God at Work: President Trump’s Faith [3 Key Revelations]

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President Trump was recently asked about his Christian faith.

It stirred a lot of controversy.

President Trump has surrounded himself with Christian leaders.

He has implemented Christian policies.

Everybody approved of the Supreme Court nominations, the pro-life stance, the persecuted church stance, pro-Israel position, religious liberty protections and more.

The White House is filled with prayer and Bible studies. Vice President Pence, Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State, and many others are evangelistic and almost everyone supports the church leaders and politicians. So, in the last four years – and with COVID 19 – how is President Trump’s walk with God.

1. Regarding COVID-19, here is what Trump has said:

“It was amazing to see so many great Americans who reached out and said they were praying for me and my family. This country is full of wonderful people with strong faith in God. Melania and I felt the prayers of Americans from all across the country – and even around the world.  When I was at Walter Reed, I said, ‘There were miracles coming down from heaven.’ I meant it – Melania and I are very thankful to God for looking out for our family and returning us to good health.”

2. Regarding President Trump’s relationship with evangelical leaders:

“I am honored to work with many Americans of faith, including our great Vice President Mike Pence, Faith Advisor Paula White, and so many others. These people truly love our country and love God. I hear and listen to them. Earlier this month, Franklin Graham and some other great faith leaders came to the Oval Office to pray for me and our country as they often do. These amazing people love the U.S.A. and have a genuine desire to work together for the betterment of all Americans. These leaders are passionate about America’s traditional values and want our churches to be open. I appreciate their prayers and am encouraged by their great faith.”

3. How President Trump currently considers his religious affiliation:

“I grew up going to church with my family in New York City. My parents taught me the importance of faith and prayer from a young age. Though I was confirmed at a Presbyterian church as a child, I now consider myself to be a non-denominational Christian. Melania and I have gotten to visit some amazing churches and meet with great faith leaders from around the world. During the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, I tuned into several virtual church services and know that millions of Americans did the same. Thankfully, many great churches are now back open and meeting in person. In fact, just this past weekend I visited the International Church of Las Vegas and enjoyed a beautiful service.”

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4 Comments on “God at Work: President Trump’s Faith [3 Key Revelations]”

  1. I am very happy that we have a President and Vice President and their wives in the highest offices in the land, who believe in God and his principles.

  2. Why is the fact hidden by Christian Ministries that Israel is a major homosexual destination nation to celebrate homosexual abominable lifestyle and with yearly homo pride parades in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem? The Israeli government travel industry markets to homosexuals worldwide and encourages them, to come to Israel for their vacations. They do not try to hide this. These facts are on internet everywhere. Israel like America is as Sodom and Gomorrah. Destruction is coming to both. If your not telling Israel as well as America to repent and turn to Jesus, your failing in your ministry. Jews and Gentiles must be born again or they cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. The Lord was speaking to Jews when He said this maybe some Gentiles were there also. See John 3:3&5 also, 3:18 and 3:26, many, many others. .Also read John 8:23-24. Talking to the Jews. It is also amazing to me to see every single ministry that talk about Zechariah 14 how every time they never mention 14:2 that is coming to Israel. They skip that one. It is also such in the New Testament about Israel., If we do not tell Jews as well as we do to the Gentiles that without Salvation that comes only through Jesus Christ we will be accountable for their blood. Eze 3:18.

  3. Does the brother think since their travel industry puts out the homosexual agenda it’s all of Israel? So since some in America are pro death that all Americans are? There are gay parades in America. The less 5% So it nullifies All the Christians? So why should this be a focus for this blog. It’s incumbent for all to witness and when you point 1 finger. 3 are pointing back at your sins. Everyone needs to know that Jesus is Lord, he died and was buried in the tomb. After 3 days he rose and has paid For all our sins, past, present and in the future. He paid for all, so that all who believe by faith In this will have their sins cleansed by the grace of God. We can’t earn it and we don’t deserve it but God is gracious. Does the brother not remember that what you give the Jews it comes back to you as a blessing? You are to always support the Jewish people and the messianic Jews who believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord was speaking to the Jews and Gentiles which is everyone when he said you must be born again.. from above..spiritually. Amen

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