honor to be persecuted or suffer for Christ. Jesus said when see all the bad end-times events hit the earth, lookup for they are signs of HIS return. If some of these complainers are supposed believers, they should be ashamed & truly repent & get a rejoicing spirit on. I know that believers don’t like to hear about their sins: like doubt. Well! I hope you will give both perspectives. Rom 11:10 – God is both severe & good. Proverbs says we only get God’s mercy if we truly change our wicked ways.

    For those interested. I am a minister for over 50 years & I do articles on current events that tie into end-time Bible ptophecies & email those weekly to interested people. If that is you, email me at

    Blessed! Minister Rick

    1. I would beg to differ on that. That kind of theology is not right. Doubt is NOT a sin. You show me where in the bible does it say doubt is a sin. And what if those people that emailed in is Christians? There is nothing wrong with that. What religion are you from that teaches that kind of hearsay. I’ve been a Christian for about 17 years and my pastor, which has been pastoring for 40 years, has never ever teached that kind of nonsense. Oh and for that old testament verse that you are taking out of context does not even apply to that. God sent those thing on the people of Israel because of their ways and disobedience to Him. I love how people and pastors try to apply the bible to their way of thinking instead of applying the scripture by its on context.

  4. We won’t vaccinate. I am sensitive to so many drugs, metals poisons and can not take 50% of synthetic drugs. Motion, I bleed through skin, metals cause blisters, sulphas cause dysphoria, codeine is an hallucinogen for me, tetanus stops my heart and list goes on.
    This vaccine is life threatening for people like me

  5. Anonymous!

    Sorry to hear of your medical conditions.. I have some too. Diabetes, HBP, gout, shooting pains down my legs, no immune sys, dead kidneys, on dialysis, part of right foot amputated.. Doctors said I should have died over a decade ago. But here I am praising & living for God even though BIden said he might stop Medicare & Medical if don’t get virus vaccine. Who cares: I would just die & be with God.

    I will put you in my prayers!

    Minister Rick

  6. I refuse to get the vaccine. I’d rather gut-out-my-uterus-wth-a-sawed-off-Qtip. Everyone has to choose what they think is right. The numbers are well inflated; but the media won’t talk about the recovery rates. No thanks.

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