The Criminalization of Christianity?

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For a month now most churches have remained closed.

Most are live-streaming their worship services.

Some are very successful… including massive signs of revival.

But the call for keeping anyone over 65 out of church (including pastors), keeping church buildings closed from worshipping through the summer or fall or beyond, and restricting services to 10-20 people are growing.


It’s becoming an astonishing abuse of power by cities, counties, and states. Here are just a few examples:

  • Across America, pastors have been arrested or threatened with arrest for wanting to have church services – even when agreeing for church goers to wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Drive-in church services have been banned. In hundreds of cities across the country, drive-in church services have been banned. In Louisville, Kentucky, drive-in church goers were told they’d receive citations if they attended a drive-in service, and would have to quarantine themselves for 14 days afterwards. In Kansas, you can drive through a Sonic, but not a parking lot church service.
  • Church members have been threatened with fines and jail if they go to church.
  • A recent New York Times op-ed accused evangelical Christians of being responsible for the spread of the Coronavirus. See our article about this editorial here.
  • The Governor of New York and other politicians called Franklin Graham a bigot and his bashed his humanitarian organization Samaritan’s Purse for setting up an emergency field hospital in Central Park to treat COVID-19 patients. Why? Because Samaritan’s Purse asks its paid staff to sign a Statement of Faith which – among other biblical affirmations – includes a statement affirming heterosexual marriage. We wrote about this rage against Christians here.

Most Christians and pastors, based on available data, agreed to self-quarantining, wearing masks, social distancing, and washing their hands.

It was a choice, for self-health… and, preservation.

But it should never be forced by government.

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8 Comments on “The Criminalization of Christianity?”

  1. Stop this insanity, please. The number of Covid-19 cases and those that have passed, do not account for more than the normal flu. Too much government. I’m rebelling. Let’s get back to church.

  2. It is time to investigate these politicians and the media to see if the numbers they purport or purvey to be true are really false. It is time to get our freedoms back, safely of corse.

  3. Doctors can quarantine patients with illnesses. Individual who are healthy continues their liberties and freedoms under a Founding Fathers recognized Bill of Rights. For governors to recommend measures does not eliminate the right to petition or ones free speech. The over reach by the governors compared to the advice of the President should count for something in predicting a tyranny or dictatorship or further progress health wise and economically as successful anti virals like IV Vitamin C and more recently Ultra violet light require use under specific conditions. With over 100 schools belonging to the states and their research universities, compared to one for the Federal government, anyone with a potential cure should have more then enough facilities to try different applications of one or two medications or natural substances or old vaccines to attempt a cure. With hospital beds opening up to new patients, with adequate medical staffs, while giant facilities have proved unneeded, isn’t it time to restart businesses.
    It is time to remember Valley Forge and the actions of our Founding Fathers.

  4. The CV makes a convenient excuse for many governments to do what they have wanted to do all along – shut down all Christian sources of influence.

  5. There comes a time where we need to stand with the Apostle Peter and say, “We must obey God, rather than men!” Acts 5:29

  6. i agree. enough is enough. Leave it up to the Christians to decide. If we take all the necessary precautions, let’s go back to church.

  7. Have enjoyed your comments, insights, and political positions for many years. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

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