I went to Church on Sunday. They Said I Would Be Arrested: 5 Shocking Insights You Will Not See in the Media [Must See Video Reports]

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Craig and Shelly Huey pictured at church service with Pastor Robb McCoy.

Arrest the pastors…and anyone that would dare go to church on Sunday.

Fine everyone $1,000 who tried to come to the service.

Shelly and I flew from Nashville to California to attend the church. We wanted to be there to offer support and prayer to the pastor and his fellowship, who were under attack by the California Democratic Socialists, Governor Newsom, and a Judicial activist.

Here are 7 things you will not hear about in the media – even though for two days the media discounted the reality of what happened.

1. Judicial Activist issues a court order to keep the church closed.

A judicial activist – appointed by Jerry Brown, and donor to Socialist Democrats – ordered Calvary Chapel God Speak in Newbury Port, California, not to hold church services.

If the pastor did, he would be held in contempt of court. He could be arrested or fined.

The church could have its water and electricity turned off.

Those attending could be jailed or fined for their attendance.

Pastor Robb McCoy has held church since May. Full worship. Masks worn only if wanted.

2. Everyone who came to church knew they may be arrested and fined $1,000.

They came anyway. Packed Full. Normally 400-500. 2,500 came.

One church came with hundreds but stayed outside: Why? So they would be arrested and fined, not those inside.

3. The church closure is unconstitutional and political, not scientific.

The Governor’s church closure order is unconstitutional-and political.

Shutting down the churches is a political act against a “political” enemy in an election year.

The Ventura County supervises on a partisan vote-Three Democrats, yes. Two Republicans, no.

The county supervisors, mad that the pastor was not obeying, voted to go to court again and asked that the police enforce the contempt charge and arrest and fine the pastor and churchgoers.

A different Judge-appointed by Republican Governor Wilson-refused to agree to this.

This is a violation of the church’s first Amendment Constitutional rights.

4. National-biased media news reported not as much on the church opening “illegally” but on a small destructing drama. A half dozen agitators came and faked a disturbance. Like other church openings, there was opposition from opponents of Christianity. Click HERE to see the biased media report-distorting the truth.

5. What You Can Do

1. Watch the video of Pastor Robb’s service.

2. Pray

3. Vote only for Judges and elected officials who will defend Christian rights.

Let me know your thoughts by emailing me at Craig@ElectionForum.org.

6 Comments on “I went to Church on Sunday. They Said I Would Be Arrested: 5 Shocking Insights You Will Not See in the Media [Must See Video Reports]”

    1. For the last twenty years, we have made recommendations and rated the judges on the voter guide. It is available for this election. We are the only group in the United States that evaluates the judges along with the other candidates.

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  2. I am not fearful of the Virus or the Government. I do fear and respect God. I try to have a biblical view point and the mind of Christ in this matter (Rom 13). I wear a Mask not out fear, but for the Love and Health of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and for those who are lost and need to see Christ in my example and how I live. I feel for this Calvary Church, but this is a Safety issue not a violation of my religious freedom. During my over forty years of walking with Christ ( by His Grace) I have been physically beaten and my life threatened because I follow Christ, I am humbled to have suffered for Him. No one from our Government has stopped me from attending Church, worshipping God or practicing my faith. The day that happens I will be the first to obey God’s law and not man’s. In the mean time we should focus on Christ and the lost world before us. I have no rights, we are the property of Christ, bought and purchased by His blood.

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