New Year’s Eve Concert/Crusade: Watch Hundreds Run – Not Walk – to Accept Christ [Video]

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Sean Feucht again defied the government and held an “illegal” concert/crusade with 10,000 on New Year’s Eve (see my previous article HERE).

Before his special “Azusa Street” concert, he had two other events.

The day before, he held a concert at the restored, historic Echo Park in Los Angeles, California – overrun with the homeless.

Activists honked disruptive car horns, people with bull horns shamed people for not wearing masks … and activists shouted at people to go home.

Harassed and even attacked on stage by anti-Christian activists, he still passed out 441,000 hot meals.

Hundreds of police officers watched.

On New Year’s Day, Pastor Matthew Barnett of the Dream Center/Angelus Temple, Pastor Rob McCoy (see my previous article HERE) and my friend California State Senator and leader Shannon Grove joined Sean.

Also, on the stage was Kim Walker-Smith, helping lead the 10,000 – mostly under-30 crowd – in worship.

Watch the video of people running to accept Christ as their personal Savior.

Sean Feucht said, “This was actually my favorite moment as hundreds ran to the cross, giving their lives to Jesus!!”

He went on to say about this concert and the intense opposition and criticism from politicians, the media, the health bureaucrats and “lockdown pastors:”

“I refuse to allow a virus with a 99% survival rate to keep me from plundering hell to populate heaven!! The lost need Jesus and we must badly preach Him!!!”

Watch the end of his Los Angeles New Year’s Eve Concert/Crusade.

Click HERE to see the 38-second clip.

What did your church do for the New Year…or any other group?

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