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Abuse of Power: 3 Things You Should Know [Video]

Pastor John MacArthur has “illegally” opened his church – 3,000 came back, not wearing masks … and despite the government mandate not to, they were singing worship songs.

And, it was declared by the politicians to be “illegal.”

But John MacArthur, who is an awesome expository teacher, declared a Christian manifesto of why scripture supports every church to open despite what the politicians and bureaucrats say.

My article written over three months ago was called, Should Christians and Pastors Obey or Disobey Unfair Laws, a declaration of doing right and obeying God, not man. Click here to read.

MacArthur’s manifesto expands on it with scripture and clarity.

The manifesto says in part:

“We cannot and will not acquiesce to a government-imposed moratorium on our weekly congregational worship and other regular corporate gatherings. Compliance would be disobedience to our Lord’s clear demands.”

He uses scripture to make his case for all pastors to reopen their doors – now.

Here are 3 things you should see:

1. See this awesome interview with John MacArthur on Tucker Carlson’s show. [It’s about 5 minutes long]

2. Read MacArthur’s Power Manifesto – a theological look at the unconstitutional lockdown and restoration of church. [Click here]

3. Watch Wretched Radio connecting on a recent episode. [It is about 11 minutes long]

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  1. There are a bunch of self proclaimed Christians out there who would choose Caesar over God. We need to step up in faith, without being too offensive. Praising our Lord is not being offensive. There is a new book available at Amazon etc… called “To Pray One Way is to Vote One Way”. This book can be helpful in breaking through to the uninformed reader who means well but who just does not know the truth and significance of God’s word.

  2. Good for Pastor MacArthur! If ALL churches would follow this lead and open, our governor who thinks he is King will be neutered. Strength in numbers!

  3. Talked to a friend today … they met to worship on the beach … got a permit to protest … therefore “legal.” Work around guys. Freedom of choice …. freedom to take information on COVID & use it wisely as free people. We must obey God, when man’s voice is in conflict. That is what the founders came here for – the church is what stands between America and treasonous takeover by communist/atheist/globalist/occultist/islamist, etc. coalition of her enemies. TIME TO STAND UP FOR GOD CHURCH – Time to TURN OVER THE TABLES … as Jesus did when He was being “salt” of the world. Founders, and soldiers bought and paid for this freedom in US with their blood and sacrifice. We are simply asked to exercise our freedoms wisely, choose and not have the Church’s voice silenced before an election. to print out, sign recall petition to regain our freedom, and mail it back; or post the link to your social media and ask friends & family to do the same – carry it to your church gatherings and give everybody copies to do the same. NOW IS THE TIME. 2 Million signatures before November needed.

  4. Amen, Amen and Amen! Where are all the other pastors out there? God is our Commander, not Newsom! It’s okay to get a permit to protest, but not to assemble to worship the God of the Universe? Who are they to tell us when, where and how we can worship? They can’t unless we let them! Pastors wake up from your slumber and be the leaders God called you to be.

  5. Requesting a permit to “protest” when you are actually meeting for worship, is dishonest. Just stand up for your CONSTITUTIONAL rights and meet to worship, no matter where it is. Pastor MacArthur, along with a LOT of other CA pastors, have done it right, despite the consequences they may face from the evil governor. Anyone would think we’re in CHINA, for goodness sake!

  6. Has John MacArthur decided that Newsom does not have authority over him? Pastor Rodney Howard Brown realized right away that our right to assemble at church comes from our constitution, not any governor and he is a real hero.

  7. A call went out on Freedom Sunday to all America for pastors across the nation to open all churches on October 25th, this Sunday! May pastors heed the call and not fear but go full throttle in faith, obeying God and not man. To obey is better than sacrifice.

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