Liberal Judge: Christian to Lose Home, Life Savings [Gorsuch to the Rescue]

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One of the first cases Judge Gorsuch will hear will involve religious freedom…including the case of a Christian florist

A judicial activist just declared a Christian florist guilty…because she holds to Biblical values.

Barronelle Stutzman was found guilty unanimously by the Washington State Supreme Court…a ruling that said a 79-year-old Christian florist could lose her home and life savings.


Because the grandmother stood firm in her beliefs that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects business owners – and everyone else – of living out their faith at work and never violating the conscience.

Barronelle loved and gladly sold flowers to everyone, including homosexuals. It was her ministry and passion.

But she could not do a homosexual wedding she opposed on Biblical grounds. She told her long live customer to use a different service.

She was sued. And the Washington State Court said she is guilty.

The court believes Stutzman should be forced to celebrate their values, even if it offends her religious beliefs.

“Since I never hid my faith, I always figured Rob understood that my beliefs shape not only how I look at the world, but how I envision and create my art – the art he appreciated for so long. So it wasn’t that I couldn’t create something to celebrate his same-sex wedding – I couldn’t.

“This wasn’t about selling him flowers or celebrating a birthday. This involved what, to me, is an event of unique spiritual significance – a sacred covenant.

“Art, like faith, comes from the heart, from who I am. I couldn’t deny my faith – even for so dear a friend – without damaging the very creativity he was asking for.”

Here is what she bravely said after the verdict: “I’m not asking for anything that our Constitution hasn’t promised me and every other American: the right to create freely, and to live out my faith without fear of government punishment or interference.”

This case which impacts Christian business owners nationwide will be appealed to the Supreme Court.

Pray for Barronelle to continue to stand strong…and for the judicial activism that found her guilty be reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

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11 Comments on “Liberal Judge: Christian to Lose Home, Life Savings [Gorsuch to the Rescue]”

  1. even if she were guilty of a real crime, a $25 fine would have been more than sufficient. Look at the real crimes politicians get away with Scott free and everyone knows it.

  2. God is Plarizing two sides in all the World. One side is for God and His values. The other side is everyone else in this world.
    The Democrats, the Left Communist/Socialist, Liberals, are against God and what God stands for. They are agianst God so must be for Satan.

    This is all the beginning of the End Times. I hate to tell you but according to the Bible we will lose this fight. But who knows we maybe we can be the beacon on the hill in America. Maybe we can be the Country of Love and Goed?

    The first order of business to do that is get rid of the Liberal Left Communist. Get rid of the Democrats and Socialist Newspapers and TV programs. Boycott them. Take some time to write to thier sponsors. Do not watch these Left Wing Propaganda Programs. All they will do is program youor thinking to their side!

  3. I stand with this florist and her beliefs. She has declared what the Constitution stands for and is 100% correct. Shame on the person who sued her, shame on the judicial activist who ‘found her guilty’.

    1. The court was in the State of Washington, need I say more???? Most opposition to our Constitutional rights comes from Washington, California, Hawaii and other states that have very liberal viewpoints.

  4. Washington protects Moslems before their own citizens, homosexuals are given preferential treatment over Christians in spite of Constitution! This will be overturned in Supreme Court!

  5. I pray all of my brothers & sister’s comments are brought to fruition… May our Lord stand with us on our constitutional rights as American citizens; how can this be upheld in court? Has the 1st amendment been erased??

    1. It has been put on hold with the obama administration but don’t worry. God has put President Trump in the WH and in turn, he, through the hand of God will turn this country around so that America will once again become a great nation. The following link is a long read but well worth it. Pages 1-16 and page 23 prove to be very informative.

  6. I pray that the Supreme Court will do what is right and overturn the Washington State court. It’s just not right that she should be financially ruined for refusing to do flowers for this wedding. She directed them to another florist. They trampled on her religious freedom afforded her by the Constitution. The Constitution does not grant gays the right to marry. No where in history has any society recognized gay marriage. It’s a modern phenomenon and will lead to destruction of the human race.

  7. I believe that in electing Mr Trump , that God has given this nation who has stood for Christian values and morals . A time to rite the wrongs and to turn from the paths that she has Ben going down . This is one of the instances of the wrong path in persecuting this fine lady. I sincerely hope and pray that the supreme court of our land does just that . I will continue praying for my president and our lawyers and all people in politics , to do the rite things in governing our nation . That she might become honored again, not in the eyes of the world , yet that also , but that God will look upon her and favor her once again . AMEN

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