WOW: Watch the Students Catch their Bias Against Christians [Videos]

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Christians should be forced to violate their Christian beliefs … but others should enjoy constitutional protections of their religious and political convictions…

That’s what a random sampling of college students thought in a recent informal on-campus poll … unaware of their hypocrisy until is was gently pointed out.

The students were asked what they thought about the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding a Colorado baker who declined to design a custom wedding cake for a gay couple’s wedding reception because of his deeply held Biblical beliefs.

The Christian baker – Jack Phillips – treated the couple respectfully … offering to sell them their choice of a standard wedding cake from his inventory…

But the couple instead filed a discrimination complaint…

The Supreme Court, in reversing a lower court’s ruling by a 7-2 majority, said:

“The government, consistent with the Constitution’s guarantee of free exercise [of religion], cannot impose regulations that are hostile to the religious beliefs of affected citizens and cannot act in a manner that passes judgment upon or presupposes the illegitimacy of religious beliefs and practices.”

Most of the college students interviewed disagreed with the Supreme Court’s decision…

But when they were asked if an African-American baker should be required to bake a cake for a KKK rally … or if a Jewish baker should be required to bake a cake for a Palestinian celebration … they were unable to give an answer.

Confronted with their hypocrisy, some of them said “I don’t know,” or “I’m not sure about that.”

Watch this informal on-campus interview of college students, asking them if a baker should have an obligation to serve all customers regardless of their political or religious convictions (3 minutes):

Here’s an undercover video of a gay man attempting to order a custom cake for his upcoming gay wedding from Muslim bakery shops (5 minutes):

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3 Comments on “WOW: Watch the Students Catch their Bias Against Christians [Videos]”

  1. What else do you expect college kids to say. Most professors are marxists & teach liberal (communist) ideas. It pretty much started in the 60’s. Tbe AM Communist Party 100 yr agenda from the 1930’s says one of the main methods is infiltrating the colleges with their teachers. site runs many articles about this quoting secular papers. I also know b/c I was a San Fran hippie then & noticed the communists actions myself but thank God gave me a chance to serve HIM & I have been preaching & starting churches all over AM. The point is that the young generation has been influenced by demonic spirits & marxists ideas & most don’t even know it. Get ready for great persecution here in AM as it is coming & pray that you will led a holy life so God might protect you from what is coming Luke 21. Not all Christians by name & confession only will be saved, but the real Christian disciples will be, if you endure to the end, meaning if you suffer with right attitude that God approves of. Be blessed in your obediebce.

  2. Where do you get that Jack offered to sell them a standard wedding cake from his inventory? That is not what anything on the ADF site says & does not sound reasonable. Why would he even have a wedding cake inventory? Since wedding cakes are not standard. Usually round & layered or w tiers but they could be other shapes, etc. & they seem to typically be ordered well ahead of the event, so I doubt the any baker has a wedding cake inventory. That would likely result in wasted baking. So inventing things does NOT help the case. He is NOT Costco or some grocery store & I doubt if even they have a “standard wedding cake” in stock.

    He & ADF have stated that when they came in they introduced themselves & as soon as they indicated it was for a same-sex wedding he told them he did not do same-sex weddings & they stormed out w curses. He says he said or was willing to sell them anything else in the shop. Nothing was said about there being any wedding cakes ready to go. Those are not the kind of thing that a bakery would keep in stock since they are special order. He also said he was willing to create a custom birthday cake for them, though it is not clear if he had a chance to actually express the willingness to sell them anything else in the shop or to create a custom birthday cake, but that is all that he says he offered.

    It concerns me that people are making up things like him offering a standard wedding cake when I have seen no indication of that on any ADF or Jack comments on the case!

  3. I am sure what was meant was that they would make any of the standard wedding cakes, just not a custom cake with a gay theme.
    If I was an artist and a gay couple wanted to commission me to make a illustration of them in a provocative act, wouldn’t I be able to refuse?

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