Wow! Meet the Viral ‘Little Big Shots’ Worship Leader [Videos]

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This toddler says God told him he would sing gospel music for His glory.

And he’s right…

He’s Caleb Serrano – a worship leader from Greensborough, N.C. …

… and he’s only 8 years-old!

He has attracted millions of fans on YouTube and appeared on Steve Harvey’s “Little Big Shots” show when he was only 4 years old.

I wrote about him back in 2017 … but I thought you’d enjoy getting an update…

In this short 1-minute video, listen to Caleb sing “Amazing Grace.”

Here’s an absolutely precious 4-minute video of Caleb’s appearance on Steve Harvey.

Here’s a second 4-minute Steve Harvey appearance with Caleb singing “This Little Light of Mine.” (NOTE: The video begins with a few excerpts of Caleb’s first appearance.

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