First Amendment Protection of Religious Freedom and Christianity Won This Week in the Supreme Court

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We can rejoice because the Supreme Court handed us a partial First Amendment victory.

While it’s not as complete as we want, it was still a victory.

You see businesses owned by Christians across America have been persecuted … demeaned because of their faith … fined … threatened with jail … and threatened with the closure of their businesses.


Because they’ve declined to participate in — and celebrate – same-sex weddings that would have forced them to violate their religious beliefs and convictions – beliefs and convictions based on their trust in Christ and in the Bible.

In Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that:

“The government, consistent with the Constitution’s guarantee of free exercise [of religion], cannot impose regulations that are hostile to the religious beliefs of affected citizens and cannot act in a manner that passes judgment upon or presupposes the illegitimacy of religious beliefs and practices.”

Jack Phillips – owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop – had been asked to design a custom wedding cake for a gay wedding reception…

Jack Phillips sold cakes and cookies in the past and had no problem doing so.

His whole business was his ministry to spread the good news of Jesus Christ by his witness.

He declined to custom make a cake.

He declined … but offered to sell the gay couple their choice of any standard cake from his display case and of course they could have gone to any other bakery, but the two men refused.

The two men refused … and filed a discrimination complaint which was referred to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

In ruling against Phillips, one of the commissioners demeaned his faith as “one of the most despicable pieces of rhetoric that people can use.”

The Supreme Court ruled that Phillips’ right to “a neutral and respectful consideration of his claims” was denied by the Civil Rights Commission’s hostility toward his sincerely held religious beliefs which motivated his objection to designing a custom cake.

What the Supreme Court did not do in their decision in this case is guarantee that every Christian business owner who is charged with LGBT discrimination in the future will win his or her case…

The Court made its decision on the basis of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission’s hostility to Phillips’ religious beliefs … not on the issue of the free exercise of religion versus anti-discrimination law. Pray that the Supreme Court will hear the case of Arlene Flowers and give us a total victory.


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6 Comments on “First Amendment Protection of Religious Freedom and Christianity Won This Week in the Supreme Court”

  1. I’ve always wondered how many bakeries they tried before they found one that refused their request.

  2. Dear Sir,
    We are joyful together to give thank and praise to GOD, our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savor. For this is a good gift that comes down from above, The Throne of grace.
    But we are more joyful to give thank and praise to GOD, our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savor for through this trial, our faith in GOD and also in Jesus Christ more precious. We are joyful together for we know our names are in The Book of Life in Heaven!
    I hope that abundant blessings from our Heavenly Father GOD will pour out upon you Sir Jack Phillips and also on whoever received you as the Saint of GOD! Amen. Thank GOD. Amen.

  3. Ikr, a dark spirit will always want to be domineering, full of pride, hurling one accusation after another. Never gentlemanly. We must speak life over this area

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