FISA: Let It Die in Congress or Continue to Lose Your Privacy [Video + Petition]

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Americans are under attack.

And Americans are doing the attacking.

The NSA, CIA and other intelligence agencies of the United States are delving into your privacy — with FISA warrants, allowing for abusive spying on Americans.

It is not legal and is an abuse of power.

Lately the entire surveillance apparatus is being weaponized for profit one political party over another.

This is dangerous and must be stopped.

It’s all done under the shady and secretive FISA Court, which has overreached its bounds of allowing surveillance against “foreign spies inside the U.S.”

President Trump was ridiculed and laughed at when in March he Tweeted:

“Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!”

Nobody’s laughing now.

More revelations confirm Trump Towers was under FBI surveillance on orders from political operatives in the Obama administration.

CNN and media mocked Trump’s claim that his campaign was wiretapped. They called it a lie.

Now CNN says it’s true … but ignore the unconstitutional violation of Trump’s Fourth Amendment rights, and instead keep on talking about Russia.

Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was wiretapped via a secret court order before the election as an outgrowth of his relationship with Viktor Yanukovych (former president of the Ukraine) and Manafort’s failure to register as a foreign agent.

This was all done through a FISA Court warrant, which was illegally done and an affront to the privacy guarantees to U.S. citizens under our Constitution.

And along the way, Deep State operatives unmasked names and conversations of political concern … including many innocent people.


Surprisingly, the White House is going along with renewal of the FISA law, saying it is needed to protect national security.

The law is due to expire on Dec. 31.

Republicans and Democrats, fearing the continued eavesdropping on Americans, are in favor of curtailing FISA.

Within FISA is Section 702, which allows the collection of your data from Google, Facebook and other social media companies if a foreign target is under surveillance.

But as Edward Snowden noted in 2013 when he blew the whistle on such collection data, everyday Americans had their information corralled.


To understand the severe implications and misuse of a FISA warrant, we need to examine how it works.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, commonly referred to as the “FISA Court,” is a secret tribunal with legal authority to grant (or deny) warrants for electronic surveillance against would-be spies or terrorists.

The court — made up of 11 federal judges, serving 7-year terms and selected by the chief justice of the Supreme Court — meets in private, sometimes in the middle of the night. FISA targets are highly classified.

It oversees requests for surveillance warrants against foreign spies in the United States or foreigners overseas.

Did you get that? Foreign spies or foreigners overseas, not members of the opposing political party right before an election!

But that is exactly what’s happened in the case of Paul Manafort. The wiretapped continued long after the election was over.

But the media spin is on Manafort being in trouble, NOT on the illegality of spying and surveillance for political means.

We don’t know if Manafort is innocent or guilty.

But we do know the wiretapping and spying was:

  1. Politically motivated
  2. Unconstitutional and illegal
  3. A danger to a free society

Our Constitutional-guaranteed privacy is being bulldozed.

Watch this powerful 10-minute video on Deep State spying in America.

CLICK HERE to sign our petition urging congress NOT to renew FISA.

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One Comment on “FISA: Let It Die in Congress or Continue to Lose Your Privacy [Video + Petition]”

  1. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – – Benjamin Franklin (11 Nov. 1755).

    Our shepherds are required to protect their flocks both spiritually and physically yet most do not. And, as occurred in pre-1900s America when British tyrants and slavery needed to be opposed, our shepherds are biblically obligated to call their congregations to action to turn-back the ongoing deconstruction of America’s morality and constitutional-republic form of government that offends God and threatens Christians in America.

    Representation of Christ in government includes regularly active lawful opposition to godless ‘establishment’ politicians along with their well-intended useful-pawns. Especially perspective-tyrants who continue unconstitutionally expanding America into a surveillance-state under the pretense of national security.

    Conservative-imposters desiring to infiltrate the GOP need only claim ‘Christianity’ and ‘conservatism’ trash-talk democrats, and be anointed as ‘conservative’ on establishment globalist Rupert Murdoch’s FOX News, and GOP voters will elect them. This, though their record of governance and associations may prove they are constitutional-deconstructionists if not outright conservative-impostors.

    The Christianity that was once the primary influence over government and society having catalyzed opposition to British tyrants and slavery, now effectively creates ‘happy sheep on their way to slaughter – with children and grandchildren in-tow.’

    Time to represent Christ in government by electing ONLY godly-constitutionalists. We must use THE ORIGINAL INTENT OF AMERICA’S AMENDED CONSTITUTION as our MEASURE FOR ELECTABILITY AND GOVERNANCE instead of promises during campaign speeches and interviews on FOX News. A necessary measure to filter out those ‘establishment’ deceivers like our existing U.S. House and Senate leaders, who claim ‘Christianity’ and ‘conservatism.’

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