Pastor Greg Laurie: A Rush of Hope Is Coming Straight To You [Video]

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It’s only days away…

Since 1990 over 7.9 million people have attended the Harvest Crusades around the world.

It’s been called one of the largest presentations of the gospel in U.S. History.

506,644 individuals have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.

I’ve been to the first Crusade-and almost everyone since.

But because of the Pandemic, this one is not allowed live and in a stadium.

But instead of cancelling it, it will be a powerful event online.

And now it’s coming to you.

That’s right.

This weekend will see the first-ever cinematic Harvest crusade, A Rush of Hope.

Grammy-winning King & Country will be performing.

Jeremy Camp will be performing.

Pastor Greg Laurie, author of more than 70 books will deliver a powerful message.

It will be a perfect combination of storytelling, music and the gospel…

You will not want to miss it. Click here to watch this 2-minute video on the event.

Grab your family and friends and RSVP here.

Let me know what you think. E-mail me at

One Comment on “Pastor Greg Laurie: A Rush of Hope Is Coming Straight To You [Video]”

  1. Craig, thx for sharing about Harvest Crusade’s event. We will tune in to watch.
    I tried to make a donation of $100 and the cc processing window did not work.
    Blessings, Jeff

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