Finally: What Would Someone Write About You Today? Something Extraordinary?!

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Finally, I thought you’d enjoy this second-century letter from an unknown author to a person named Diognetus. In this letter, he describes how early Christians distinguished themselves from their culture:

“Christians are indistinguishable from other men either by nationality, language, or customs. They do not inhabit separate cities of their own, or speak a strange dialect, or follow some outlandish way of life…

With regard to dress, food, and manner of life in general, they follow the customs of whatever city they happen to be living in, whether it is Greek or foreign.

“And yet there is something extraordinary about their lives. They live in their own countries as though they were only passing through. They play their full role as citizens, but labor under all the disabilities of aliens. Any country can be their homeland, but for them their homeland, wherever it may be, is a foreign country.

“Like others, they marry and have children, but they do not [kill] them. They share their meals, but not their wives. They live in the flesh, but they are not governed by the desires of the flesh. They pass their days upon earth, but they are citizens of heaven. Obedient to the law, they yet live on a level that transcends the law…

“To speak in general terms, we may say that the Christian is to the world what the soul is to the body. As the soul is present in every part of the body, while remaining distinct from it, so Christians are found in all the cities of the world, but cannot be identified with the world.”

Wow. What would someone write about you today?

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2 Comments on “Finally: What Would Someone Write About You Today? Something Extraordinary?!”

  1. That’s what the Bible says we are to be. Unfortunately, most so-called Christians don’t stand out in their conduct. I don’t stand out as much as I should, I admit. But we are ongoing “projects” who need to let the Holy Spirit conduct our lives. Very interesting First Century letter. Thanks.

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