Biden’s Omicron Pandemic Panic: Endless Fear, Lockdowns, Booster Shots and Masking – 6 Reasons the Omicron is an Overreaction and Excuse for More Control and Power [Video]

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The new COVID Omicron variant has seen powerful calls for:

  • Another lockdown…
  • More shots…
  • Double masking…
  • And yes, more restrictions.

Crazy restrictions on international travel.

Crazy restrictions destroying parental authority and property rights.

Crazy restrictions dividing America into two classes: the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

But there is more:

  • No Christmas gatherings.
  • No travel.
  • No freedom of choice.

President Biden and the pro-socialist bureaucratic health establishment want you to obey.

No questions asked.

And social media and the biased media won’t allow voices of opposition.

And Big Pharma controls the narrative.

Here are six reasons the COVID variant called Omicron is at best an overreaction, at worst a desperate attempt to increase power, control and support by the discredited COVID policymakers.

Reason #1: The new Omicron variant is deadly and more transmissible – or is it?

Despite evidence that the new Omicron variant virus is less transmissible…makes you less sick…shows no hospitalizations…no deaths…the cries for more lockdowns continue.

Even the idea of it coming out of Africa may be wrong. Europe and the U.S. seem to have had it also.

The virus is doing what viruses do – becoming less dangerous over time.

Reason #2: The Omicron variant is a good excuse to gain more control and obedience.

Inevitably, we learned that:

  • Dr. Fauci and the health bureaucrats are pushing for new lockdowns, cancelling sports and theaters, and doubling up on masking.
  • The politicians are taking advantage of this in order to gain more control.
  • The school unions are calling again for not just forced vaccination of all children, but more school closings.

For example, the Governor of New York declared a state of emergency and stopped all non-essential surgeries! (She didn’t admit the medical shutdown was probably prompted by 1 out of 5 medical employees being forced out because they refused the vaccine – losing their jobs, retirement, and careers).

And President Biden is killing the hospitality, travel, and business community with his international travel restrictions…unnecessary and ineffective.  

Reason #3. Fear is the message and the agenda.

The politicians, media and health bureaucrats know fear works to keep people obedient to their control.

But the false fear is disappearing.

People know COVID is dangerous and understand there is a lot we don’t know yet.

But they are making risk/reward assessments like they did before the pandemic and reevaluating reality vs. the myths.

Reason #4: The myths used in the fearmongering have undermined the politicians’ credibility…and control.

Just a few of the myths, half-truths, and deception:

  • With over a 99% survival rate, why such constant fear of death in every message?
  • From “stop the spread” to “stop the virus” is now recognized as a joke.
  • Getting the vaccination doesn’t stop you from transmitting the virus. That’s a vaccination?
  • Getting the vaccination doesn’t guarantee you from not getting the virus. That’s a vaccination?
  • “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated” lie – to divide and create false fear.
  • Only now are the vaccination side effects even being discussed…and they are significant…but suppressed and ignored by the media and “health” officials.
  • The lockdowns didn’t work…but they still threaten them again.
  • The mask didn’t work…but they want everyone to wear them.
  • Get a booster shot now to protect yourself and others…even though we don’t know if you need to, such as those with natural immunity – even if it will work for only a few months…even if we don’t know the side effects yet.

Bottom line, what was said was not correct…no apologizing, no corrections…just self-righteous authoritarian commands.

Reason #5: Dr. Fauci is using the new Omicron virus to promote himself – this time as an anti-Republican, anti-Christian, anti-conservative ideolog.

“I’ve stayed away from politics my entire life,” he told CBS’s Margaret Brennan, and it’s “painful and disturbing,” Fauci claimed to be attacked by Republicans when he only “cares about science and health.” It’s “outlandish politicization” of a public health crisis, he argued. “I’m just going to do my job, and I’m going to be saving lives — and they’re going to be lying.”

‘If they really get up and aim their bullets at Tony Fauci, well…they’re really criticizing science because I represent science. That’s dangerous. To me, that’s more dangerous than the slings and the arrows that get thrown at me. And if you damage science, you are doing something very detrimental to society long after I leave.”

Let’s be real.

Dr. Fauci gave up on real science from about the beginning:

  • No science, only his opinion about masking.
  • No science, only his opinion about natural immunity.
  • No science, only his opinion, about the origins of the COVID Wuhan military biolab virus.
  • No science, only his opinion about natural immunity from the millions that already recovered from COVID and don’t need vaccination or masking.

Senator and Dr. Rand Paul (R-KY) who’s called for Fauci’s resignation over his Wuhan research cover-up, couldn’t believe the man’s audacity. “The absolute hubris of someone claiming THEY represent science. It’s astounding and alarming that a public health bureaucrat would even think to claim such a thing” he tweeted, “especially one who has worked so hard to ignore the science of natural immunity.”

New research in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that people with natural immunity may get reinfected with COVID, but few got severely ill – and none died. “There were no cases of critical disease at reinfection and 28 cases at primary infection for an odds ratio of 0.00 (95% CI, 0.00 to 0.64). There were no cases of death from COVID-19 at reinfection and seven cases at primary infection, resulting in an odds ratio of 0.00,” the authors point out.

The Israeli study with hundreds of thousands of cases saw the same thing.

Dr. Wesley Smith said “Yes, people with natural immunity can become reinfected. But people who are fully vaccinated can be infected too. The vaccines do reduce the severity of disease and reduce the likelihood of death. But apparently, so does natural resistance caused by surviving a primary infection. This being so, what justifies forcing persons with natural immunity to accept the vaccine when they already are protected against severe disease? What justifies firing such persons from employment?

Reason #6. President Biden not only must regain control and power, but credibility – pandemic panic is a quick way to do it.

Biden’s popularity is falling fast with his failed domestic and foreign policies.

He has said that he had a plan to “crush COVID and save the economy.”

Well, Biden lied, and more people have died this year from COVID than died last year under Trump.

The reality is the:

  • School closing – failed
  • Lockdowns – failed
  • Masks – failed
  • Vaccinations – still the jury is out on side effects, but social costs of lost jobs and side effects has been terrible.

It has been a massive failure in trustworthy data, CDC credibility, the medical bureaucrats and the BioPharma medical lobby…and government incompetence.

Watch this video with the Dr. and Senator Rand Paul – he makes a powerful case for sanity.

Click HERE to watch the video.

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2 Comments on “Biden’s Omicron Pandemic Panic: Endless Fear, Lockdowns, Booster Shots and Masking – 6 Reasons the Omicron is an Overreaction and Excuse for More Control and Power [Video]”

  1. Progressives are actively seeking to circumvent my individual sovereignty by labeling me as we do any hazardous waste material, so we can then be regulated into conformity. News flash, I was not born a biohazard, I am a human being. As a human being my rights are not subject to the whims of politicians. It is not within the purview of government to ensure my safety. It is the job of government to protect my rights, which they have sworn an oath to uphold. Progressive politicians are now irredeemably compromised.

  2. If we all collectively to not unite again as Americans the way we were founded tobe we will lose all that has been built because so many are too lazy to stand up and fight! I suppose many are saying, but how do we fight when the government is bad? Well, in our documents it says that when the government is wrong, bad, harming us and the country-they can be removed….SO LETS REMOVE THEM!! HAVE A NEW ELECTION AND GET THIS COUNTRY ON FIRM GROUND AGAIN BEFORE WE HAVE TO FIGHT WW3 OR SOMETHING!!….You know they are just laying in wait to take over America; both insiders and the enemies outside! Ready to swoop down to tell us what to do, how to think and how to live! Is THAT what some want…if so they are crazy and the young people that think it’s so swell to be socialists and communist are out of their minds and have no idea what that would be like! They show their ignorance…and we must make sure that education gets sorted nad the truth taught or they will be the ones running the country into Marxism!! The utter ignorance of some makes me so sick because we have fought so hard to remain a free and God fearing nation and it seems like ever evil that can be has crawled out from under the rocks they hid under and are wrecking havoc all over~…it is jsut so wrong! When the generations pass that were educated well there will be no truth left for our kin that come after us, if we do not get things right NOW!

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