How the FBI/Department of Justice Was Used by An Incumbent President to Spy on the Presidential Candidate from the Opposing Party: Update

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Thank You! [Did you miss it?]

Thousands of subscribers called the White House to tell the President to release the memo detailing FBI/Department of Justice abuse and corruption.

As one reader said:

“Dear Craig,
Thanks to your efforts, ACLJ and Judicial Watch the Memo finally was released.
Again thank you very much for what you have done for the American people. You…are very brave!”

We detailed 11 things you should know about the violations of trust and the threats to freedom that have secretly occurred.

If you missed our special report, click here.


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One Comment on “How the FBI/Department of Justice Was Used by An Incumbent President to Spy on the Presidential Candidate from the Opposing Party: Update”

  1. Yes, that was a great call having people contact their congressman demanding the release of the memo.

    That said, we must correctly identify the domestic enemy sabotaging the Trump administration if we are to bring remedy.

    The entity sabotaging the Trump presidency by infiltrating the DOJ and other ‘spheres of power’ is not mere ‘democrats’ or ‘Obama holdovers.’ It is the powerful international group known as ‘the establishment’ which transcends political parties, many large corporations, stock markets and educational entities.

    Politically in America, it’s a dialectical synergy between the establishment-democrats, their establishment-RINO counterparts, and their accomplices in the ‘establishment’ media. All providing the perception of 2 opposing political parties when there are actually only a few true (constitutional) conservatives in the GOP.

    Over the past century, during election cycles, the ‘establishment’ has been politically moving America to the far left towards totalitarianism by deconstructing constitutional government under the pretense of national security, then minimally back to the right to pacify GOP voters.

    Establishment Democrats and their Republican accomplices talk-tough on illegal immigration while leaving America’s borders open to 60+ million illegals to enter since the 1980s reengineering America away from patriotism/sovereignty and toward socialism and eventual regional government.

    ‘The establishment’ is all about domestic and foreign threat-management at the expense of our precious military personnel while claiming it is about fairness, equality, and national security. It’s the same entity abusing America’s unconstitutional ‘foreign aid’ dollars, covert capable agencies and multinational corporations to fund and arm both Israel and Israel’s enemies simultaneously – when only Israel should be supported.

    Far less of the GOP is infected with establishment-operators, but it’s infected nonetheless with the likes of McCain, Flake, Graham, McConnell, Ryan, Tillis, Curbelo, Lehinen, Coffman, Lance, Velado, Kinzinger, etc.

    And no, there is no ‘government’ or ‘Jewish’ conspiracy. Just a globally powerful fraternity of anti-Christian/anti-Jew humanist having refined manipulation, deception, and ‘globalization through threat-management’ down to a near art-form. A group with a cult-like devotion that hates everything God loves and who love everything God hates.

    ‘The establishment’ would have most of its power taken away if we peacefully and lawfully return the GOP to being ‘the party of godly constitutionalists’ so there is true opposition to the democrats instead of the often fake-opposition provided today. Worse yet, establishment-operators in the GOP demonize constitutionalists within the GOP as ‘isolationists,’ ‘anti-military,’ and ‘kooks.’

    That said, the only way the GOP can return to being ‘the party of the constitution’ is for the pulpits of America to return to doing what enough pulpits did in this land pre-1900s having catalyzed the fight against British tyrants and slavery – which is to admonish their flocks of their obligation to represent Christ in society and government – which includes electing godly constitutionalists instead of ‘patriotic’ and ‘christian’ talking ‘establishment’ conservative-impostors.

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