Greg Laurie and Evangelical Leaders: 2017 the “Year of Good News”

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Greg Laurie says it well: “In a time of bad news, distracting news, divisive news, disorderly news, and, sometimes, depressing news we – as Christians and as leaders – want to recommit ourselves to making sure that the Good News of Jesus

cuts through it all.”

What is the good news?:

“That God loved us so much He sent His son to this earth on a rescue mission.”

Signers include the Rev. Franklin Graham of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association and Samaritan’s Purse, Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, James Dobson of Family Talk, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Al Mohler, Anne Graham Lotz, Eric Metaxas, and Max Lucado.

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2 Comments on “Greg Laurie and Evangelical Leaders: 2017 the “Year of Good News””

  1. We need it! It is true and we need to keep focus on this as we try to stay in touch with what is happening around us. However, the fact that so much is horrific, wrong & disgusting to be frank, is further proof that we need to stay focused on our Lord & Savior. Use these moments (watching the news, etc.) as a tool to remind us to pray unceasingly, because when we dedicate ourselves, our lives and the lives of this Nation to pray, God will hear us and bless us with a healing of this corrupted land. More good news, HE has already begun…pay attention.

  2. God may grant us a reprieve from some harsher judgements against this United States, but, He may not heal this land completely! We need to be ready in case and prepared; teach and preach the gospel in and out of season that evil may be slowed down a bit, because, evil is alive and well because the devil prowls around like a roaring lion waiting to bring down the true people of God. Christians are being deceived all the time. God may be using the USA to bring back a true Christian revival here so that The Good News will be preached again. So many church leaders have led their congregations astray from The Word of God and they disbelieve even now that Holy Scripture is not completely true and that you can add to and take away whatever suits their own sinful hearts and minds. Big name so called TV evangelists have also added to this downplay of Scripture and have gone their own way in sin, reaping and bilking hopeless people out of thousands of dollars for their own pleasures instead of preaching and teaching the Word of God. People in these kind of churches and the people that listen to and follow after these TV so called “christians” have dumbed themselves down by following after sheep in wolves clothing and therefore believe the lies rather than Gods truths. If you look throughout history and read through the Bible you will see how God’s people were the ones who failed to continue to follow God and be an example for other nations. Nations have fallen time after time because Gods people fell away from Him. God is on the throne and His plans will succeed, His will will not be thwarted inspite of ourselves. God will hear our prayers and answer if we pray for His will to be done, not ours. The Gospel truth is what we need to stand firm in no matter what happens!

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