No Middle Ground: 3 Little-Known Ways Compromise of Christian Beliefs is Destructive

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90 evangelical leaders are standing for religious liberty…

Many pastors and Christian leaders have been willing to compromise their religious freedoms because of the massive and growing pressure from local and state governments to force not only acceptance of LGBT lifestyles … but obedience to their political and social ideology.

But leaders from nearly 90 evangelical churches, seminaries and other ministries have signed a declaration rejecting any legislation designed to protect sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI).


Because governments use so-called SOGI laws to compel individual Christians to sacrifice their deeply-held religious convictions on marriage – and on what it means to be male and female – by forcing them to engage in activities that support and promote behaviors they consider to be immoral – contrary to Biblical teaching.

Here are 3 ways SOGI laws punish Christians for their beliefs and the actions they take based on those beliefs:

  1. SOGI laws demand ideological conformity with the new sexual ethic.

A Christian printer respectfully declined to imprint T-shirts with a message promoting a gay pride festival – instead referring the client to another printer.

The client filed a discrimination complaint against the businessman … and the local human rights commission ordered him to undergo diversity training.

I’ve previously written about Barronelle Stutzman … the 74-year-old Washington florist who is about to lose her home and retirement savings for not being willing to celebrate a same-sex wedding.

  1. SOGI laws don’t allow creative professionals to live out their faith in their businesses.

A Christian photographer politely declined to use her artistic talents to celebrate a same-sex commitment ceremony…

She had to endure 7 years of court proceedings … and pay nearly $7000 in attorney’s fees to the woman who sued her.

When the New Mexico Supreme Court ruled against her, one of the justices wrote, “…this case teaches that at some point in our lives all of us must compromise, if only a little, to accommodate the contrasting values of others….it is the price of citizenship.”

This is not an isolated case…

Jack Phillips – a cake artist in Colorado – was sued by the state for declining to design a cake for a gay wedding…

His case is currently before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Other creative professionals who are having to fight legal battles to protect their freedom to use their artistic talents to proclaim their faith:

  • The owner of a custom art studio in Arizona
  • A graphic designer in Colorado
  • Filmmakers in Minnesota
  • A photographer and blogger in Wisconsin
  • … to name just a few
  1. SOGI laws threaten the freedom of churches, religious nonprofits, and Christian schools.

In Iowa and Massachusetts, the state governments tried to force churches to:

  • Keep silent on what the Bible teaches about sexuality
  • Allow members of the opposite sex to use sex-specific facilities such as restrooms and showers

Government has a duty to protect free speech and religious liberty…

But laws that add sexual orientation and gender identity as new protected classes do just the opposite…

They empower the government to override basic freedoms of conscience, speech and religion.

And any so-called exemption in current SOGI laws will be subject to removal in future amendments to the laws … especially if in the future, the terms “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” are given the same legal status as race, ethnicity, and sex in anti-discrimination law.

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5 Comments on “No Middle Ground: 3 Little-Known Ways Compromise of Christian Beliefs is Destructive”

  1. Sadly Judeo/Christian society and culture are under almost genocidal attack by the secular humanist Soros Left with the help of radical Islam and most of the Judeo/Christian West doesn’t even realize it! Most Judeo/Christian people are willing to try to be as decent and noble as God fearing people towards others, even accepting bizarre and dangerous concepts like gender confusion, materialism, and greed. Far too many Judeo/Christian Westerners don’t even marry and have families any more, their pagan idols like Facebook or Twitter demand their worship, real human beings don’t count in the West any more. Yes, I fear HaShem and I love HaShem and praise Him daily, I pray for HaShem to guide POTUS Trump and that He awaken our love for Him in ALL of our hearts.
    God bless you and keep you, keep up the good fight!

  2. Again KEN, right on!!
    I would like to add also, it definitely is the end times when pastors are being deceived by Satan not to share GOD’S Word (the truth) in love, but, instead becoming false teachers of the Word to be accepted by the world and not witnessing for the lost, shameful,
    my heart aches for the future generations

  3. THANK YOU for this article.
    As one who has personally dealt with same-sex attraction (never “gay”, a false identity) and saved by God’s word and grace, I have been for 3+ years speaking against SOGI laws and calling NC legislators to enact a “Freedom Restoration Act”. SOGI laws/ordinances are destroying Liberty. I can provide more if you like, but here’s my point:
    Unlike Liberty (our unalienable, Creator-given right), discrimination is NOT a constitutional principle. Liberty is, in fact, our constitutional right TO discriminate as individuals (persons and entities such as a business). Government’s constitutional responsibility is to protect “Liberty for all”. Protecting any designated group (sex, age, religion, etc.) by prohibiting discrimination is to show partiality. The 1964 Civil Rights Law was just (not because it prohibited discrimination against Black People, but) because it gave Black People the Liberty previously denied via (what I call) “societal”/government discrimination (Jim Crow/segregation laws). If Liberty is to be restored, we need a law that clarifies the relation of discrimination to Liberty. It must state that government has no legitimate authority to prohibit “individual” discrimination. It may legitimately address ONLY “societal”/governmental discrimination, because that is the only form that denies Liberty.
    Also please let us know more about the petition you mentioned.

  4. I agree with your analysis of the problem. However, simply signing a protest letter really does not accomplish anything. I live in California, and the overwhelming majority of the legislators, the governor, and all government heads are openly hostile toward Christians.

    What I look for in articles such as this are examples of meaningful steps taken that might actually yield fruit, and do so without endangering the very existence of the local church body.

    Once you draw the weapons attack of the LGB… crowd to a church body, worshipers will be subjected to harassment until most of them simply leave. The LGB… folks will also use regulatory and other powerful government tools to subject the church to legal harassment leading to bankruptcy of the church, regardless of whether they ever succeed in protecting their right to worship and uphold Christian values.

  5. This is about morality! Benjamin Franklin said that only a nation with moral righteousness can maintain freedom. Freedom of tbought. of speech, of conscience, of religion, etc. Braveheart said we can only destroy tyranny by fighting & being willing to die for freedom. Cowards (even if called Christians) will back down on their values & righteousness to save their lives. We must be willing to die for freedom. Jesus said that to be a real & true disciple of HIS, you must serve HIM with all your heart (life), mind (thoughts), soul (conscience), & strength (physical body actions) & continue in HIS teachings (standards & moral values) all the way to the end & you will be saved. Jesus spoke about liberty & freedom & was killed. We are in the end times of Sodom (the flesh being fully wicked) & lawlessness will become to its fullness, as the masses lose their love & become cold. I have been beaten by Black Panhers & threatened with being killed by Hell’s Angels & contined preaching. Jesus said we must be willing to die for the TRUTH. Are you? I am weak & no one special, I am a sinner of sinners but if we truly believe God with all our heart, HE can make you strong when you are weak. Stand up for moral rightness as Christ took your sins upon HIM & died so that you could be free, but there is a price to pay to have the privilege to suffer & be persecuted like the prophets of old. What a honor to experence this for Christ’s sake. You reap what you sow, so sow to the Spirit, not the flesh. If you are morally righteous, you live & speak freedom, liberty, & truth & maybe you will get the honor to be martyred for Christ. The end of just being sued in America, when it will be the fullness of Matt 24, Luke 21, Rev 17 & 18 happening & here in America, true Christian diciples will be arrested, imprisoned, tortured & executed. Blessed be he who comes in the name of the Lord but most won’t bless them IN THE DAY OF THE LORD!

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