6 Things You Probably Didn’t Hear About – But Should Have

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#1: The Los Angeles Unified School District parents can now file for damages from illegal COVID vaccine mandates

A judge has ruled that the LA Unified School District wasn’t authorized to mandate the COVID vaccines or force kids into independent study.

LAUSD magnet school will likely appeal the decision.

The decision means that:

  • LAUSD was wrong in requiring the COVID vaccines
  • LAUSD can no longer send kids away from their school and to independent study because they are not vaccinated
  • Only the Department of Public Health can mandate vaccines, not the school

#2: Spider-Man Will Be a homosexual after woke Marvel – owned by Disney – chooses to use children as a target for the gay lifestyle

WEB-WEAVER will make his debut in EDGE OF THE SPIDER-VERSE #5 this September. He will be the gay Spider-Man.

#3: Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is making another bold and controlling move for freedom

He has signed legislation that bars the state from prohibiting religious services during any emergency declaration.

This will protect churches and allow the continuation of public, religious gatherings during events such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic under certain circumstances.

The caveat exception in the bill allows for a halt of services only when all businesses are required to close.

Question: For readers outside of Florida, has your state done this? If not, why not?

#4: Transgender Insanity – Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo issues guidelines instructing medical professionals to resist pushing “irreversible decisions” [transgender medical procedures] on children

More state health leaders should do the same… how about your state?

#5: Textbook Indoctrination Halt

The Florida Department of Education rejected a record number of math textbooks for containing critical race theory.

The Marxist racism is being found in history, geology, English, science, and other textbooks  with the purpose of indoctrination.

#6: Kentucky legislature overrode the vetoes of Gov. Andy Beshear to enact legislation protecting preborn babies and protecting girls’ sports from boys who claim to be girls

With a socialist democrat governor, Kentucky legislature stood up and won against the governor.

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8 Comments on “6 Things You Probably Didn’t Hear About – But Should Have”

  1. Thank you for these updates. The first article was helpful as my cousin is in a battle with LAUSD right over that issue. You are a blessing. Go with God.

  2. Thank you, Craig, for all if these update, that don’t always make it into the regular news. I appreciate you and your ministry!

  3. Thank you very much for the work you do! I hope teachers in California will be aware of these new freedoms. The Teachers Union is too controlling !

  4. Keep up the good work. I am sorry that you had to leave California. I attended many of your workshops and depended on your Rating system for Judges, legislators and leaders. Thank goodness there are forums like Heritage Foundation, Pacific Justice Foundation with Brad Ducas and informed citizens and Craig Huey to keep conservatives informed

  5. Regarding #1 “LAUSD can now file for damages”: My question is, can public school districts continue to mandate that non-vaccinated employees be required to test weekly for Covid since both vaccinated and non-vaccinated can get Covid. This is discriminatory to the Non-Vaxxed.

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