Heads Spin: President Proclaims Faith More Powerful than Government, Nothing More Powerful than God [Video]

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The mainstream media and the progressive politicians are coming unglued.


Because President Trump proclaimed at this year’s National Day of Prayer event in the Rose Garden:

“….we know that in solving the many, many problems and out great challenges, faith is more powerful than government, and nothing is more powerful than God.”

To illustrate the power of prayer … and the transforming power of trust in Christ … Trump told the story of a convicted bank robber who began reading the Bible and listening to Christian radio while in solitary confinement in prison.

Trump didn’t say the bank robber found God in solitary confinement – which is what many Christians would have said.

Instead, the President said, “That’s where God found him.”

The FBI agent whose investigation had put the man in prison is a Christian … and had been praying for the bank robber during his trial and incarceration.

The two men are now lifelong friends and are working together in prison ministry.

It’s a powerful story … the kind of story the progressive left hates to hear.

Watch this amazing 6 ½-minute video of an incredible salvation story:


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5 Comments on “Heads Spin: President Proclaims Faith More Powerful than Government, Nothing More Powerful than God [Video]”

  1. Craig, love our president and his amazing courage, focus, grit and policies. Prayed during the months and days leading to the 2016 election asking our Lord to open the eyes and ears of His people to vote for the one He.had appointed to become president. He did and now Donald J Trump is serving to restore America to righteousness and common sense policies. The story you shared points out why the Lord placed President Trump in office. Praise God—He is an awesome God.!

  2. Thank you so much for your work and all the messages you send. It is a breath of fresh air every time I “tune in”

  3. Praise God anytime HE is exalted! Pres Trump does make some good Christian statements & actions but God can use anyone & even a Jackass as in the Bible. I also know this b/c I have been a minister for 50 yrs & done city-wide crusades & started churches from CA to AK to Wash, DC but many a time I was a stubborn jackass & was resisting God but HE still used me. Being used does not mean we are living a pure & holy life. The only reason Trump is in office is b/c God is delaying for awhile the judgment that is coming for America as we continue to slaughter the unborn & continue in much sin as approving same sex marriage & the LGBT movement & so on. America is guilty & Trump will have his own day of judgment as I & everyone will. Don’t be deceived as Jesus said by all the false prophets, ministers, & Christians who say things are great & we will be first again. These are the end times & deception is everywhere. The Devil (like a minister of righteousness) deceives the whole world. Don’t follow Christian confession but true Christian holiness or you will never see the truth about God. True prophets will always be warning of coming judgment & to prepare by geniune daily repentance. May the Lord open your eyes to see!

  4. Finally, a man holding high office recognizes the power and sovereignty of God Almighty, and gives Him due respect, praise and thanks. Unlike the pagan fiasco canada has in Ottawa. Maybe America really is a Nation under God. Pres Trump is a good example of a leader to the entire world. God bless America!

  5. I thank God that the president was right on with his comments. Jesus Christ is Lord. Jesus is God’s son. I also thank God for the testimony of this man that found Christ and give God the glory for turning his life around. Thank you Mr. President for your constant boldness. You started your journey as President with the name of Christ being lifted up several times and this short talk demonstrates you are still doing it!!! I deeply thank you!! And I deeply thank God! Dr. James Thompson, Professor Emeritus, Department of Art and Design, Azusa Pacific University

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