Separation of Church and State Doesn’t Mean Separation of Religion from Government: Marines Show their Love for Jesus [Video]

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There are those who would like to interpret the concept of the “separation of church and state” to mean that all religious expression should be removed from the public square – especially from the public square of government service.

But there will always be government employees who love God – and who aren’t afraid to express that love for all the world to see.

Watch this short 4-minute video of Marines praising God in a church service at Camp Geiger, North Carolina. It will make you smile…

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One Comment on “Separation of Church and State Doesn’t Mean Separation of Religion from Government: Marines Show their Love for Jesus [Video]”

  1. The so called Separation from State and Religion is a phony as a three dollar bill.
    This Law is not under, or is in the Constitution of the United States. Some liberal judge not knowing Christian history or the Bible came up with dreamed up Law. Judges do not made Constitutional Laws
    A Liberal judge in 1956 read into some 200 personal letters and notes and copy not what
    Thomas Jefferson copied, from what Roger Williams wrote, and his personal idea. He just took notes of a speech. This letter was mean for Church, and is out context to the World, or non-believers. If they believed why do they keep attacking the Christians? Where is the separation? Thomas Jefferson became our third President. He was a Christian Minister a bible loving man of God. Later he gave Christian services every Sunday for some 800 persons. He preached the Word of God in Capital Hill in D.C. Where is the Separation? There was none. The Treasury Building in D.C. was used as a Church for many years also. The new Govt. paid Pastors. (They were called Ministers at that time) to provide Christian Church services. To teach the Word of God. Again where is the Separation?
    Chaplains are paid in the armed service to provide the Word of God to the people in services now. Where is the Separation? The Separation is being used as a Axe to control the people, and brain wash them. The truth is now a HATE crime. Political Correctness is killing our values, and freedom of speech. Wrong is right and right is wrong. Many of you have not live in the 1950’s but since the took Jesus and the Bible out Schools and Govt. have become crime centers, murder, rape, and countless other crimes. We have more people in jail then most other Nations. People in the past , and now were never forced to accept God, or Jesus.

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