Now, the Good News: God Moving Powerfully Across America [Franklin Graham and Greg Laurie Videos]

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I’ve got some good news.

God is moving and changing people’s lives.

Many pastors have been silent, marginalized, and invisible during the pandemic – bowing to Caesar and fear, not standing firm.

Many Christians have become passive and ineffective in spreading the gospel, ministering, and serving, afraid of covid.

But God is moving.

Franklin Graham just concluded a nationwide Crusade ministry to 56,000 people in cities in Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California – his Route 66 Tour. (See video below).

Thousands turned to Christ.

And in California, the Harvest Crusade was back after being shut down in 2020.

40,000 people came to hear Greg Laurie preach the Good News of Jesus Christ.

But that’s not all.

200,000 saw the Crusade online.

And better yet….

6,000 people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

It’s so great to see Pastor Greg holding the Crusade.

I’ve been to at least a dozen, often taking people and youth with me.

It’s a powerful event.

Greg said, “The meaning of life is to know the God who created you.” Then he presented the Good News of Jesus Christ dying for our sins, rising from the dead offering forgiveness, salvation, and a personal relationship with the true and Living God.

God is at work.

It’s time for the church not to be a slave to fear. You are a child of God. Let’s proclaim truth and love.


Click HERE to see the first video and click HERE to view the second video.

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5 Comments on “Now, the Good News: God Moving Powerfully Across America [Franklin Graham and Greg Laurie Videos]”

  1. I love Franklin GRAHAM and Greg LAURIE (AND Mario MURILLO) and what God is doing through them in terms of Revival!

    I was SADDENED though, to hear GRAHAM suggest that getting the UNPROVEN, UNSAFE, INEFFECTIVE, EXPERIMENTAL covid VAX is Godly or Christlike. TO THE CONTRARY, it is FOOLISH and PACIFISTIC! I hope Franklin GRAHAM recants his pro-VAX…

  2. The vaccine itself is not evil or pacifist, or ungodly. Just like using a credit card with a chip in it, or getting a flu shot, or polio vaccination is not evil. Government itself is not evil either, or sex. But like a fire taking taken out of the fireplace it becomes dangerous, like a government that is being used by power-hungry people is dangerous, and like a vaccine even though it’s not really a vaccine, is being forced upon you it is a shadow of things to come. Your credit card and debit card is a shadow of things to come also with a Cashless Society but nobody says that’s evil and most of you use one including myself. I am not pro mandatory vaccine, and I teach eschatology at my church, and obviously subscribe to this newsletter, but I have the vaccine because of the asthma history and a traveler back-and-forth to Israel for my job and I’m 59. That doesn’t mean I’m living in fear or I look down on vaccinated people I don’t like the idea of the supposed vaccinated being forced upon people either and I won’t get a booster, but I did it when I had a choice I doubt I would do it now given an ultimatum. Taking the mark is a completely different thing, the same pressure for food and a job but it is to give up allegiance to Jesus Christ and sell your soul knowingly to the antichrist, when I say knowingly I mean yes by deception but like Romans one says you’ve been given over in your believing the deception by that time to where you are blinded because you do not recognize God therefore you do take the Mark willfully ignorantly , this is not to be compared to the vaccine although I would say it’s a foreshadow of things to come like the indoctrination of children in our schools and the marginalization of Christianity to the sidelines and the censorship in the media and social media. The pre-tribulation rapture will take care of the rest, we may see some persecution and may even see some bad things but we won’t see the worst of it and we certainly won’t see the antichrist or know who years we will be gone by then, so get to work and quit worrying about dumb stuf.f vote righteously, and witness and keep your nose to the grind stone

  3. Mark!

    You have some interesting views but it is sad for Jesus & truth that these 2 minister don’t preach all the truth. Jesus didn’t’ give a message to just add Jesus to your life. Jesus said to go & make disciples, not just believers. John 8:31-32 & teach them to obey everything Jesus said. Jesus said
    in Luke that you can’t be a disciples unless you forsake everything. Even Billy Graham said towards the end of his life that he would do ministry differently & that he would choose a dozen or so people to disciple & sens them out to do the same. I have been ministering for nearly 53 years & started churches all over the U.S. I have known many believers but few disciples. For the last decade I have been in journalism & write current events articles that tie into end-time Bible prophecies. If interested in receiving weekly by email let me know.


    Lots of interesting views. I would suggest deep study of when the resurrection happens. Paul makes it clear that we meet Jesus in the sky when HE is returning to earth. Well! Anyway, did you know that the 7-year resurrection was not taught until the 1800.s? I have 100’s of hours on this & I taught in Bible Schools. Just trying to encourage you to do a great study. Your comment of believers worrying about all these things is sure right on, as Jesus said not to worry. Worrying leads to doubt, which is sin. You keep your nose to the grind stone too! If You want to get my articles, see bottom of my comments to Mark.

    Blessed As You obey!

    Minister Rick

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