Biden’s New IRS Army: How Lower and Middle-Class are Targeted for Audit

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The IRS is hiring 87,000 new agents to target lower- and middle-income earners.

It’s a literal army bureaucrat who think you are guilty of cheating on taxes.

It’s an army that is heartless and relentless — Where you are guilty until proven innocent.

If you’re a babysitter… a barber… a gardener… a tutor, you’ve got a bullseye on your back, and the IRS is gunning for you.

  • If you’re selling lemonade or flowers and getting paid in cash, you’re a target.
  • If you’re using Venmo or PayPal to by something or get paid for goods or services you’re a target.
  • If you received $600 for something and don’t report it, you’re a criminal and will be fined.
  • Having a garage sale? Tis could trigger an IRS audit and a guilty plea.
  • Putting on a taco party and charging guests for food and drinks — You’re required to report the income.

When you’re audited, you’re at their mercy… or pay a lawyer or CPA to defend you.

Most Americans can’t afford that — only the rich. That’s why the majority of IRS audits are conducted on lower- and middle-class taxpayers.

Biden’s new Inflation Reduction bill will not reduce inflation, it will increase it… And increase the agency by the size of the Dallas stadium.

The new legislation will add roughly $80 billion to the IRS (6 times the current budget), over the next 10 years.

The budget will allow the IRS to hire over 87,000 new agents, some of them armed and ready to enforce their Soviet-style control over hard working middle-class Americans.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates the additional funding would allow the IRS collect $124 billion in “hidden money” that’s not reported by cash industries and jobs, like tips for waitresses. That’s probably an exaggeration, but the pain people will feel is incredible.

In a feeble attempt to calm an outraged populace, the White House and the IRS, are spinning lies faster than a spider.

They are working overtime on media outlets to lie to us, saying middle-class Americans have “nothing to worry about.”

IRS commissioner, Charles Rettig, has said, the additional IRS agents will only focus on “preventing tax fraud among the richest Americans and most profitable companies.”

However, many of the “tax loopholes” benefit the rich and give them plenty of options to circumvent tax laws the average American can’t access, utilize, or even know about them.

A recent independent study showed that up to 90% of revenue generated by the 87,000 new tax agents is going to come from revenue collected from people from middle and lower income and small business owners.

$600 or more and you’re being audited!

The bottom line is — You will pay… And the government will get more powerful and controlling.

Welcome to Biden’s Socialist, Stalinist America.

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2 Comments on “Biden’s New IRS Army: How Lower and Middle-Class are Targeted for Audit”

  1. Biden does not care for the American, he is suppose to be leading. He only cares for his selfish desires to make sure that he and his son make more money than anyone else. Thank Goodness for the quote by Larry Kudlow saying: “The Calvary is coming in November” and he may be more Prophetic than he knows, the Move of God may blow into a massive Revival across America. The Move of God coming to America is about Malachi 4:6, The Move of God is about Family structure that satan is trying every day to destroy through the Biden Administration and Deep State trying very had by destroying family, morals, values, by forcing LBGTQ down our throats and every part of Society, There is a penalty to pay for all this sinful, wicked, evilness over our country, And it will come in the way of Weather Judgments, Food shortages, natural disasters; Look around, it is not getting better but worse. It takes persecution, opposition to bring in massive Move of God, Revivals, Reformations, and Awakenings. It is America turn , Come, ABBA FATHER, send the Move of God, “It is time for the LORD, to work: For they have made void thy law”. Psalms 119:126.

  2. Biden works for the globalis UN agenda 21 cult. Satanist must depopulated us and the world to achieve endgame. Putin Islam communist not real threat . Threat from within is 4th branch media cartel migrate if you can

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