Deep State and Privacy Revelation: Why You Should Be Worried [Video]

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Deafening media silence.

Yet there is a real crime going on: Illegal spying on Americans cannot be ignored, except by the progressive media.

The illegal spying by deep state operatives, holdovers from the Obama administration and career bureaucrats is damaging and out of control.

The deep state violated the Constitution by pursuing illegal wiretaps and spying on politicians and “enemies” of the administration.

This entire issue is being ignored by the media, despite the fact that under Obama’s watch, the Department of Justice even hacked the phone records of reporters!

What was called a lie … is now seen as true

CNN and the liberal media mocked Trump’s claim that his campaign was wiretapped. They laughed and called it a lie.

Now CNN says it’s true … but only as a byproduct of their non-stop reporting on Russia.

CNN is now reporting that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was wiretapped via a secret court order before the election as an outgrowth of his relationship with Viktor Yanukovych (former president of the Ukraine) and Manafort’s failure to register as a foreign agent.

Trump staff phone conversations were spied on.

Names were subsequently unmasked by Obama appointees.

The spying was authorized by a FISA court, which requires only the highest Obama administration approval. Could the spying into one person merely be mining for political dirt by the opposition?

But the media spin is on Manafort being in trouble, NOT on the illegality of spying and surveillance for political means.

It’s probable the politicized FBI used the discredited Trump dossier to get the warrant to tap Manafort.

We don’t know if Manafort is innocent or guilty.

But we do know the wiretapping and spying was:

  1. Politically motivated
  2. Unconstitutional and illegal
  3. A danger to a free society

You should not trust the CIA/NSA/FBI.

They have become political, not professional.

First, let me be clear. We need a strong and modern intelligence service in our very dangerous world.

And I support the patriotic, dedicated members of the intelligence community that works hard and makes sacrifices for the safety of American and protection of freedom.

But I am opposed to … even sickened by … the liberal politicization of the leadership and the bureaucracy of our intelligence community.

Obama appointees, some now gone, have a political ideology that dominates their worldview and activities.

  1. The CIA, when it was under socialist/leftist radical John Brennan, was filled with radical left-wing appointees from the Obama Administration., all who wanted to transform America into a different nation. They advanced a foreign policy which was pro-Islamic, pro-socialist. Nothing in the interests of America … or freedom … or capitalism.
  2. James Clapper, former head of the NSA, was appointed by Barack Obama in 2010. His liberal goals have been to misuse power at the expense of freedom and privacy of American citizens. He lied to the American people about NSA spying on Americans and meta-data collection. He also lied about protecting our emails from cyber-attacks. Now all he does is attack Trump – even questioning his sanity.

CLICK HERE to watch this short, insightful video of Judge Napolitano explain the illegal proceedings in this video.

Watch this powerful 3-minute video of Tucker Carlson explaining the current wiretapping crisis.

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2 Comments on “Deep State and Privacy Revelation: Why You Should Be Worried [Video]”

  1. I once worked ‘along side’ this effective globalist-cult referred to as the ‘deep-state,’ and they are not mere ‘Obama holdovers,’ ‘democrats,’ or the like.

    The Deep-State’s (DS) relationship to ‘The Establishment’ is that the DS is the intelligence/enforcement branch of ‘the establishment.’ None of whom should be confused with the many well-intended useful-pawns the establishment ‘plays like a fiddle’ to their end.

    Establishment Democrats manipulate their useful-pawns into service with claims of ‘equality,’ ‘fairness,’ and ‘social-justice.’ Establishment conservative-impostors manipulate using ‘Christian’ and ‘conservative’ rhetoric while trash-talking their democrat counterparts and occasionally voting for actual conservative legislation to gain the trust of GOP voters. This, though their constitutionally-schizophrenic overall voting records and fake-opposition to democrats evidence they are conservative-impostors.

    The only reason there are more ‘Obama era operatives’ in the DS today is that Obama was the latest establishment-pawn to have been president. When both President(s) Bush left office, they left plenty of their own DS national, regional and global-engineering operators in place. It’s the same DS whether recruited by establishment-democrats or their establishment-republican counterparts. Some of Pres. Bush’s leftover DS operators retired during the Obama Administration and were replaced by Obama.

    If we do not stop framing the way we view politics as “Democrat (or Obama, or Hillary), versus Republican, verses Deep State,” and begin seeing the truth of the effective ‘deep-state/establishment enemies within our own GOP camp,’ America will continue on its trajectory toward national-suicide because there will be continue to be no true opposition to democrat socialist-globalists other than GOP rhetoric.

    Whether labeling it ‘deep state,’ ‘establishment,’ ‘New World Order,’ ‘globalist-fraternity,’ or whatever, it is all the same group from a general perspective. A primary challenge being that this powerful cult-like group of ‘deep-state/establishment’ devotees infecting the GOP along with all other spheres of power and influence are nearly indistinguishable from those of good-intentions unknowingly functioning as useful-pawns.

    Only by using THE ORIGINAL INTENT OF AMERICA’S AMENDED CONSTITUTION as our MEASURE FOR ELECTABILITY AND GOVERNANCE can we cleanse the GOP of the deep-state ‘establishment’ operators and pawns who have the GOP functioning as the ‘lesser of two mainstream America destroying political parties.’ Only then will we have true opposition to those deconstructing America under the pretenses of fairness, equality, and national security. All necessary goals, but only when defined using biblical measures – not as part of a regional and global agenda.

    We could have elected 100% ‘establishment-chameleons’ playing the role of ‘conservatives’ to every political office throughout America over the past 100 years, and America would still be on a trajectory toward national-suicide through constitutional-deconstructionism and globalism. ‘Establishment’-democrats compared to ‘establishment’-republicans and their common deep-state operatives all take America down paralleling paths toward the same globalist destination.

    Here is one of the rare few articles I’ve found to be factual regarding the ‘establishment’ managed ‘deep-state’:

  2. The Republican Part is massively infested with ‘establishment/deep-state’ deceivers claiming to be ‘christian’ and ‘conservative.’ And it is our biblical obligation to lawfully replace them with true christians.

    All a GOP politician needs to do to fool Christians into voting for them today, is to talk ‘Christianity’ and ‘conservatism,’ trash-talk Democrats to provide the perception of opposition, and have globalist Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News/Business anoint him/her as ‘conservative.’ Then, after entering office, he/she is free to govern with constitutional-schizophrenia that includes fake-opposition to Democrats by not repealing democrat legislation when there exists a GOP congressional majorities and a GOP president simultaneously.

    If those in the pulpits would obey the bible by admonish of their congregations of their obligation to use the Bible and the ‘original intent of America’s amended constitution’ as their MEASURE FOR ELECTABILITY AND GOVERNANCE, America would not be the emaciated economic, societal, healthcare, educational, and governmental God offending nation if it is today.

    The Bible is clear in that ‘the lesser of two evils’ always ‘brings more evil in the end’ yet GOP voters continue to elect ‘establishment’ conservative-impostors claiming ‘christianity’ instead of godly-constitutionalists during the GOP primary-elections. Combine this political-suicide, with the pulpits of America that edit-out the christian’s requirement to represent Christ in society and government to the exclusion of evildoers, and we see why the GOP and all other spheres of power and influence in America are infested with deceiving national, regional and global engineers instead of representatives of Christ.

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